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World Airports by IATA code A-Z

IATA 3-digit-code, ISO country code, airport

33NUS Dover, DE, United StatesFlughäfen in Dover, DE, United States6B6US Stow, MA, United StatesFlughäfen in Stow, MA, United States
89NUS Alexandria Bay, NY, United StatesFlughäfen in Alexandria Bay, NY, United States9B1USMarlborough, MA, United StatesFlughäfen in Marlborough, MA, United States
AAAPF Anaa, French PolynesiaFlughäfen in Anaa, French PolynesiaAABAU Arrabury, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Arrabury, QLD, Australia
AACEG Al Arish, EgyptFlughäfen in Al Arish, EgyptAAEDZ Annaba, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Annaba, Algeria
AAHDE Aachen, GermanyFlughäfen in Aachen, GermanyAAKKI Aranuka, KiribatiFlughäfen in Aranuka, Kiribati
AALDK Aalborg, DenmarkFlughäfen in Aalborg, DenmarkAAMZA Mala Mala, South AfricaFlughäfen in Mala Mala, South Africa
AANAE Al Ain, United Arab EmiratesFlughäfen in Al Ain, United Arab EmiratesAAQRU Anapa, RussiaFlughäfen in Anapa, Russia
AARDK Aarhus, DenmarkFlughäfen in Aarhus, DenmarkAATCN Altay, ChinaFlughäfen in Altay, China
AAUWS Asau, SamoaFlughäfen in Asau, SamoaAAYYE Al Ghaydah, YemenFlughäfen in Al Ghaydah, Yemen
ABARU Abakan, RussiaFlughäfen in Abakan, RussiaABCES Albacete, SpainFlughäfen in Albacete, Spain
ABEUSAllentown, PA, United StatesFlughäfen in Allentown, PA, United StatesABFKI Abaiang, KiribatiFlughäfen in Abaiang, Kiribati
ABHAU Alpha, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Alpha, QLD, AustraliaABIUSAbilene, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Abilene, TX, United States
ABLUS Ambler, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Ambler, AK, United StatesABMAU Bamaga, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Bamaga, QLD, Australia
ABQUSAlbuquerque, NM, United StatesFlughäfen in Albuquerque, NM, United StatesABRUSAberdeen, SD, United StatesFlughäfen in Aberdeen, SD, United States
ABSEG Abu Simbel, EgyptFlughäfen in Abu Simbel, EgyptABTSA Al-Aqiq, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Al-Aqiq, Saudi Arabia
ABVNG Abuja, NigeriaFlughäfen in Abuja, NigeriaABXAUAlbury, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Albury, NSW, Australia
ABYUSAlbany, GA, United StatesFlughäfen in Albany, GA, United StatesABZGBAberdeen, Scotland, UKFlughäfen in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
ACAMXAcapulco, Guerrero, MexicoFlughäfen in Acapulco, Guerrero, MexicoACCGH Accra, GhanaFlughäfen in Accra, Ghana
ACEES Arrecife, SpainFlughäfen in Arrecife, SpainACHCH Altenrhein, SwitzerlandFlughäfen in Altenrhein, Switzerland
ACIGB Alderney, Channel Islands, UKACKUSNantucket, MA, United StatesFlughäfen in Nantucket, MA, United States
ACTUSWaco, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Waco, TX, United StatesACVUSEureka, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Eureka, CA, United States
ACYUSAtlantic City, NJ, United StatesFlughäfen in Atlantic City, NJ, United StatesADATRAdana, TurkeyFlughäfen in Adana, Turkey
ADBTRIzmir, TurkeyFlughäfen in Izmir, TurkeyADDET Addis Ababa, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
ADEYE Aden, YemenFlughäfen in Aden, YemenADFTR Adiyaman, TurkeyFlughäfen in Adiyaman, Turkey
ADJJO Amman, JordanFlughäfen in Amman, JordanADKUS Adak, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Adak, AK, United States
ADLAUAdelaide, SA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Adelaide, SA, AustraliaADMUS Ardmore, OK, United StatesFlughäfen in Ardmore, OK, United States
ADQUS Kodiak, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Kodiak, AK, United StatesADRUS Andrews, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Andrews, SC, United States
ADTUS Ada, OK, United StatesFlughäfen in Ada, OK, United StatesADWUSCamp Springs, MD, United StatesFlughäfen in Camp Springs, MD, United States
ADYZA Alldays, South AfricaFlughäfen in Alldays, South AfricaADZCO San Andres, ColombiaFlughäfen in San Andres, Colombia
AEAKI Abemama, KiribatiFlughäfen in Abemama, KiribatiAEHTD Abeche, ChadFlughäfen in Abeche, Chad
AEOMR Aioun el Atrouss, MauritaniaFlughäfen in Aioun el Atrouss, MauritaniaAEPAR Buenos Aires, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Buenos Aires, Argentina
AERRU Sochi, RussiaFlughäfen in Sochi, RussiaAESNO Aalesund, NorwayFlughäfen in Aalesund, Norway
AETUS Allakaket, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Allakaket, AK, United StatesAEXUSAlexandria, LA, United StatesFlughäfen in Alexandria, LA, United States
AEYIS Akureyri, IcelandFlughäfen in Akureyri, IcelandAFAAR San Rafael, ArgentinaFlughäfen in San Rafael, Argentina
AFLBR Alta Floresta, BrazilFlughäfen in Alta Floresta, BrazilAGAMA Agadir, MoroccoFlughäfen in Agadir, Morocco
AGBDE Augsburg, GermanyFlughäfen in Augsburg, GermanyAGCUS Pittsburgh, PA, United StatesFlughäfen in Pittsburgh, PA, United States
AGEDE Wangerooge, GermanyFlughäfen in Wangerooge, GermanyAGFFR Agen, FranceFlughäfen in Agen, France
AGGPG Angoram, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Angoram, Papua New GuineaAGHSE Helsingborg, SwedenFlughäfen in Helsingborg, Sweden
AGJJP Aguni, JapanFlughäfen in Aguni, JapanAGKPG Kagua, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Kagua, Papua New Guinea
AGLPG Wanigela, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Wanigela, Papua New GuineaAGPES Malaga, SpainFlughäfen in Malaga, Spain
AGRINAgra, IndiaFlughäfen in Agra, IndiaAGSUSAugusta, GA, United StatesFlughäfen in Augusta, GA, United States
AGTPY Ciudad del Este, ParaguayFlughäfen in Ciudad del Este, ParaguayAGUMXAguascalientes, Aguascalientes, MexicoFlughäfen in Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, Mexico
AGVVE Acarigua, VenezuelaFlughäfen in Acarigua, VenezuelaAGXINAgatti Island, IndiaFlughäfen in Agatti Island, India
AGZZA Aggeneys, South AfricaFlughäfen in Aggeneys, South AfricaAHBSA Abha, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Abha, Saudi Arabia
AHDUS Ardmore, OK, United StatesFlughäfen in Ardmore, OK, United StatesAHEPF Ahe, French PolynesiaFlughäfen in Ahe, French Polynesia
AHHUS Amery, WI, United StatesFlughäfen in Amery, WI, United StatesAHIID Amahai, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Amahai, Indonesia
AHMUS Ashland, OR, United StatesFlughäfen in Ashland, OR, United StatesAHNUSAthens, GA, United StatesFlughäfen in Athens, GA, United States
AHOIT Alghero, ItalyFlughäfen in Alghero, ItalyAHUMA Al Hoceima, MoroccoFlughäfen in Al Hoceima, Morocco
AHZFR l'Alpe-d'Huez, FranceFlughäfen in lAIAUSAlliance, NE, United StatesFlughäfen in Alliance, NE, United States
AICMH Airok, Marshall IslandsFlughäfen in Airok, Marshall IslandsAIDUS Anderson, IN, United StatesFlughäfen in Anderson, IN, United States
AIEPG Aiome, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Aiome, Papua New GuineaAIMMH Ailuk, Marshall IslandsFlughäfen in Ailuk, Marshall Islands
AINUS Wainwright, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Wainwright, AK, United StatesAIRBR Aripuana, BrazilFlughäfen in Aripuana, Brazil
AISKI Arorae, KiribatiFlughäfen in Arorae, KiribatiAITCK Aitutaki, Cook IslandsFlughäfen in Aitutaki, Cook Islands
AIUCK Atiu, Cook IslandsFlughäfen in Atiu, Cook IslandsAIYUS Atlantic City, NJ, United StatesFlughäfen in Atlantic City, NJ, United States
AIZUS Lake Of The Ozarks, MO, United StatesFlughäfen in Lake Of The Ozarks, MO, United StatesAJAFR Ajaccio, FranceFlughäfen in Ajaccio, France
AJFSA Jouf, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Jouf, Saudi ArabiaAJITR Agri, TurkeyFlughäfen in Agri, Turkey
AJLINAizawl, IndiaFlughäfen in Aizawl, IndiaAJNKM Anjouan, ComorosFlughäfen in Anjouan, Comoros
AJRSE Arvidsjaur, SwedenFlughäfen in Arvidsjaur, SwedenAJUBR Aracaju, BrazilFlughäfen in Aracaju, Brazil
AJYNE Agades, NigerFlughäfen in Agades, NigerAKACN Ankang, ChinaFlughäfen in Ankang, China
AKBUS Atka, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Atka, AK, United StatesAKEGA Akieni, GabonFlughäfen in Akieni, Gabon
AKFLY Kufrah, LibyaFlughäfen in Kufrah, LibyaAKGPG Anguganak, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Anguganak, Papua New Guinea
AKIUS Akiak, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Akiak, AK, United StatesAKJJP Asahikawa, JapanFlughäfen in Asahikawa, Japan
AKKUS Akhiok, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Akhiok, AK, United StatesAKLNZ Auckland, New ZealandFlughäfen in Auckland, New Zealand
AKNUS King Salmon, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in King Salmon, AK, United StatesAKOUS Akron, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Akron, CO, United States
AKPUS Anaktuvuk Pass, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Anaktuvuk Pass, AK, United StatesAKRNG Akure, NigeriaFlughäfen in Akure, Nigeria
AKSSB Auki, Solomon IslandsFlughäfen in Auki, Solomon IslandsAKUCN Aksu, ChinaFlughäfen in Aksu, China
AKVCA Akulivik, PQ, CanadaFlughäfen in Akulivik, PQ, CanadaAKXKZ Aktobe, KazakhstanFlughäfen in Aktobe, Kazakhstan
ALAKZ Almaty, KazakhstanFlughäfen in Almaty, KazakhstanALBUSAlbany, NY, United StatesFlughäfen in Albany, NY, United States
ALCES Alicante, SpainFlughäfen in Alicante, SpainALEUS Alpine, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Alpine, TX, United States
ALFNO Alta, NorwayFlughäfen in Alta, NorwayALGDZ Algiers, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Algiers, Algeria
ALHAUAlbany, WA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Albany, WA, AustraliaALJZA Alexander Bay, South AfricaFlughäfen in Alexander Bay, South Africa
ALLIT Albenga, ItalyFlughäfen in Albenga, ItalyALMUSAlamogordo, NM, United StatesFlughäfen in Alamogordo, NM, United States
ALOUSWaterloo, IA, United StatesFlughäfen in Waterloo, IA, United StatesALPSY Aleppo, SyriaFlughäfen in Aleppo, Syria
ALRNZ Alexandra, New ZealandFlughäfen in Alexandra, New ZealandALSUSAlamosa, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Alamosa, CO, United States
