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Countries of Asia A-Z

City, current local time, date ( daylight saving) and ISO-3166-codes
Abu Dhabi21:33  Wed Aug 23 AEAfghanistan22:03  Wed Aug 23 AF
Armenia22:33  Wed Aug 23   DaylightAMAzerbaijan21:33  Wed Aug 23   DaylightAZ
Bahrain20:33  Wed Aug 23 BHBangladesh23:33  Wed Aug 23 BD
Bhutan23:33  Wed Aug 23 BTBritish Indian Ocean Territories23:33  Wed Aug 23 IO
Brunei01:33  Thu Aug 24 BNCambodia00:33  Thu Aug 24 KH
China01:33  Thu Aug 24 CNChristmas Island (AUS)00:33  Thu Aug 24 CX
Cocos (Keeling) Islands (AUS)00:03  Wed Aug 23 CCCyprus20:33  Wed Aug 23   DaylightCY
Dubai21:33  Wed Aug 23 AEEgypt (Sinai)19:33  Wed Aug 23 EG
Georgia21:33  Wed Aug 23 GEHongkong01:33  Thu Aug 24 CN
India23:03  Wed Aug 23 INIndonesia (South-Borneo, Bali, West-Timor)01:33  Thu Aug 24 ID
Indonesia (Sumatra, Java, West-Borneo)00:33  Thu Aug 24 IDIndonesia (West New Guinea)02:33  Thu Aug 24 GN
Iran22:03  Wed Aug 23   DaylightIRIraq20:33  Wed Aug 23 IQ
Israel20:33  Wed Aug 23   DaylightILJapan02:33  Thu Aug 24 JP
Jordan20:33  Wed Aug 23   DaylightJOKazakhstan East (Almaty, Astana, Baikonur)23:33  Wed Aug 23 KZ
Kazakhstan West (Aqtau, Aktobe, Atirau)22:33  Wed Aug 23 KZKuwait20:33  Wed Aug 23 KW
Kyrgyzstan23:33  Wed Aug 23 KGLao00:33  Thu Aug 24 LA
Lebanon20:33  Wed Aug 23   DaylightLBMacau01:33  Thu Aug 24 CN
Malaysia01:33  Thu Aug 24 MYMaldives22:33  Wed Aug 23 MV
Mongolia (East)01:33  Thu Aug 24 MNMongolia (West)00:33  Thu Aug 24 MN
Myanmar (Burma)00:03  Wed Aug 23 MMNepal23:18  Wed Aug 23 NP
North Korea02:03  Thu Aug 24 KPOman21:33  Wed Aug 23 OM
Pakistan23:33  Wed Aug 23   DaylightPKPalestine20:33  Wed Aug 23   DaylightPS
Philippines01:33  Thu Aug 24 PHQatar20:33  Wed Aug 23 QA
Russia (Irkutsk Time)01:33  Thu Aug 24 RURussia (Jakutsk Time)02:33  Thu Aug 24 RU
Russia (Krasnoyarsk Time)00:33  Thu Aug 24 RURussia (Magadan Time)04:33  Thu Aug 24 RU
Russia (Omsk Time)23:33  Wed Aug 23 RURussia (Vladivostok Time)03:33  Thu Aug 24 RU
Russia (Yekaterinburg Time)22:33  Wed Aug 23 RUSaudi Arabia20:33  Wed Aug 23 SA
Singapore01:33  Thu Aug 24 SGSouth Korea02:33  Thu Aug 24 KR
South Ossetia (Georgia)21:33  Wed Aug 23 GESri Lanka23:03  Wed Aug 23 LK
Syria20:33  Wed Aug 23   DaylightSYTaiwan01:33  Thu Aug 24 TW
Tajikistan22:33  Wed Aug 23 TJThailand00:33  Thu Aug 24 TH
Tibet01:33  Thu Aug 24 CNTimor Leste02:33  Thu Aug 24 TL
Turkey21:33  Wed Aug 23   DaylightTRTurkmenistan22:33  Wed Aug 23 TM
United Arab Emirates21:33  Wed Aug 23 AEUzbekistan22:33  Wed Aug 23 UZ
Vietnam00:33  Thu Aug 24 VNYemen20:33  Wed Aug 23 YE

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