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Countries of Europe A-Z

Country, current local time, date ( daylight saving) and ISO-3166-codes
Albania10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightALAndorra10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightAD
Athos11:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightAustria10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightAT
Azores Islands (Portugal)08:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightBalearic Islands (Spain)10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightES
Belarus11:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightBYBelgium10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightBE
Bosnia and Herzegovina10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightBABulgaria11:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightBG
Canary Islands (Spain)09:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightICCroatia10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightHR
Cyprus11:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightCYCzech Republic10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightCZ
Denmark10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightDKEstonia11:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightEE
European Union (EU)10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightEUFaroe Islands (Denmark)09:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightFO
Finland11:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightFIFrance10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightFR
Germany10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightDEGibraltar10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightGI
Greece11:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightGRGreenland (Denmark)06:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightDK
Guernsey09:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightGGHungary10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightHU
Iceland08:06  Sun Oct 22 ISIreland09:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightIE
Isle of Man09:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightIMItaly10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightIT
Italy10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightITJersey (Channel Islands UK)09:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightJE
Kazakhstan (European Part)13:06  Sun Oct 22 KZKosovo10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightXK?
Latvia11:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightLVLiechtenstein10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightLI
Lithuania11:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightLTLuxembourg10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightLU
Macedonia10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightMKMadeira09:06  Sun Oct 22   Daylight
Malta10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightMTMoldova11:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightMD
Monaco10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightMCMontenegro10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightME
Netherlands10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightNLNorthern Ireland09:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightIE
Norway10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightNOPoland10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightPL
Portugal09:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightPTRomania11:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightRO
Russia (Kaliningrad Time)10:06  Sun Oct 22 RURussia (Moscow Time)11:06  Sun Oct 22 RU
San Marino10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightSMScotland09:06  Sun Oct 22   Daylight
Serbia10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightRSSlovakia10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightSK
Slovenia10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightSISpain10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightES
Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightNOSweden10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightSE
Switzerland10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightCHTransnistria11:06  Sun Oct 22   Daylight
Turkey12:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightTRUkraine11:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightUA
United Kingdom09:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightGBVatican City10:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightVA
Wales09:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightĂ…land Islands (Finland)11:06  Sun Oct 22   DaylightFI

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