ALUSO Alula, SomaliaFlughäfen in Alula, SomaliaALVAD Andorra la Vella, AndorraFlughäfen in Andorra la Vella, Andorra
ALWUSWalla Walla, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Walla Walla, WA, United StatesALYEG Alexandria, EgyptFlughäfen in Alexandria, Egypt
AMAUSAmarillo, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Amarillo, TX, United StatesAMDINAhmedabad, IndiaFlughäfen in Ahmedabad, India
AMFPG Ama, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Ama, Papua New GuineaAMGPG Amboin, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Amboin, Papua New Guinea
AMHET Arba Mintch, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Arba Mintch, EthiopiaAMIID Mataram, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Mataram, Indonesia
AMKUSDurango, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Durango, CO, United StatesAMMJO Amman, JordanFlughäfen in Amman, Jordan
AMPMG Ampanihy, MadagascarFlughäfen in Ampanihy, MadagascarAMQID Ambon, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Ambon, Indonesia
AMRMH Arno, Marshall IslandsFlughäfen in Arno, Marshall IslandsAMSNL Amsterdam, NetherlandsFlughäfen in Amsterdam, Netherlands
AMVRU Amderma, RussiaFlughäfen in Amderma, RussiaAMYMG Ambatomainty, MadagascarFlughäfen in Ambatomainty, Madagascar
AMZNZ Ardmore, New ZealandFlughäfen in Ardmore, New ZealandANBUSAnniston, AL, United StatesFlughäfen in Anniston, AL, United States
ANCUSAnchorage, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Anchorage, AK, United StatesANDUS Anderson, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Anderson, SC, United States
ANEFR Angers, FranceFlughäfen in Angers, FranceANFCL Antofagasta, ChileFlughäfen in Antofagasta, Chile
ANGFR Angouleme, FranceFlughäfen in Angouleme, FranceANHSB Anuha, Solomon IslandsFlughäfen in Anuha, Solomon Islands
ANIUS Aniak, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Aniak, AK, United StatesANJCG Zanaga, Republic of the CongoFlughäfen in Zanaga, Republic of the Congo
ANKTRAnkara, TurkeyFlughäfen in Ankara, TurkeyANMMG Antalaha, MadagascarFlughäfen in Antalaha, Madagascar
ANPUSAnnapolis, MD, United StatesFlughäfen in Annapolis, MD, United StatesANRBE Antwerp, BelgiumFlughäfen in Antwerp, Belgium
ANUAG St. John's, AntiguaANVUS Anvik, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Anvik, AK, United States
ANXNO Andenes, NorwayFlughäfen in Andenes, NorwayAOCDE Altenburg, GermanyFlughäfen in Altenburg, Germany
AOGCN Anshan, ChinaFlughäfen in Anshan, ChinaAOHUSLima, OH, United StatesFlughäfen in Lima, OH, United States
AOIIT Ancona, ItalyFlughäfen in Ancona, ItalyAOJJP Aomori, JapanFlughäfen in Aomori, Japan
AOKGR Karpathos, GreeceFlughäfen in Karpathos, GreeceAOLAR Paso de los Libres, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Paso de los Libres, Argentina
AOOUSAltoona, PA, United StatesFlughäfen in Altoona, PA, United StatesAORMY Alor Setar, MalaysiaFlughäfen in Alor Setar, Malaysia
AOTIT Aosta, ItalyFlughäfen in Aosta, ItalyAPAUS Denver, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Denver, CO, United States
APCUSNapa, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Napa, CA, United StatesAPFUSNaples, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Naples, FL, United States
APKPF Apataki, French PolynesiaFlughäfen in Apataki, French PolynesiaAPLMZ Nampula, MozambiqueFlughäfen in Nampula, Mozambique
APNUSAlpena, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Alpena, MI, United StatesAPPPG Asapa, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Asapa, Papua New Guinea
APVUS Apple Valley, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Apple Valley, CA, United StatesAPWWS Apia, SamoaFlughäfen in Apia, Samoa
AQGCN Anqing, ChinaFlughäfen in Anqing, ChinaAQISA Qaisumah, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Qaisumah, Saudi Arabia
AQJJO Aqaba, JordanFlughäfen in Aqaba, JordanAQPPE Arequipa, PeruFlughäfen in Arequipa, Peru
ARBUSAnn Arbor, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Ann Arbor, MI, United StatesARCUS Arctic Village, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Arctic Village, AK, United States
ARDID Alor, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Alor, IndonesiaAREPR Arecibo, Puerto RicoFlughäfen in Arecibo, Puerto Rico
ARHRU Arkhangelsk, RussiaFlughäfen in Arkhangelsk, RussiaARICL Arica, ChileFlughäfen in Arica, Chile
ARKTZ Arusha, TanzaniaFlughäfen in Arusha, TanzaniaARMAU Armidale, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Armidale, NSW, Australia
ARNSE Stockholm, SwedenFlughäfen in Stockholm, SwedenARTUSWatertown, NY, United StatesFlughäfen in Watertown, NY, United States
ARVUSMinocqua, WI, United StatesFlughäfen in Minocqua, WI, United StatesARWRO Arad, RomaniaFlughäfen in Arad, Romania
ARZAO N'Zeto, AngolaFlughäfen in NASAER Assab, EritreaFlughäfen in Assab, Eritrea
ASBTM Ashgabat, TurkmenistanFlughäfen in Ashgabat, TurkmenistanASDBS Andros Town, BahamasFlughäfen in Andros Town, Bahamas
ASEUSAspen, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Aspen, CO, United StatesASFRU Astrakhan, RussiaFlughäfen in Astrakhan, Russia
ASGNZ Ashburton, New ZealandFlughäfen in Ashburton, New ZealandASHUSNashua, NH, United StatesFlughäfen in Nashua, NH, United States
ASJJP Amami, JapanFlughäfen in Amami, JapanASMER Asmara, EritreaFlughäfen in Asmara, Eritrea
ASOET Asosa, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Asosa, EthiopiaASPAUAlice Springs, NT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Alice Springs, NT, Australia
ASQUSAustin, NV, United StatesFlughäfen in Austin, NV, United StatesASRTRKayseri, TurkeyFlughäfen in Kayseri, Turkey
ASTUSAstoria, OR, United StatesFlughäfen in Astoria, OR, United StatesASUPY Asuncion, ParaguayFlughäfen in Asuncion, Paraguay
ASVKEAmboseli, KenyaFlughäfen in Amboseli, KenyaASWEG Aswan, EgyptFlughäfen in Aswan, Egypt
ASXUS Ashland, WI, United StatesFlughäfen in Ashland, WI, United StatesATCBS Arthur's Town, BahamasFlughäfen in Arthur
ATHGR Athens, GreeceFlughäfen in Athens, GreeceATIUY Artigas, UruguayFlughäfen in Artigas, Uruguay
ATKUS Atqasuk, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Atqasuk, AK, United StatesATLUSAtlanta, GA, United StatesFlughäfen in Atlanta, GA, United States
ATMBR Altamira, BrazilFlughäfen in Altamira, BrazilATNPG Namatanai, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Namatanai, Papua New Guinea
ATOUS Athens, OH, United StatesFlughäfen in Athens, OH, United StatesATPPG Aitape, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Aitape, Papua New Guinea
ATQINAmritsar, IndiaFlughäfen in Amritsar, IndiaATRMR Atar, MauritaniaFlughäfen in Atar, Mauritania
ATSUSArtesia, NM, United StatesFlughäfen in Artesia, NM, United StatesATTUS Atmautluak, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Atmautluak, AK, United States
ATWUSAppleton, WI, United StatesFlughäfen in Appleton, WI, United StatesATYUSWatertown, SD, United StatesFlughäfen in Watertown, SD, United States
ATZEG Assiut, EgyptFlughäfen in Assiut, EgyptAUAAW Oranjestad, ArubaFlughäfen in Oranjestad, Aruba
AUCCO Arauca, ColombiaFlughäfen in Arauca, ColombiaAUFFR Auxerre, FranceFlughäfen in Auxerre, France
AUGUSAugusta, ME, United StatesFlughäfen in Augusta, ME, United StatesAUHAE Abu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesFlughäfen in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
AUJPG Ambunti, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Ambunti, Papua New GuineaAUKUS Alakanuk, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Alakanuk, AK, United States
AULMH Aur, Marshall IslandsFlughäfen in Aur, Marshall IslandsAUOUS Auburn, AL, United StatesFlughäfen in Auburn, AL, United States
AUQPF Hiva Oa, French PolynesiaFlughäfen in Hiva Oa, French PolynesiaAURFR Aurillac, FranceFlughäfen in Aurillac, France
AUSUSAustin, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Austin, TX, United StatesAUUAU Aurukun, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Aurukun, QLD, Australia
AUWUSWausau, WI, United StatesFlughäfen in Wausau, WI, United StatesAUXBR Araguaina, BrazilFlughäfen in Araguaina, Brazil
AUYVU Aneityum, VanuatuFlughäfen in Aneityum, VanuatuAUZUSAurora, IL, United StatesFlughäfen in Aurora, IL, United States
AVLUSAsheville, NC, United StatesFlughäfen in Asheville, NC, United StatesAVNFR Avignon, FranceFlughäfen in Avignon, France
AVPUSWilkes-Barre, PA, United StatesFlughäfen in Wilkes-Barre, PA, United StatesAVVAU Melbourne, VIC, AustraliaFlughäfen in Melbourne, VIC, Australia
AWDVU Aniwa Island, VanuatuFlughäfen in Aniwa Island, VanuatuAWNAU Alton Downs, SA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Alton Downs, SA, Australia
AXAAI The Valley, AnguillaFlughäfen in The Valley, AnguillaAXCAU Aramac, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Aramac, QLD, Australia
AXDGR Alexandroupolis, GreeceFlughäfen in Alexandroupolis, GreeceAXKYE Ataq, YemenFlughäfen in Ataq, Yemen
AXMCO Armenia, ColombiaFlughäfen in Armenia, ColombiaAXNUS Alexandria, MN, United StatesFlughäfen in Alexandria, MN, United States
AXPBS Spring Point, BahamasFlughäfen in Spring Point, BahamasAXRPF Arutua, French PolynesiaFlughäfen in Arutua, French Polynesia
AXSUS Altus, OK, United StatesFlughäfen in Altus, OK, United StatesAXTJP Akita, JapanFlughäfen in Akita, Japan
AXUET Axum, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Axum, EthiopiaAXXUSAngel Fire, NM, United StatesFlughäfen in Angel Fire, NM, United States
AYPPE Ayacucho, PeruFlughäfen in Ayacucho, PeruAYQAUAyers Rock, NT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Ayers Rock, NT, Australia
AYSUSWaycross, GA, United StatesFlughäfen in Waycross, GA, United StatesAYTTRAntalya, TurkeyFlughäfen in Antalya, Turkey
AYUPG Aiyura, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Aiyura, Papua New GuineaAZAUS Mesa, AZ, United StatesFlughäfen in Mesa, AZ, United States
