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Countries of Africa A-Z

Country, current local time, date ( daylight saving) and ISO-3166-codes
Algeria19:54  Sun Sep 26 DZAngola19:54  Sun Sep 26 AO
Archipel de Kerguelen (French Southern and Antarctic Lands, France)22:54  Sun Sep 26 FRBassas da India (French Southern and Antarctic Lands, France)22:54  Sun Sep 26 FR
Benin19:54  Sun Sep 26 BJBotswana20:54  Sun Sep 26 BW
Burkina Faso18:54  Sun Sep 26 BFBurundi20:54  Sun Sep 26 BI
Cameroon19:54  Sun Sep 26 CMCanary Islands (Spain)19:54  Sun Sep 26   DaylightIC
Cape Verde17:54  Sun Sep 26 CVCentral African Republic19:54  Sun Sep 26 CF
Ceuta (Spain)20:54  Sun Sep 26   DaylightESChad19:54  Sun Sep 26 TD
Comoros21:54  Sun Sep 26 KMCongo19:54  Sun Sep 26 CG
Crozet Islands (French Southern and Antarctic Lands, France)22:54  Sun Sep 26 FRDemocratic Republic of the Congo19:54  Sun Sep 26 CD
Democratic Republic of the Congo20:54  Sun Sep 26 CGDjibouti21:54  Sun Sep 26 DJ
Egypt20:54  Sun Sep 26 EGEquatorial Guinea19:54  Sun Sep 26 GN
Eritrea21:54  Sun Sep 26 EREthiopia21:54  Sun Sep 26 ET
Europa Island (French Southern and Antarctic Lands, France)22:54  Sun Sep 26 FRGabon19:54  Sun Sep 26 GA
Gambia18:54  Sun Sep 26 GMGhana18:54  Sun Sep 26 GH
Glorioso Islands (French Southern and Antarctic Lands, France)22:54  Sun Sep 26 FRGuinea18:54  Sun Sep 26 GN
Guinea-Bissau18:54  Sun Sep 26 GNIle Amsterdam and Saint Paul (French Southern and Antarctic Lands, France)22:54  Sun Sep 26 FR
Ivory Coast18:54  Sun Sep 26 CIJuan de Nova Island (French Southern and Antarctic Lands, France)22:54  Sun Sep 26 FR
Kenya21:54  Sun Sep 26 KELesotho20:54  Sun Sep 26 LS
Liberia18:54  Sun Sep 26 LRLibya20:54  Sun Sep 26 LY
Madagascar21:54  Sun Sep 26 MGMadeira (Portugal)19:54  Sun Sep 26   DaylightPT
Malawi20:54  Sun Sep 26 MWMali18:54  Sun Sep 26 ML
Mauritania18:54  Sun Sep 26 MRMauritius22:54  Sun Sep 26 MU
Mayotte (France)21:54  Sun Sep 26 FRMelilla (Spain)20:54  Sun Sep 26   DaylightES
Morocco18:54  Sun Sep 26   DaylightMAMozambique20:54  Sun Sep 26 MZ
Namibia20:54  Sun Sep 26   DaylightNANiger19:54  Sun Sep 26 NE
Nigeria19:54  Sun Sep 26 NEPuntlaand21:54  Sun Sep 26
Reunion22:24  Sun Sep 26 FRRwanda20:54  Sun Sep 26 RW
Saint Helena18:54  Sun Sep 26 GBSenegal18:54  Sun Sep 26 SN
Seychelles22:54  Sun Sep 26 SCSierra Leone18:54  Sun Sep 26 SL
Somalia21:54  Sun Sep 26 MLSomaliland21:54  Sun Sep 26 ML
South Africa20:54  Sun Sep 26 ZASouthern Sudan21:54  Sun Sep 26 SS
Sudan21:54  Sun Sep 26 SSSwaziland20:54  Sun Sep 26 SZ
São Tomé and Príncipe19:54  Sun Sep 26 STTanzania21:54  Sun Sep 26 TZ
Togo18:54  Sun Sep 26 TGTristan da Cunha18:54  Sun Sep 26 TA[1]
Tromelin Island (French Southern and Antarctic Lands, France)22:54  Sun Sep 26 FRTunisia20:54  Sun Sep 26   DaylightTN
Uganda21:54  Sun Sep 26 UGWestern Sahara18:54  Sun Sep 26 EH
Zambia20:54  Sun Sep 26 ZMZimbabwe20:54  Sun Sep 26 ZW
ÃŽles Éparses (France)21:54  Sun Sep 26 FR

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