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Capital Cities of Africa A-Z

City, current local time, date ( daylight saving) and ISO-3166-codes
Abuja08:58  Sat Aug 24 NEAccra07:58  Sat Aug 24 GH
Addis Abeba10:58  Sat Aug 24 ETAlgier08:58  Sat Aug 24 DZ
Antananarivo10:58  Sat Aug 24 MGArchipel de Kerguelen11:58  Sat Aug 24 FR
Asmara10:58  Sat Aug 24 ERBamako07:58  Sat Aug 24 ML
Bangui08:58  Sat Aug 24 CFBanjul07:58  Sat Aug 24 GM
Bassas da India11:58  Sat Aug 24 FRBissau07:58  Sat Aug 24 GN
Brazzaville08:58  Sat Aug 24 CGBujumbura09:58  Sat Aug 24 BI
Cairo09:58  Sat Aug 24 EGCeuta09:58  Sat Aug 24   DaylightES
Conakry07:58  Sat Aug 24 GNDakar07:58  Sat Aug 24 SN
Daressalam10:58  Sat Aug 24 TZDjibouti10:58  Sat Aug 24 DJ
Edinburgh of the Seven Seas07:58  Sat Aug 24 TA[1]El Aaiún07:58  Sat Aug 24 EH
Europa Island11:58  Sat Aug 24 FRFreetown07:58  Sat Aug 24 SL
Funchal08:58  Sat Aug 24   DaylightPTGaborone09:58  Sat Aug 24 BW
Garoowe10:58  Sat Aug 24 Harare09:58  Sat Aug 24 ZW
Hargeysa10:58  Sat Aug 24 MLIle Amsterdam and Saint Paul11:58  Sat Aug 24 FR
Jamestown07:58  Sat Aug 24 GBJuan de Nova11:58  Sat Aug 24 FR
Juba10:58  Sat Aug 24 SSKampala10:58  Sat Aug 24 UG
Khartoum10:58  Sat Aug 24 SSKigali09:58  Sat Aug 24 RW
Kinshasa08:58  Sat Aug 24 CDLibreville08:58  Sat Aug 24 GA
Lilongwe09:58  Sat Aug 24 MWLomé07:58  Sat Aug 24 TG
Luanda08:58  Sat Aug 24 AOLubumbashi09:58  Sat Aug 24 CG
Lusaka09:58  Sat Aug 24 ZMMalabo08:58  Sat Aug 24 GN
Mamoudzuo10:58  Sat Aug 24 FRMaputo09:58  Sat Aug 24 MZ
Maseru09:58  Sat Aug 24 LSMbabane09:58  Sat Aug 24 SZ
Melilla09:58  Sat Aug 24   DaylightESMogadishu10:58  Sat Aug 24 ML
Monrovia07:58  Sat Aug 24 LRMoroni10:58  Sat Aug 24 KM
N'Djamena08:58  Sat Aug 24 TDNairobi10:58  Sat Aug 24 KE
Niamey08:58  Sat Aug 24 NENouakchott07:58  Sat Aug 24 MR
Ouagadougou07:58  Sat Aug 24 BFPort Louis11:58  Sat Aug 24 MU
Porto Novo08:58  Sat Aug 24 BJPraia06:58  Sat Aug 24 CV
Pretoria09:58  Sat Aug 24 ZARabat08:58  Sat Aug 24   DaylightMA
Saint-Denis11:28  Sat Aug 24 FRSanta Cruz de Tenerife08:58  Sat Aug 24   DaylightIC
São Tomé08:58  Sat Aug 24 STTripolis09:58  Sat Aug 24 LY
Tromelin10:58  Sat Aug 24 FRTromelin11:58  Sat Aug 24 FR
Tunis09:58  Sat Aug 24   DaylightTNVictoria11:58  Sat Aug 24 SC
Windhoek08:58  Sat Aug 24 NAYamoussoukro07:58  Sat Aug 24 CI
Yaoundé08:58  Sat Aug 24 CMÎles Crozet (Crozet Islands)11:58  Sat Aug 24 FR
Îles Glorieuses (Glorioso Islands)11:58  Sat Aug 24 FR

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