AZBPG Amazon Bay, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Amazon Bay, Papua New GuineaAZIAE Abu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesFlughäfen in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
AZNUZ Andizhan, UzbekistanFlughäfen in Andizhan, UzbekistanAZOUSKalamazoo, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Kalamazoo, MI, United States
AZRDZ Adrar, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Adrar, AlgeriaAZSDO Samana, Dominican RepublicFlughäfen in Samana, Dominican Republic
BAAPG Bialla, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Bialla, Papua New GuineaBAFUSWestfield, MA, United StatesFlughäfen in Westfield, MA, United States
BAGPH Baguio, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Baguio, PhilippinesBAHBH Manama, BahrainFlughäfen in Manama, Bahrain
BAJPG Bali, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Bali, Papua New GuineaBALTR Batman, TurkeyFlughäfen in Batman, Turkey
BAMUS Battle Mountain, NV, United StatesFlughäfen in Battle Mountain, NV, United StatesBAPPG Baibara, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Baibara, Papua New Guinea
BAQCO Barranquilla, ColombiaFlughäfen in Barranquilla, ColombiaBASSB Ballalae Island, Solomon IslandsFlughäfen in Ballalae Island, Solomon Islands
BAUBR Bauru, BrazilFlughäfen in Bauru, BrazilBAVCN Baotou, ChinaFlughäfen in Baotou, China
BAXRU Barnaul, RussiaFlughäfen in Barnaul, RussiaBAYRO Baia Mare, RomaniaFlughäfen in Baia Mare, Romania
BBACL Balmaceda, ChileFlughäfen in Balmaceda, ChileBBGKI Butaritari, KiribatiFlughäfen in Butaritari, Kiribati
BBHDE Barth, GermanyFlughäfen in Barth, GermanyBBIINBhubaneshwar, IndiaFlughäfen in Bhubaneshwar, India
BBKBW Kasane, BotswanaFlughäfen in Kasane, BotswanaBBMKH Battambang, CambodiaFlughäfen in Battambang, Cambodia
BBNMY Bario, MalaysiaFlughäfen in Bario, MalaysiaBBOSO Berbera, SomaliaFlughäfen in Berbera, Somalia
BBPGB Bembridge, England, UKFlughäfen in Bembridge, England, UKBBQAG Codrington, Barbuda
BBRGP Basse-Terre, GuadeloupeFlughäfen in Basse-Terre, GuadeloupeBBURO Bucharest, RomaniaFlughäfen in Bucharest, Romania
BBXUS Blue Bell, PA, United StatesFlughäfen in Blue Bell, PA, United StatesBCBUSBlacksburg, VA, United StatesFlughäfen in Blacksburg, VA, United States
BCDPH Bacolod, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Bacolod, PhilippinesBCEUSBryce Canyon, UT, United StatesFlughäfen in Bryce Canyon, UT, United States
BCIAU Barcaldine, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Barcaldine, QLD, AustraliaBCLCR Barra del Colorado, Costa RicaFlughäfen in Barra del Colorado, Costa Rica
BCMRO Bacau, RomaniaFlughäfen in Bacau, RomaniaBCNES Barcelona, SpainFlughäfen in Barcelona, Spain
BCTUSBoca Raton, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Boca Raton, FL, United StatesBCXRU Beloreck, RussiaFlughäfen in Beloreck, Russia
BCZAU Bickerton Island, NT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Bickerton Island, NT, AustraliaBDABMHamilton, BermudaFlughäfen in Hamilton, Bermuda
BDBAUBundaberg, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Bundaberg, QLD, AustraliaBDDAU Badu Island, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Badu Island, QLD, Australia
BDGUSBlanding, UT, United StatesFlughäfen in Blanding, UT, United StatesBDISC Bird Island, SeychellesFlughäfen in Bird Island, Seychelles
BDJID Banjarmasin, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Banjarmasin, IndonesiaBDLUSHartford, CT, United StatesFlughäfen in Hartford, CT, United States
BDMTR Bandirma, TurkeyFlughäfen in Bandirma, TurkeyBDNPK Badin, PakistanFlughäfen in Badin, Pakistan
BDOID Bandung, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Bandung, IndonesiaBDPNP Bhadrapur, NepalFlughäfen in Bhadrapur, Nepal
BDQINVadodara, IndiaFlughäfen in Vadodara, IndiaBDRUS Bridgeport, CT, United StatesFlughäfen in Bridgeport, CT, United States
BDSIT Brindisi, ItalyFlughäfen in Brindisi, ItalyBDUNO Bardufoss, NorwayFlughäfen in Bardufoss, Norway
BDYUSBandon, OR, United StatesFlughäfen in Bandon, OR, United StatesBEAPG Bereina, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Bereina, Papua New Guinea
BEBGB Benbecula, Scotland, UKFlughäfen in Benbecula, Scotland, UKBEDUSBedford, MA, United StatesFlughäfen in Bedford, MA, United States
BEGRS Belgrade, SerbiaFlughäfen in Belgrade, SerbiaBEHUSBenton Harbor, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Benton Harbor, MI, United States
BEIET Beica, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Beica, EthiopiaBEJID Berau, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Berau, Indonesia
BEKINRaebareli, IndiaFlughäfen in Raebareli, IndiaBELBR Belem, BrazilFlughäfen in Belem, Brazil
BENLY Benghazi, LibyaFlughäfen in Benghazi, LibyaBEOAU Newcastle, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Newcastle, NSW, Australia
BEPINBellary, IndiaFlughäfen in Bellary, IndiaBEQGB Bury St. Edmunds, England, UKFlughäfen in Bury St. Edmunds, England, UK
BESFR Brest, FranceFlughäfen in Brest, FranceBETUS Bethel, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Bethel, AK, United States
BEUAU Bedourie, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Bedourie, QLD, AustraliaBEVIL Beersheba, IsraelFlughäfen in Beersheba, Israel
BEWMZ Beira, MozambiqueFlughäfen in Beira, MozambiqueBEYLB Beirut, LebanonFlughäfen in Beirut, Lebanon
BEZKI Beru, KiribatiFlughäfen in Beru, KiribatiBFCAU Bloomfield, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Bloomfield, QLD, Australia
BFDUSBradford, PA, United StatesFlughäfen in Bradford, PA, United StatesBFEDE Bielefeld, GermanyFlughäfen in Bielefeld, Germany
BFFUSScottsbluff, NE, United StatesFlughäfen in Scottsbluff, NE, United StatesBFIUS Seattle, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Seattle, WA, United States
BFLUSBakersfield, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Bakersfield, CA, United StatesBFNZA Bloemfontein, South AfricaFlughäfen in Bloemfontein, South Africa
BFOZW Buffalo Range, ZimbabweFlughäfen in Buffalo Range, ZimbabweBFPUS Beaver Falls, PA, United StatesFlughäfen in Beaver Falls, PA, United States
BFSGBBelfast, Northern Ireland, UKFlughäfen in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UKBFTUSBeaufort, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Beaufort, SC, United States
BFUCN Bengbu, ChinaFlughäfen in Bengbu, ChinaBFVTH Buri Ram, ThailandFlughäfen in Buri Ram, Thailand
BFXCM Bafoussam, CameroonFlughäfen in Bafoussam, CameroonBGACO Bucaramanga, ColombiaFlughäfen in Bucaramanga, Colombia
BGCPT Braganca, PortugalFlughäfen in Braganca, PortugalBGDUS Borger, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Borger, TX, United States
BGFCF Bangui, Central African RepublicFlughäfen in Bangui, Central African RepublicBGIBB Bridgetown, BarbadosFlughäfen in Bridgetown, Barbados
BGJIS Borgarfjordur Eystri, IcelandFlughäfen in Borgarfjordur Eystri, IcelandBGMUSBinghamton, NY, United StatesFlughäfen in Binghamton, NY, United States
BGONO Bergen, NorwayFlughäfen in Bergen, NorwayBGRUSBangor, ME, United StatesFlughäfen in Bangor, ME, United States
BGTUS Bagdad, AZ, United StatesFlughäfen in Bagdad, AZ, United StatesBGYIT Bergamo, ItalyFlughäfen in Bergamo, Italy
BGZPT Braga, PortugalFlughäfen in Braga, PortugalBHBUSBar Harbor, ME, United StatesFlughäfen in Bar Harbor, ME, United States
BHDGBBelfast, Northern Ireland, UKFlughäfen in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UKBHENZ Blenheim, New ZealandFlughäfen in Blenheim, New Zealand
BHHSA Bisha, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Bisha, Saudi ArabiaBHIAR Bahia Blanca, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Bahia Blanca, Argentina
BHJIN Bhuj, IndiaFlughäfen in Bhuj, IndiaBHKUZ Bukhara, UzbekistanFlughäfen in Bukhara, Uzbekistan
BHMUSBirmingham, AL, United StatesFlughäfen in Birmingham, AL, United StatesBHNYE Beihan, YemenFlughäfen in Beihan, Yemen
BHOINBhopal, IndiaFlughäfen in Bhopal, IndiaBHQAUBroken Hill, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Broken Hill, NSW, Australia
BHRNP Bharatpur, NepalFlughäfen in Bharatpur, NepalBHSAUBathurst, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Bathurst, NSW, Australia
BHUIN Bhavnagar, IndiaFlughäfen in Bhavnagar, IndiaBHVPK Bahawalpur, PakistanFlughäfen in Bahawalpur, Pakistan
BHXGBBirmingham, England, UKFlughäfen in Birmingham, England, UKBHYCN Beihai, ChinaFlughäfen in Beihai, China
BIAFR Bastia, FranceFlughäfen in Bastia, FranceBIBSO Baidoa, SomaliaFlughäfen in Baidoa, Somalia
BIDUS Block Island, RI, United StatesFlughäfen in Block Island, RI, United StatesBIEUSBeatrice, NE, United StatesFlughäfen in Beatrice, NE, United States
BIHUS Bishop, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Bishop, CA, United StatesBIIMH Bikini, Marshall IslandsFlughäfen in Bikini, Marshall Islands
BIKID Biak, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Biak, IndonesiaBILUSBillings, MT, United StatesFlughäfen in Billings, MT, United States
BIMBS South Bimini Island, BahamasFlughäfen in South Bimini Island, BahamasBIOES Bilbao, SpainFlughäfen in Bilbao, Spain
BIQFR Biarritz, FranceFlughäfen in Biarritz, FranceBIRNP Biratnagar, NepalFlughäfen in Biratnagar, Nepal
BISUSBismarck, ND, United StatesFlughäfen in Bismarck, ND, United StatesBIUIS Bildudalur, IcelandFlughäfen in Bildudalur, Iceland
BIYZA Bisho, South AfricaFlughäfen in Bisho, South AfricaBJADZ Bejaia, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Bejaia, Algeria
BJCUSBroomfield, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Broomfield, CO, United StatesBJDIS Bakkafjordur, IcelandFlughäfen in Bakkafjordur, Iceland
BJFNO Batsfjord, NorwayFlughäfen in Batsfjord, NorwayBJIUSBemidji, MN, United StatesFlughäfen in Bemidji, MN, United States
BJLGM Banjul, GambiaFlughäfen in Banjul, GambiaBJMBI Bujumbura, BurundiFlughäfen in Bujumbura, Burundi
BJRET Bahar Dar, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Bahar Dar, EthiopiaBJSCN Beijing, ChinaFlughäfen in Beijing, China
