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Capital Cities of the Americas A-Z

City, current local time, date ( daylight saving) and ISO-3166-codes
Asuncion13:27  Fri Apr 16 PYAves Island12:57  Fri Apr 16 VE
Basse-Terre13:27  Fri Apr 16 GPBasseterre13:27  Fri Apr 16 KN
Belmopan11:27  Fri Apr 16 BZBogota12:27  Fri Apr 16 CO
Brasilia14:27  Fri Apr 16 BRBridgetown13:27  Fri Apr 16 BB
Buenos Aires14:27  Fri Apr 16 ARCaracas13:27  Fri Apr 16 VE
Castries13:27  Fri Apr 16 LCCayenne14:27  Fri Apr 16 GF
Charlotte Amalie13:27  Fri Apr 16 VIChihuahua11:27  Fri Apr 16   DaylightMX
Clipperton10:27  Fri Apr 16 CPCockburn Town13:27  Fri Apr 16   DaylightTC
Denver11:27  Fri Apr 16   DaylightUSFernando de Noronha15:27  Fri Apr 16 BR
Fort-de-France12:27  Fri Apr 16 FRGeorge Town12:27  Fri Apr 16 KY
Georgetown13:27  Fri Apr 16 GFGrytviken15:27  Fri Apr 16 GE
Guatemala-City11:27  Fri Apr 16 GTGustavia13:27  Fri Apr 16 BL
Hamilton14:27  Fri Apr 16   DaylightBMHanga Roa12:27  Fri Apr 16   DaylightCL
Havana13:27  Fri Apr 16   DaylightCUHermosillo10:27  Fri Apr 16 MX
Honolulu07:27  Fri Apr 16 USIsabela11:27  Fri Apr 16 EC
Juneau09:27  Fri Apr 16   DaylightUS
Kingston12:27  Fri Apr 16 JMKralendijk13:27  Fri Apr 16 BQ
Lima12:27  Fri Apr 16 PEManagua11:27  Fri Apr 16 NI
Marigot13:27  Fri Apr 16 FRMexicali10:27  Fri Apr 16   DaylightMX
Montevideo14:27  Fri Apr 16 UYMontgomery12:27  Fri Apr 16   DaylightUS
México city12:27  Fri Apr 16   DaylightMXNassau13:27  Fri Apr 16   DaylightBS
Navassa13:27  Fri Apr 16   DaylightUSNuuk15:27  Fri Apr 16   DaylightGL
Oranjestad13:27  Fri Apr 16 AW
Ottawa13:27  Fri Apr 16   DaylightCAPanama City12:27  Fri Apr 16 PA
Paramaribo14:27  Fri Apr 16 SRPhilipsburg13:27  Fri Apr 16 NL
Phoenix10:27  Fri Apr 16 USPlymouth13:27  Fri Apr 16 MS
Port-au-Prince12:27  Fri Apr 16 HTPort-of-Spain13:27  Fri Apr 16 TT
Quito12:27  Fri Apr 16 ECRio Branco13:27  Fri Apr 16 BR
Road Town13:27  Fri Apr 16 VGRoseau13:27  Fri Apr 16 DM
Sacramento10:27  Fri Apr 16   DaylightUSSaint John's13:27  Fri Apr 16 AG
Saint Vincent13:27  Fri Apr 16 VCSaint-Pierre15:27  Fri Apr 16   DaylightPM
San Andres12:27  Fri Apr 16 COSan Jose11:27  Fri Apr 16 CR
San Juan13:27  Fri Apr 16 PRSan Juan Bautista13:27  Fri Apr 16 CL
San Salvador11:27  Fri Apr 16 SVSantiago de Chile14:27  Fri Apr 16   DaylightCL
Santo Domingo13:27  Fri Apr 16 DOSt George's13:27  Fri Apr 16 GD
Stanley14:27  Fri Apr 16   DaylightFKSucre13:27  Fri Apr 16 BO
Tegucigalpa11:27  Fri Apr 16 HNThe Bottom13:27  Fri Apr 16 BQ
The Valley13:27  Fri Apr 16 AIWashington (DC)13:27  Fri Apr 16   DaylightUS
Willemstad13:27  Fri Apr 16 NL

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