BJVTRBodrum, TurkeyFlughäfen in Bodrum, TurkeyBJXMXLeon, Guanajuato, MexicoFlughäfen in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico
BJZES Badajoz, SpainFlughäfen in Badajoz, SpainBKARU Moscow, RussiaFlughäfen in Moscow, Russia
BKBINBikaner, IndiaFlughäfen in Bikaner, IndiaBKCUS Buckland, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Buckland, AK, United States
BKEUS Baker City, OR, United StatesFlughäfen in Baker City, OR, United StatesBKGUSBranson, MO, United StatesFlughäfen in Branson, MO, United States
BKIMY Kota Kinabalu, MalaysiaFlughäfen in Kota Kinabalu, MalaysiaBKJGN Boke, GuineaFlughäfen in Boke, Guinea
BKKTH Bangkok, ThailandFlughäfen in Bangkok, ThailandBKLUS Cleveland, OH, United StatesFlughäfen in Cleveland, OH, United States
BKMMY Ba'Kelalan, MalaysiaFlughäfen in BaBKOML Bamako, MaliFlughäfen in Bamako, Mali
BKQAU Blackall, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Blackall, QLD, AustraliaBKSID Bengkulu, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Bengkulu, Indonesia
BKWUSBeckley, WV, United StatesFlughäfen in Beckley, WV, United StatesBKXUSBrookings, SD, United StatesFlughäfen in Brookings, SD, United States
BKZTZ Bukoba, TanzaniaFlughäfen in Bukoba, TanzaniaBLAVE Barcelona, VenezuelaFlughäfen in Barcelona, Venezuela
BLESE Borlange, SwedenFlughäfen in Borlange, SwedenBLFUSBluefield, WV, United StatesFlughäfen in Bluefield, WV, United States
BLGMY Belaga, MalaysiaFlughäfen in Belaga, MalaysiaBLHUS Blythe, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Blythe, CA, United States
BLIUSBellingham, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Bellingham, WA, United StatesBLKGBBlackpool, England, UKFlughäfen in Blackpool, England, UK
BLLDK Billund, DenmarkFlughäfen in Billund, DenmarkBLMUS Belmar, NJ, United StatesFlughäfen in Belmar, NJ, United States
BLOIS Blonduos, IcelandFlughäfen in Blonduos, IcelandBLQIT Bologna, ItalyFlughäfen in Bologna, Italy
BLRINBengaluru, IndiaFlughäfen in Bengaluru, IndiaBLTAU Blackwater, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Blackwater, QLD, Australia
BLVUS Belleville, IL, United StatesFlughäfen in Belleville, IL, United StatesBLZMW Blantyre, MalawiFlughäfen in Blantyre, Malawi
BMASE Stockholm, SwedenFlughäfen in Stockholm, SwedenBMDMG Belo, MadagascarFlughäfen in Belo, Madagascar
BMEAUBroome, WA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Broome, WA, AustraliaBMGUS Bloomington, IN, United StatesFlughäfen in Bloomington, IN, United States
BMIUSBloomington, IL, United StatesFlughäfen in Bloomington, IL, United StatesBMKDE Borkum, GermanyFlughäfen in Borkum, Germany
BMLUS Berlin, NH, United StatesFlughäfen in Berlin, NH, United StatesBMMGA Bitam, GabonFlughäfen in Bitam, Gabon
BMPAU Brampton Island, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Brampton Island, QLD, AustraliaBMUID Bima, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Bima, Indonesia
BMVVN Buon Ma Thuot, VietnamFlughäfen in Buon Ma Thuot, VietnamBMWDZ Bordj Badji Mokhtar, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Bordj Badji Mokhtar, Algeria
BMYNCIle Art, New CaledoniaFlughäfen in Ile Art, New CaledoniaBNAUSNashville, TN, United StatesFlughäfen in Nashville, TN, United States
BNEAUBrisbane, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Brisbane, QLD, AustraliaBNGUS Banning, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Banning, CA, United States
BNING Benin City, NigeriaFlughäfen in Benin City, NigeriaBNKAUBallina, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Ballina, NSW, Australia
BNNNO Bronnoysund, NorwayFlughäfen in Bronnoysund, NorwayBNOUSBurns, OR, United StatesFlughäfen in Burns, OR, United States
BNPPK Bannu, PakistanFlughäfen in Bannu, PakistanBNSVE Barinas, VenezuelaFlughäfen in Barinas, Venezuela
BNTPG Bundi, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Bundi, Papua New GuineaBNXBA Banja Luka, Bosnia and HerzegovinaFlughäfen in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
BNYSB Bellona Island, Solomon IslandsFlughäfen in Bellona Island, Solomon IslandsBOBPF Bora Bora, French PolynesiaFlughäfen in Bora Bora, French Polynesia
BODFR Bordeaux, FranceFlughäfen in Bordeaux, FranceBOGCO Bogota, ColombiaFlughäfen in Bogota, Colombia
BOHGBBournemouth, England, UKFlughäfen in Bournemouth, England, UKBOIUSBoise, ID, United StatesFlughäfen in Boise, ID, United States
BOJBG Bourgas, BulgariaFlughäfen in Bourgas, BulgariaBOKUS Brookings, OR, United StatesFlughäfen in Brookings, OR, United States
BOMINMumbai, IndiaFlughäfen in Mumbai, IndiaBONAN Kralendijk, Netherlands AntillesFlughäfen in Kralendijk, Netherlands Antilles
BOONO Bodo, NorwayFlughäfen in Bodo, NorwayBOSUSBoston, MA, United StatesFlughäfen in Boston, MA, United States
BOUFR Bourges, FranceFlughäfen in Bourges, FranceBOVPG Sasa, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Sasa, Papua New Guinea
BOWUS Bartow, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Bartow, FL, United StatesBOXAU Borroloola, NT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Borroloola, NT, Australia
BOYBF Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina FasoFlughäfen in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina FasoBPCCM Bamenda, CameroonFlughäfen in Bamenda, Cameroon
BPHPH Bislig, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Bislig, PhilippinesBPNID Balikpapan, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Balikpapan, Indonesia
BPSBR Porto Seguro, BrazilFlughäfen in Porto Seguro, BrazilBPTUSBeaumont, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Beaumont, TX, United States
BPXCN Bangda, ChinaFlughäfen in Bangda, ChinaBPYMG Besalampy, MadagascarFlughäfen in Besalampy, Madagascar
BQDIS Budardalur, IcelandFlughäfen in Budardalur, IcelandBQEGW Bubaque, Guinea-BissauFlughäfen in Bubaque, Guinea-Bissau
BQHGB London, England, UKFlughäfen in London, England, UKBQKUSBrunswick, GA, United StatesFlughäfen in Brunswick, GA, United States
BQLAU Boulia, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Boulia, QLD, AustraliaBQNPR Aguadilla, Puerto RicoFlughäfen in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
BQSRU Blagoveschensk, RussiaFlughäfen in Blagoveschensk, RussiaBQTBY Brest, BelarusFlughäfen in Brest, Belarus
BQUVC Port Elizabeth, St. Vincent and the GrenadinesFlughäfen in Port Elizabeth, St. Vincent and the GrenadinesBRCAR San Carlos de Bariloche, ArgentinaFlughäfen in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina
BRDUSBrainerd, MN, United StatesFlughäfen in Brainerd, MN, United StatesBREDE Bremen, GermanyFlughäfen in Bremen, Germany
BRIIT Bari, ItalyFlughäfen in Bari, ItalyBRKAU Bourke, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Bourke, NSW, Australia
BRLUSBurlington, IA, United StatesFlughäfen in Burlington, IA, United StatesBRMVE Barquisimeto, VenezuelaFlughäfen in Barquisimeto, Venezuela
BRNCH Bern, SwitzerlandFlughäfen in Bern, SwitzerlandBROUSBrownsville, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Brownsville, TX, United States
BRPPG Biaru, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Biaru, Papua New GuineaBRQCZ Brno, Czech RepublicFlughäfen in Brno, Czech Republic
BRRGB Castlebay, Scotland, UKFlughäfen in Castlebay, Scotland, UKBRSGBBristol, England, UKFlughäfen in Bristol, England, UK
BRTAU Bathurst Island, NT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Bathurst Island, NT, AustraliaBRUBE Brussels, BelgiumFlughäfen in Brussels, Belgium
BRVDE Bremerhaven, GermanyFlughäfen in Bremerhaven, GermanyBRWUS Barrow, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Barrow, AK, United States
BRXDO Barahona, Dominican RepublicFlughäfen in Barahona, Dominican RepublicBSASO Bossaso, SomaliaFlughäfen in Bossaso, Somalia
BSBBR Brasilia, BrazilFlughäfen in Brasilia, BrazilBSCCO Bahia Solano, ColombiaFlughäfen in Bahia Solano, Colombia
BSDCN Baoshan, ChinaFlughäfen in Baoshan, ChinaBSGGQ Bata, Equatorial GuineaFlughäfen in Bata, Equatorial Guinea
BSJAUBairnsdale, VIC, AustraliaFlughäfen in Bairnsdale, VIC, AustraliaBSKDZ Biskra, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Biskra, Algeria
BSLFR Basel, SwitzerlandFlughäfen in Basel, SwitzerlandBSOPH Basco, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Basco, Philippines
BSPPG Bensbach, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Bensbach, Papua New GuineaBSQUSBisbee, AZ, United StatesFlughäfen in Bisbee, AZ, United States
BSYSO Bardera, SomaliaFlughäfen in Bardera, SomaliaBSZUS Bartletts, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Bartletts, AK, United States
BTACM Bertoua, CameroonFlughäfen in Bertoua, CameroonBTHID Batam Batu Besar, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Batam Batu Besar, Indonesia
BTIUS Kaktovik, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Kaktovik, AK, United StatesBTJID Banda Aceh, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Banda Aceh, Indonesia
BTKRU Bratsk, RussiaFlughäfen in Bratsk, RussiaBTLUSBattle Creek, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Battle Creek, MI, United States
BTMUSButte, MT, United StatesFlughäfen in Butte, MT, United StatesBTPUSButler, PA, United StatesFlughäfen in Butler, PA, United States
BTRUSBaton Rouge, LA, United StatesFlughäfen in Baton Rouge, LA, United StatesBTSSK Bratislava, SlovakiaFlughäfen in Bratislava, Slovakia
BTTUS Bettles, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Bettles, AK, United StatesBTUMY Bintulu, MalaysiaFlughäfen in Bintulu, Malaysia
BTVUSBurlington, VT, United StatesFlughäfen in Burlington, VT, United StatesBTZTRBursa, TurkeyFlughäfen in Bursa, Turkey
BUAPG Buka, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Buka, Papua New GuineaBUCAU Burketown, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Burketown, QLD, Australia
BUDHU Budapest, HungaryFlughäfen in Budapest, HungaryBUFUSBuffalo, NY, United StatesFlughäfen in Buffalo, NY, United States
BUGAO Benguela, AngolaFlughäfen in Benguela, AngolaBUIID Bokondini, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Bokondini, Indonesia
BUJDZ Bou Saada, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Bou Saada, AlgeriaBULPG Bulolo, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Bulolo, Papua New Guinea
BUOSO Burao, SomaliaFlughäfen in Burao, SomaliaBUPINBathinda, IndiaFlughäfen in Bathinda, India
BUQZW Bulawayo, ZimbabweFlughäfen in Bulawayo, ZimbabweBURUSBurbank, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Burbank, CA, United States
BUSGE Batumi, GeorgiaFlughäfen in Batumi, GeorgiaBUWID Baubau, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Baubau, Indonesia
BUYAU Bunbury, WA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Bunbury, WA, AustraliaBVAFR Paris, FranceFlughäfen in Paris, France
BVBBR Boa Vista, BrazilFlughäfen in Boa Vista, BrazilBVCCV Boa Vista Island, Cape VerdeFlughäfen in Boa Vista Island, Cape Verde
BVEFR Brive-la-Gaillarde, FranceFlughäfen in Brive-la-Gaillarde, FranceBVGNO Berlevag, NorwayFlughäfen in Berlevag, Norway
BVHBR Vilhena, BrazilFlughäfen in Vilhena, BrazilBVIAU Birdsville, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Birdsville, QLD, Australia
BVOUS Bartlesville, OK, United StatesFlughäfen in Bartlesville, OK, United StatesBVXUS Batesville, AR, United StatesFlughäfen in Batesville, AR, United States
BVYUS Beverly, MA, United StatesFlughäfen in Beverly, MA, United StatesBWANP Siddharthanagar, NepalFlughäfen in Siddharthanagar, Nepal
BWBAU Barrow Island, WA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Barrow Island, WA, AustraliaBWDUSBrownwood, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Brownwood, TX, United States
BWEDE Braunschweig, GermanyFlughäfen in Braunschweig, GermanyBWFGB Barrow-In-Furness, England, UKFlughäfen in Barrow-In-Furness, England, UK
BWGUS Bowling Green, KY, United StatesFlughäfen in Bowling Green, KY, United StatesBWIUSBaltimore, MD, United StatesFlughäfen in Baltimore, MD, United States
BWKHR Brac Island, CroatiaFlughäfen in Brac Island, CroatiaBWMUS Bowman, ND, United StatesFlughäfen in Bowman, ND, United States
BWNBN Bandar Seri Begawan, BruneiFlughäfen in Bandar Seri Begawan, BruneiBWORU Balakovo, RussiaFlughäfen in Balakovo, Russia
BWQAU Brewarrina, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Brewarrina, NSW, AustraliaBWSUSBlaine, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Blaine, WA, United States
BWTAUBurnie, TAS, AustraliaFlughäfen in Burnie, TAS, AustraliaBWUAU Bankstown, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Bankstown, NSW, Australia
BXBID Babo, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Babo, IndonesiaBXESN Bakel, SenegalFlughäfen in Bakel, Senegal
BXNTRBodrum, TurkeyFlughäfen in Bodrum, TurkeyBXSUS Borrego Springs, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Borrego Springs, CA, United States
BXUPH Butuan, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Butuan, PhilippinesBXVIS Breiddalsvik, IcelandFlughäfen in Breiddalsvik, Iceland
BXXSO Borama, SomaliaFlughäfen in Borama, SomaliaBYAUS Boundary, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Boundary, AK, United States
BYBOM Dibaa, OmanFlughäfen in Dibaa, OmanBYIUS Burley, ID, United StatesFlughäfen in Burley, ID, United States
BYUDE Bayreuth, GermanyFlughäfen in Bayreuth, GermanyBYWUS Blakely Island, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Blakely Island, WA, United States
BYXAU Baniyala, NT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Baniyala, NT, AustraliaBZDAU Balranald, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Balranald, NSW, Australia
BZEBZ Belize City, BelizeFlughäfen in Belize City, BelizeBZGPL Bydgoszcz, PolandFlughäfen in Bydgoszcz, Poland
BZKRU Briansk, RussiaFlughäfen in Briansk, RussiaBZLBD Barisal, BangladeshFlughäfen in Barisal, Bangladesh
BZNUSBozeman, MT, United StatesFlughäfen in Bozeman, MT, United StatesBZOIT Bolzano, ItalyFlughäfen in Bolzano, Italy
BZRFR Beziers, FranceFlughäfen in Beziers, FranceBZVCG Brazzaville, Republic of the CongoFlughäfen in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo
BZYMD Beltsy, MoldovaFlughäfen in Beltsy, MoldovaBZZGB Brize Norton, England, UKFlughäfen in Brize Norton, England, UK
CABAO Cabinda, AngolaFlughäfen in Cabinda, AngolaCACBR Cascavel, BrazilFlughäfen in Cascavel, Brazil
CADUS Cadillac, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Cadillac, MI, United StatesCAEUSColumbia, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Columbia, SC, United States
CAFBR Carauari, BrazilFlughäfen in Carauari, BrazilCAGIT Cagliari, ItalyFlughäfen in Cagliari, Italy
CAIEG Cairo, EgyptFlughäfen in Cairo, EgyptCAKUSAkron, OH, United StatesFlughäfen in Akron, OH, United States
CALGBCampbeltown, Scotland, UKFlughäfen in Campbeltown, Scotland, UKCAMBO Camiri, BoliviaFlughäfen in Camiri, Bolivia
CANCN Guangzhou, ChinaFlughäfen in Guangzhou, ChinaCAPHT Cap-Haitien, HaitiFlughäfen in Cap-Haitien, Haiti
CAQCO Caucasia, ColombiaFlughäfen in Caucasia, ColombiaCASMA Casablanca, MoroccoFlughäfen in Casablanca, Morocco
CAWBR Campos, BrazilFlughäfen in Campos, BrazilCAXGBCarlisle, England, UKFlughäfen in Carlisle, England, UK
CAYGF Cayenne, French GuianaCAZAU Cobar, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cobar, NSW, Australia
CBBBO Cochabamba, BoliviaFlughäfen in Cochabamba, BoliviaCBDIN Kakana, IndiaFlughäfen in Kakana, India
CBEUS Cumberland, MD, United StatesFlughäfen in Cumberland, MD, United StatesCBGGBCambridge, England, UKFlughäfen in Cambridge, England, UK
CBHDZ Bechar, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Bechar, AlgeriaCBLVE Ciudad Bolivar, VenezuelaFlughäfen in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela
CBNID Cirebon, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Cirebon, IndonesiaCBOPH Cotabato, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Cotabato, Philippines
CBPPT Coimbra, PortugalFlughäfen in Coimbra, PortugalCBQNG Calabar, NigeriaFlughäfen in Calabar, Nigeria
CBRAUCanberra, ACT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Canberra, ACT, AustraliaCBXAU Condobolin, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Condobolin, NSW, Australia
CCBUSUpland, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Upland, CA, United StatesCCFFR Carcassonne, FranceFlughäfen in Carcassonne, France
CCJINKozhikode, IndiaFlughäfen in Kozhikode, IndiaCCKCC Cocos Islands, Cocos Islands
CCPCL Concepcion, ChileFlughäfen in Concepcion, ChileCCRUS Concord, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Concord, CA, United States
CCSVE Caracas, VenezuelaFlughäfen in Caracas, VenezuelaCCUINKolkata, IndiaFlughäfen in Kolkata, India
CCVVU Craig Cove, VanuatuFlughäfen in Craig Cove, VanuatuCCZBS Chub Cay, BahamasFlughäfen in Chub Cay, Bahamas
CDAAUCooinda, NT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cooinda, NT, AustraliaCDBUS Cold Bay, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Cold Bay, AK, United States
CDCUSCedar City, UT, United StatesFlughäfen in Cedar City, UT, United StatesCDGFR Paris, FranceFlughäfen in Paris, France
CDHUS Camden, AR, United StatesFlughäfen in Camden, AR, United StatesCDJBR Conceicao do Araguaia, BrazilFlughäfen in Conceicao do Araguaia, Brazil
CDLUS Candle, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Candle, AK, United StatesCDMUSCaldwell, NJ, United StatesFlughäfen in Caldwell, NJ, United States
CDPIN Kadapa, IndiaFlughäfen in Kadapa, IndiaCDQAU Croydon, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Croydon, QLD, Australia
CDRUS Chadron, NE, United StatesFlughäfen in Chadron, NE, United StatesCDVUSCordova, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Cordova, AK, United States
CEBPH Cebu, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Cebu, PhilippinesCECUSCrescent City, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Crescent City, CA, United States
CEDAU Ceduna, SA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Ceduna, SA, AustraliaCEERU Cherepovets, RussiaFlughäfen in Cherepovets, Russia
CEFUS Springfield, MA, United StatesFlughäfen in Springfield, MA, United StatesCEGGB Chester, England, UKFlughäfen in Chester, England, UK
CEITH Chiang Rai, ThailandFlughäfen in Chiang Rai, ThailandCEKRU Chelyabinsk, RussiaFlughäfen in Chelyabinsk, Russia
CEMUSCentral, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Central, AK, United StatesCENMXCiudad Obregon, Sonora, MexicoFlughäfen in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico
CEOAO Waco Kungo, AngolaFlughäfen in Waco Kungo, AngolaCEQFR Cannes, FranceFlughäfen in Cannes, France
CERFR Cherbourg, FranceFlughäfen in Cherbourg, FranceCESAUCessnock, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cessnock, NSW, Australia
CETFR Cholet, FranceFlughäfen in Cholet, FranceCEUUSClemson, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Clemson, SC, United States
CEYUS Murray, KY, United StatesFlughäfen in Murray, KY, United StatesCEZUSCortez, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Cortez, CO, United States
CFEFR Clermont-Ferrand, FranceFlughäfen in Clermont-Ferrand, FranceCFKDZ Chlef, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Chlef, Algeria
CFNIE Donegal, IrelandFlughäfen in Donegal, IrelandCFRFR Caen, FranceFlughäfen in Caen, France
CFSAUCoffs Harbour, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Coffs Harbour, NSW, AustraliaCFUGR Corfu, GreeceFlughäfen in Corfu, Greece
CGAUSCraig, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Craig, AK, United StatesCGBBR Cuiaba, BrazilFlughäfen in Cuiaba, Brazil
CGCPG Cape Gloucester, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Cape Gloucester, Papua New GuineaCGDCN Changde, ChinaFlughäfen in Changde, China
CGFUS Cleveland, OH, United StatesFlughäfen in Cleveland, OH, United StatesCGHBR Sao Paulo, BrazilFlughäfen in Sao Paulo, Brazil
CGIUSCape Girardeau, MO, United StatesFlughäfen in Cape Girardeau, MO, United StatesCGKID Jakarta, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Jakarta, Indonesia
CGMPH Camiguin, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Camiguin, PhilippinesCGNDE Cologne, GermanyFlughäfen in Cologne, Germany
CGOCN Zhengzhou, ChinaFlughäfen in Zhengzhou, ChinaCGPBD Chittagong, BangladeshFlughäfen in Chittagong, Bangladesh
CGQCN Changchun, ChinaFlughäfen in Changchun, ChinaCGRBR Campo Grande, BrazilFlughäfen in Campo Grande, Brazil
CGSUS College Park, MD, United StatesFlughäfen in College Park, MD, United StatesCGYPH Cagayan de Oro, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
CHAUSChattanooga, TN, United StatesFlughäfen in Chattanooga, TN, United StatesCHBPK Chilas, PakistanFlughäfen in Chilas, Pakistan
CHCNZ Christchurch, New ZealandFlughäfen in Christchurch, New ZealandCHFKR Jinhae, South KoreaFlughäfen in Jinhae, South Korea
CHGCN Chaoyang, ChinaFlughäfen in Chaoyang, ChinaCHLUS Challis, ID, United StatesFlughäfen in Challis, ID, United States
CHNKR Jeonju, South KoreaFlughäfen in Jeonju, South KoreaCHOUSCharlottesville, VA, United StatesFlughäfen in Charlottesville, VA, United States
CHPUS Circle Hot Springs, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Circle Hot Springs, AK, United StatesCHQGR Khania, GreeceFlughäfen in Khania, Greece
CHRFR Chateauroux, FranceFlughäfen in Chateauroux, FranceCHSUSCharleston, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Charleston, SC, United States
CHTNZ Waitangi, New ZealandFlughäfen in Waitangi, New ZealandCHUUS Chuathbaluk, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Chuathbaluk, AK, United States
CHVPT Chaves, PortugalFlughäfen in Chaves, PortugalCHYSB Choiseul Bay, Solomon IslandsFlughäfen in Choiseul Bay, Solomon Islands
CHZUSChiloquin, OR, United StatesFlughäfen in Chiloquin, OR, United StatesCIAIT Rome, ItalyFlughäfen in Rome, Italy
CIBUSAvalon, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Avalon, CA, United StatesCICUS Chico, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Chico, CA, United States
CIDUSCedar Rapids, IA, United StatesFlughäfen in Cedar Rapids, IA, United StatesCIFCN Chifeng, ChinaFlughäfen in Chifeng, China
CIGUSCraig, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Craig, CO, United StatesCIHCN Changzhi, ChinaFlughäfen in Changzhi, China
CIJBO Cobija, BoliviaFlughäfen in Cobija, BoliviaCIKUS Chalkyitsik, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Chalkyitsik, AK, United States
CILUS Council, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Council, AK, United StatesCIPZM Chipata, ZambiaFlughäfen in Chipata, Zambia
CITKZ Shymkent, KazakhstanFlughäfen in Shymkent, KazakhstanCIUUSSault Ste. Marie, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Sault Ste. Marie, MI, United States
CIWVC Canouan Island, St. Vincent and the GrenadinesFlughäfen in Canouan Island, St. Vincent and the GrenadinesCIXPE Chiclayo, PeruFlughäfen in Chiclayo, Peru
CJAPE Cajamarca, PeruFlughäfen in Cajamarca, PeruCJBINCoimbatore, IndiaFlughäfen in Coimbatore, India
CJCCL Calama, ChileFlughäfen in Calama, ChileCJHCA Chilko Lake, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Chilko Lake, BC, Canada
CJJKR Cheongju, South KoreaFlughäfen in Cheongju, South KoreaCJLPK Chitral, PakistanFlughäfen in Chitral, Pakistan
CJMTH Chumphon, ThailandFlughäfen in Chumphon, ThailandCJNUS El Cajon, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in El Cajon, CA, United States
CJSMXCiudad Juarez, Chihuahua, MexicoFlughäfen in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, MexicoCJUKR Jeju, South KoreaFlughäfen in Jeju, South Korea
CKBUSClarksburg, WV, United StatesFlughäfen in Clarksburg, WV, United StatesCKCUA Cherkassy, UkraineFlughäfen in Cherkassy, Ukraine
CKDUS Crooked Creek, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Crooked Creek, AK, United StatesCKGCN Chongqing, ChinaFlughäfen in Chongqing, China
CKSBR Carajas, BrazilFlughäfen in Carajas, BrazilCKVUS Clarksville, TN, United StatesFlughäfen in Clarksville, TN, United States
CKXUS Chicken, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Chicken, AK, United StatesCKYGN Conakry, GuineaFlughäfen in Conakry, Guinea
CKZTRCanakkale, TurkeyFlughäfen in Canakkale, TurkeyCLDUSCarlsbad, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Carlsbad, CA, United States
CLEUSCleveland, OH, United StatesFlughäfen in Cleveland, OH, United StatesCLJRO Cluj-Napoca, RomaniaFlughäfen in Cluj-Napoca, Romania
CLKUS Clinton, OK, United StatesFlughäfen in Clinton, OK, United StatesCLLUSCollege Station, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in College Station, TX, United States
CLMUSPort Angeles, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Port Angeles, WA, United StatesCLOCO Cali, ColombiaFlughäfen in Cali, Colombia
CLPUS Clarks Point, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Clarks Point, AK, United StatesCLQMXColima, Colima, MexicoFlughäfen in Colima, Colima, Mexico
CLTUSCharlotte, NC, United StatesFlughäfen in Charlotte, NC, United StatesCLUUS Columbus, IN, United StatesFlughäfen in Columbus, IN, United States
CLYFR Calvi, FranceFlughäfen in Calvi, FranceCMAAU Cunnamulla, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cunnamulla, QLD, Australia
CMBLK Colombo, Sri LankaFlughäfen in Colombo, Sri LankaCMDAU Cootamundra, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cootamundra, NSW, Australia
CMEMXCiudad Del Carmen, Campeche, MexicoFlughäfen in Ciudad Del Carmen, Campeche, MexicoCMFFR Chambery, FranceFlughäfen in Chambery, France
CMGBR Corumba, BrazilFlughäfen in Corumba, BrazilCMHUSColumbus, OH, United StatesFlughäfen in Columbus, OH, United States
CMIUSChampaign, IL, United StatesFlughäfen in Champaign, IL, United StatesCMJTW Chi Mei, TaiwanFlughäfen in Chi Mei, Taiwan
CMNMA Casablanca, MoroccoFlughäfen in Casablanca, MoroccoCMQAU Clermont, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Clermont, QLD, Australia
CMRFR Colmar, FranceFlughäfen in Colmar, FranceCMUPG Kundiawa, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Kundiawa, Papua New Guinea
CMXUSHancock, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Hancock, MI, United StatesCNBAU Coonamble, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Coonamble, NSW, Australia
CNCAU Coconut Island, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Coconut Island, QLD, AustraliaCNDRO Constanta, RomaniaFlughäfen in Constanta, Romania
CNEUSCanon City, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Canon City, CO, United StatesCNFBR Belo Horizonte, BrazilFlughäfen in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
CNGFR Cognac, FranceFlughäfen in Cognac, FranceCNJAU Cloncurry, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cloncurry, QLD, Australia
CNLDK Sindal, DenmarkFlughäfen in Sindal, DenmarkCNMUSCarlsbad, NM, United StatesFlughäfen in Carlsbad, NM, United States
CNOUSChino, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Chino, CA, United StatesCNPGL Jameson Land, GreenlandFlughäfen in Jameson Land, Greenland
CNQAR Corrientes, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Corrientes, ArgentinaCNSAUCairns, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cairns, QLD, Australia
CNXTH Chiang Mai, ThailandFlughäfen in Chiang Mai, ThailandCNYUSMoab, UT, United StatesFlughäfen in Moab, UT, United States
COCAR Concordia, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Concordia, ArgentinaCODUSCody, WY, United StatesFlughäfen in Cody, WY, United States
COEUSCoeur d'Alene, ID, United States of AmericaFlughäfen in Coeur dCOIUSMerritt Island, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Merritt Island, FL, United States
COJAU Coonabarabran, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Coonabarabran, NSW, AustraliaCOKINCochin, IndiaFlughäfen in Cochin, India
CONUS Concord, NH, United StatesFlughäfen in Concord, NH, United StatesCOOBJ Cotonou, BeninFlughäfen in Cotonou, Benin
CORAR Cordoba, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Cordoba, ArgentinaCOSUSColorado Springs, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Colorado Springs, CO, United States
COUUSColumbia, MO, United StatesFlughäfen in Columbia, MO, United StatesCOVPT Covilha, PortugalFlughäfen in Covilha, Portugal
CPCAR San Martin de los Andes, ArgentinaFlughäfen in San Martin de los Andes, ArgentinaCPDAU Coober Pedy, SA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Coober Pedy, SA, Australia
CPEMXCampeche, Campeche, MexicoFlughäfen in Campeche, Campeche, MexicoCPHDK Copenhagen, DenmarkFlughäfen in Copenhagen, Denmark
CPMUS Compton, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Compton, CA, United StatesCPNPG Cape Rodney, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Cape Rodney, Papua New Guinea
CPOCL Copiapo, ChileFlughäfen in Copiapo, ChileCPQBR Campinas, BrazilFlughäfen in Campinas, Brazil
CPRUSCasper, WY, United StatesFlughäfen in Casper, WY, United StatesCPSUS St. Louis, MO, United StatesFlughäfen in St. Louis, MO, United States
CPTZA Cape Town, South AfricaFlughäfen in Cape Town, South AfricaCPVBR Campina Grande, BrazilFlughäfen in Campina Grande, Brazil
CPXPR Culebra, Puerto RicoFlughäfen in Culebra, Puerto RicoCQFFR Calais, FranceFlughäfen in Calais, France
CQMES Ciudad Real, SpainFlughäfen in Ciudad Real, SpainCRARO Craiova, RomaniaFlughäfen in Craiova, Romania
CRDAR Comodoro Rivadavia, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Comodoro Rivadavia, ArgentinaCRGUS Jacksonville, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Jacksonville, FL, United States
CRIBS Colonel Hill, BahamasFlughäfen in Colonel Hill, BahamasCRKPH Angeles City, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Angeles City, Philippines
CRLBE Brussels, BelgiumFlughäfen in Brussels, BelgiumCRMPH Catarman, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Catarman, Philippines
CRPUSCorpus Christi, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Corpus Christi, TX, United StatesCRUGD Hillsborough, GrenadaFlughäfen in Hillsborough, Grenada
CRVIT Crotone, ItalyFlughäfen in Crotone, ItalyCRWUSCharleston, WV, United StatesFlughäfen in Charleston, WV, United States
CRXUS Corinth, MS, United StatesFlughäfen in Corinth, MS, United StatesCRZTM Turkmenabat, TurkmenistanFlughäfen in Turkmenabat, Turkmenistan
CSBRO Caransebes, RomaniaFlughäfen in Caransebes, RomaniaCSIAU Casino, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Casino, NSW, Australia
CSKSN Cap Skirring, SenegalFlughäfen in Cap Skirring, SenegalCSMUS Clinton, OK, United StatesFlughäfen in Clinton, OK, United States
CSNUSCarson City, NV, United StatesFlughäfen in Carson City, NV, United StatesCSODE Magdeburg, GermanyFlughäfen in Magdeburg, Germany
CSTFJ Castaway Island, FijiFlughäfen in Castaway Island, FijiCSVUSCrossville, TN, United StatesFlughäfen in Crossville, TN, United States
CSXCN Changsha, ChinaFlughäfen in Changsha, ChinaCSYRU Cheboksary, RussiaFlughäfen in Cheboksary, Russia
CTAIT Catania, ItalyFlughäfen in Catania, ItalyCTCAR Catamarca, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Catamarca, Argentina
CTGCO Cartagena, ColombiaFlughäfen in Cartagena, ColombiaCTHUS Coatesville, PA, United StatesFlughäfen in Coatesville, PA, United States
CTLAU Charleville, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Charleville, QLD, AustraliaCTMMXChetumal, Quintana Roo, MexicoFlughäfen in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico
CTNAU Cooktown, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cooktown, QLD, AustraliaCTSJP Sapporo, JapanFlughäfen in Sapporo, Japan
CTUCN Chengdu, ChinaFlughäfen in Chengdu, ChinaCTWUSCottonwood, AZ, United StatesFlughäfen in Cottonwood, AZ, United States
CUCCO Cucuta, ColombiaFlughäfen in Cucuta, ColombiaCUDAUCaloundra, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Caloundra, QLD, Australia
CUEEC Cuenca, EcuadorFlughäfen in Cuenca, EcuadorCUFIT Cuneo, ItalyFlughäfen in Cuneo, Italy
CUGAU Cudal, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cudal, NSW, AustraliaCULMXCuliacan, Sinaloa, MexicoFlughäfen in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico
CUMVE Cumana, VenezuelaFlughäfen in Cumana, VenezuelaCUNMXCancun, Quintana Roo, MexicoFlughäfen in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico
CUPVE Carupano, VenezuelaFlughäfen in Carupano, VenezuelaCUQAU Coen, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Coen, QLD, Australia
CURAN Willemstad, Netherlands AntillesFlughäfen in Willemstad, Netherlands AntillesCUTAR Cutral, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Cutral, Argentina
CUUMXChihuahua, Chihuahua, MexicoFlughäfen in Chihuahua, Chihuahua, MexicoCUYAU Cue, WA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cue, WA, Australia
CUZPE Cusco, PeruFlughäfen in Cusco, PeruCVCAU Cleve, SA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cleve, SA, Australia
CVFFR Courchevel, FranceFlughäfen in Courchevel, FranceCVGUSCincinnati, OH, United StatesFlughäfen in Cincinnati, OH, United States
CVJMXCuernavaca, Morelos, MexicoFlughäfen in Cuernavaca, Morelos, MexicoCVLPG Cape Vogel, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Cape Vogel, Papua New Guinea
CVMMXCiudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, MexicoFlughäfen in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, MexicoCVNUSClovis, NM, United StatesFlughäfen in Clovis, NM, United States
CVOUSCorvallis, OR, United StatesFlughäfen in Corvallis, OR, United StatesCVQAU Carnarvon, WA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Carnarvon, WA, Australia
CVTGB Coventry, England, UKFlughäfen in Coventry, England, UKCVUPT Corvo Island, PortugalFlughäfen in Corvo Island, Portugal
CWAUSWausau, WI, United StatesFlughäfen in Wausau, WI, United StatesCWBBR Curitiba, BrazilFlughäfen in Curitiba, Brazil
CWCUA Chernovtsy, UkraineFlughäfen in Chernovtsy, UkraineCWIUS Clinton, IA, United StatesFlughäfen in Clinton, IA, United States
CWLGBCardiff, Wales, UKFlughäfen in Cardiff, Wales, UKCWRAU Cowarie, SA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cowarie, SA, Australia
CWSUS Center Island, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Center Island, WA, United StatesCWTAUCowra, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cowra, NSW, Australia
CWWAU Corowa, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Corowa, NSW, AustraliaCXBBD Cox's Bazar, BangladeshFlughäfen in Cox
CXHCA Vancouver, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Vancouver, BC, CanadaCXIKI Kiritimati, KiribatiFlughäfen in Kiritimati, Kiribati
CXJBR Caxias do Sul, BrazilFlughäfen in Caxias do Sul, BrazilCXLUSCalexico, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Calexico, CA, United States
CXPID Cilacap, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Cilacap, IndonesiaCXRVN Nha Trang, VietnamFlughäfen in Nha Trang, Vietnam
CXTAU Charters Towers, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Charters Towers, QLD, AustraliaCXYBS Cat Cay, BahamasFlughäfen in Cat Cay, Bahamas
CYBKY West End, Cayman IslandsFlughäfen in West End, Cayman IslandsCYCBZ Caye Chapel, BelizeFlughäfen in Caye Chapel, Belize
CYFUS Chefornak, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Chefornak, AK, United StatesCYGAU Corryong, VIC, AustraliaFlughäfen in Corryong, VIC, Australia
CYITW Chiayi, TaiwanFlughäfen in Chiayi, TaiwanCYPPH Calbayog, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Calbayog, Philippines
CYSUSCheyenne, WY, United StatesFlughäfen in Cheyenne, WY, United StatesCYZPH Cauayan, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Cauayan, Philippines
CZAMXChichen Itza, Yucatan, MexicoFlughäfen in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, MexicoCZEVE Coro, VenezuelaFlughäfen in Coro, Venezuela
CZHBZ Corozal, BelizeFlughäfen in Corozal, BelizeCZLDZ Constantine, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Constantine, Algeria
CZMMXCozumel, Quintana Roo, MexicoFlughäfen in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, MexicoCZNUS Chisana, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Chisana, AK, United States
CZSBR Cruzeiro do Sul, BrazilFlughäfen in Cruzeiro do Sul, BrazilCZWPL Czestochowa, PolandFlughäfen in Czestochowa, Poland
CZXCN Changzhou, ChinaFlughäfen in Changzhou, ChinaDABUSDaytona Beach, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Daytona Beach, FL, United States
DACBD Dhaka, BangladeshFlughäfen in Dhaka, BangladeshDADVN Da Nang, VietnamFlughäfen in Da Nang, Vietnam
DAGUSBarstow, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Barstow, CA, United StatesDAJAU Dauan Island, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Dauan Island, QLD, Australia
DALUSDallas, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Dallas, TX, United StatesDAMSY Damascus, SyriaFlughäfen in Damascus, Syria
DANUS Danville, VA, United StatesFlughäfen in Danville, VA, United StatesDARTZ Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaFlughäfen in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
DATCN Datong, ChinaFlughäfen in Datong, ChinaDAUPG Daru, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Daru, Papua New Guinea
DAVPA David, PanamaFlughäfen in David, PanamaDAXCN Dazhou, ChinaFlughäfen in Dazhou, China
DAYUSDayton, OH, United StatesFlughäfen in Dayton, OH, United StatesDBAPK Dalbandin, PakistanFlughäfen in Dalbandin, Pakistan
DBDIN Dhanbad, IndiaFlughäfen in Dhanbad, IndiaDBMET Debra Marcos, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Debra Marcos, Ethiopia
DBOAU Dubbo, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Dubbo, NSW, AustraliaDBQUSDubuque, IA, United StatesFlughäfen in Dubuque, IA, United States
DBVHR Dubrovnik, CroatiaFlughäfen in Dubrovnik, CroatiaDBYAUDalby, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Dalby, QLD, Australia
DCAUSWashington, DC, United StatesFlughäfen in Washington, DC, United StatesDCFDM Roseau, DominicaFlughäfen in Roseau, Dominica
DCMFR Castres, FranceFlughäfen in Castres, FranceDDCUSDodge City, KS, United StatesFlughäfen in Dodge City, KS, United States
DDGCN Dandong, ChinaFlughäfen in Dandong, ChinaDDIAUDaydream Island, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Daydream Island, QLD, Australia
DDNAU Delta Downs, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Delta Downs, QLD, AustraliaDEBHU Debrecen, HungaryFlughäfen in Debrecen, Hungary
DECUSDecatur, IL, United StatesFlughäfen in Decatur, IL, United StatesDEDINDehradun, IndiaFlughäfen in Dehradun, India
DEISC Denis Island, SeychellesFlughäfen in Denis Island, SeychellesDELINDelhi, IndiaFlughäfen in Delhi, India
DENUSDenver, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Denver, CO, United StatesDERPG Derim, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Derim, Papua New Guinea
DESSC Desroches Island, SeychellesFlughäfen in Desroches Island, SeychellesDETUS Detroit, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Detroit, MI, United States
DEZSY Deirezzor, SyriaFlughäfen in Deirezzor, SyriaDFWUSDallas, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Dallas, TX, United States
DGABZ Dangriga, BelizeFlughäfen in Dangriga, BelizeDGEAU Mudgee, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Mudgee, NSW, Australia
DGOMXDurango, Durango, MexicoFlughäfen in Durango, Durango, MexicoDGTPH Dumaguete, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Dumaguete, Philippines
DHASA Dhahran, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Dhahran, Saudi ArabiaDHBUSDeer Harbor, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Deer Harbor, WA, United States
DHDAU Durham Downs, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Durham Downs, QLD, AustraliaDHNUSDothan, AL, United StatesFlughäfen in Dothan, AL, United States
DIBIN Dibrugarh, IndiaFlughäfen in Dibrugarh, IndiaDIEMG Antsiranana, MadagascarFlughäfen in Antsiranana, Madagascar
DIGCN Gyalthang, ChinaFlughäfen in Gyalthang, ChinaDIJFR Dijon, FranceFlughäfen in Dijon, France
DIKUSDickinson, ND, United StatesFlughäfen in Dickinson, ND, United StatesDILTL Dili, Timor LesteFlughäfen in Dili, Timor Leste
DINVN Dien Bien Phu, VietnamFlughäfen in Dien Bien Phu, VietnamDIRET Dire Dawa, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia
DISCG Loubomo, Republic of the CongoFlughäfen in Loubomo, Republic of the CongoDIUINDiu, IndiaFlughäfen in Diu, India
DIYTRDiyarbakir, TurkeyFlughäfen in Diyarbakir, TurkeyDJBID Jambi, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Jambi, Indonesia
DJETN Houmt Souk, TunisiaFlughäfen in Houmt Souk, TunisiaDJGDZ Djanet, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Djanet, Algeria
DJJID Jayapura, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Jayapura, IndonesiaDJNUS Delta Junction, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Delta Junction, AK, United States
DJUIS Djupivogur, IcelandFlughäfen in Djupivogur, IcelandDKIAU Dunk Island, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Dunk Island, QLD, Australia
DKRSN Dakar, SenegalFlughäfen in Dakar, SenegalDLACM Douala, CameroonFlughäfen in Douala, Cameroon
DLCCN Dalian, ChinaFlughäfen in Dalian, ChinaDLDNO Geilo, NorwayFlughäfen in Geilo, Norway
DLEFR Dole, FranceFlughäfen in Dole, FranceDLGUS Dillingham, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Dillingham, AK, United States
DLHUSDuluth, MN, United StatesFlughäfen in Duluth, MN, United StatesDLIVN Da Lat, VietnamFlughäfen in Da Lat, Vietnam
DLLUS Dillon, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Dillon, SC, United StatesDLMTRDalaman, TurkeyFlughäfen in Dalaman, Turkey
DLSUSThe Dalles, OR, United StatesFlughäfen in The Dalles, OR, United StatesDLUCN Dali, ChinaFlughäfen in Dali, China
DLYVU Dillon's Bay, VanuatuFlughäfen in DillonDMBKZ Taraz, KazakhstanFlughäfen in Taraz, Kazakhstan
DMDAU Doomadgee, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Doomadgee, QLD, AustraliaDMERU Moscow, RussiaFlughäfen in Moscow, Russia
DMKTH Bangkok, ThailandFlughäfen in Bangkok, ThailandDMMSA Dammam, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Dammam, Saudi Arabia
DMOUS Sedalia, MO, United StatesFlughäfen in Sedalia, MO, United StatesDMSSA Dammam, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Dammam, Saudi Arabia
DMUIN Dimapur, IndiaFlughäfen in Dimapur, IndiaDNBAU Dunbar, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Dunbar, QLD, Australia
DNDGBDundee, Scotland, UKFlughäfen in Dundee, Scotland, UKDNFLY Derna, LibyaFlughäfen in Derna, Libya
DNHCN Dunhuang, ChinaFlughäfen in Dunhuang, ChinaDNKUA Dnepropetrovsk, UkraineFlughäfen in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
DNQAU Deniliquin, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Deniliquin, NSW, AustraliaDNRFR Dinard, FranceFlughäfen in Dinard, France
DNVUS Danville, IL, United StatesFlughäfen in Danville, IL, United StatesDNZTRDenizli, TurkeyFlughäfen in Denizli, Turkey
DOAMG Doany, MadagascarFlughäfen in Doany, MadagascarDODTZ Dodoma, TanzaniaFlughäfen in Dodoma, Tanzania
DOHQA Doha, QatarFlughäfen in Doha, QatarDOKUA Donetsk, UkraineFlughäfen in Donetsk, Ukraine
DOLFR Deauville, FranceFlughäfen in Deauville, FranceDOMDM Roseau, DominicaFlughäfen in Roseau, Dominica
DOPNP Dolpa, NepalFlughäfen in Dolpa, NepalDOVUSDover, DE, United StatesFlughäfen in Dover, DE, United States
DOYCN Dongying, ChinaFlughäfen in Dongying, ChinaDPAUS Chicago, IL, United StatesFlughäfen in Chicago, IL, United States
DPEFR Dieppe, FranceFlughäfen in Dieppe, FranceDPLPH Dipolog, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Dipolog, Philippines
DPOAUDevonport, TAS, AustraliaFlughäfen in Devonport, TAS, AustraliaDPSID Denpasar, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Denpasar, Indonesia
DQACN Daqing, ChinaFlughäfen in Daqing, ChinaDRBAUDerby, WA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Derby, WA, Australia
DRDAU Dorunda Station, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Dorunda Station, QLD, AustraliaDREUS Drummond Island, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Drummond Island, MI, United States
DRGUS Deering, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Deering, AK, United StatesDRKCR Drake Bay, Costa RicaFlughäfen in Drake Bay, Costa Rica
DROUSDurango, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Durango, CO, United StatesDRRAU Durrie, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Durrie, QLD, Australia
DRSDE Dresden, GermanyFlughäfen in Dresden, GermanyDRTUSDel Rio, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Del Rio, TX, United States
DRWAUDarwin, NT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Darwin, NT, AustraliaDSAGBDoncaster, England, United KingdomFlughäfen in Doncaster, England, United Kingdom
DSCCM Dschang, CameroonFlughäfen in Dschang, CameroonDSDGP Grande Anse, GuadeloupeFlughäfen in Grande Anse, Guadeloupe
DSEET Dessie, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Dessie, EthiopiaDSIUSDestin, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Destin, FL, United States
DSKPK Dera Ismail Khan, PakistanFlughäfen in Dera Ismail Khan, PakistanDSMUSDes Moines, IA, United StatesFlughäfen in Des Moines, IA, United States
DSNCN Ordos, ChinaFlughäfen in Ordos, ChinaDTAUS Delta, UT, United StatesFlughäfen in Delta, UT, United States
DTEPH Daet, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Daet, PhilippinesDTLUSDetroit Lakes, MN, United StatesFlughäfen in Detroit Lakes, MN, United States
DTMDE Dortmund, GermanyFlughäfen in Dortmund, GermanyDTRUS Decatur Island, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Decatur Island, WA, United States
DTWUSDetroit, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Detroit, MI, United StatesDUBIE Dublin, IrelandFlughäfen in Dublin, Ireland
DUDNZ Dunedin, New ZealandFlughäfen in Dunedin, New ZealandDUEAO Dundo, AngolaFlughäfen in Dundo, Angola
DUGUSDouglas, AZ, United StatesFlughäfen in Douglas, AZ, United StatesDUJUSDuBois, PA, United StatesFlughäfen in DuBois, PA, United States
DUMID Dumai, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Dumai, IndonesiaDUQCA Duncan, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Duncan, BC, Canada
DURZA Durban, South AfricaFlughäfen in Durban, South AfricaDUSDE Dusseldorf, GermanyFlughäfen in Dusseldorf, Germany
DUTUS Unalaska, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Unalaska, AK, United StatesDVLUSDevils Lake, ND, United StatesFlughäfen in Devils Lake, ND, United States
DVNUSDavenport, IA, United StatesFlughäfen in Davenport, IA, United StatesDVOPH Davao, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Davao, Philippines
DVTUS Phoenix, AZ, United StatesFlughäfen in Phoenix, AZ, United StatesDWBMG Soalala, MadagascarFlughäfen in Soalala, Madagascar
DWDSA Dawadmi, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Dawadmi, Saudi ArabiaDXBAE Dubai, United Arab EmiratesFlughäfen in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
DXRUS Danbury, CT, United StatesFlughäfen in Danbury, CT, United StatesDYAAU Dysart, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Dysart, QLD, Australia
DYGCN Zhangjiajie, ChinaFlughäfen in Zhangjiajie, ChinaDYRRU Anadyr, RussiaFlughäfen in Anadyr, Russia
DYUTJ Dushanbe, TajikistanFlughäfen in Dushanbe, TajikistanDZAYT Dzaoudzi, MayotteFlughäfen in Dzaoudzi, Mayotte
EAAUSEagle, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Eagle, AK, United StatesEAEVU Sulua, VanuatuFlughäfen in Sulua, Vanuatu
EAMSA Nejran, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Nejran, Saudi ArabiaEARUSKearney, NE, United StatesFlughäfen in Kearney, NE, United States
EASES San Sebastian, SpainFlughäfen in San Sebastian, SpainEATUSWenatchee, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Wenatchee, WA, United States
EAUUSEau Claire, WI, United StatesFlughäfen in Eau Claire, WI, United StatesEBAIT Portoferraio, ItalyFlughäfen in Portoferraio, Italy
EBBUG Entebbe, UgandaFlughäfen in Entebbe, UgandaEBJDK Esbjerg, DenmarkFlughäfen in Esbjerg, Denmark
EBOMH Ebon, Marshall IslandsFlughäfen in Ebon, Marshall IslandsEBUFR Saint-Etienne, FranceFlughäfen in Saint-Etienne, France
ECAUS East Tawas, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in East Tawas, MI, United StatesECGUSElizabeth City, NC, United StatesFlughäfen in Elizabeth City, NC, United States
ECHAUEchuca, VIC, AustraliaFlughäfen in Echuca, VIC, AustraliaECPUSPanama City, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Panama City, FL, United States
EDAUS Edna Bay, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Edna Bay, AK, United StatesEDFUS Anchorage, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Anchorage, AK, United States
EDIGBEdinburgh, Scotland, UKFlughäfen in Edinburgh, Scotland, UKEDLKE Eldoret, KenyaFlughäfen in Eldoret, Kenya
EDMFR La Roche-sur-Yon, FranceFlughäfen in La Roche-sur-Yon, FranceEDOTR Edremit, TurkeyFlughäfen in Edremit, Turkey
EDRAU Pormpuraaw, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Pormpuraaw, QLD, AustraliaEDWUSEdwards, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Edwards, CA, United States
EEKUS Eek, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Eek, AK, United StatesEEMES Albacete, SpainFlughäfen in Albacete, Spain
EENUSKeene, NH, United StatesFlughäfen in Keene, NH, United StatesEEPES Pamplona, SpainFlughäfen in Pamplona, Spain
EERES Reus, SpainFlughäfen in Reus, SpainEFDUS Houston, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Houston, TX, United States
EFGPG Efogi, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Efogi, Papua New GuineaEFKUS Newport, VT, United StatesFlughäfen in Newport, VT, United States
EFLGR Argostolion, GreeceFlughäfen in Argostolion, GreeceEGCFR Bergerac, FranceFlughäfen in Bergerac, France
EGEUSVail, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Vail, CO, United StatesEGMSB Sege, Solomon IslandsFlughäfen in Sege, Solomon Islands
EGORU Belgorod, RussiaFlughäfen in Belgorod, RussiaEGPUS Eagle Pass, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Eagle Pass, TX, United States
EGSIS Egilsstadir, IcelandFlughäfen in Egilsstadir, IcelandEGVUS Eagle River, WI, United StatesFlughäfen in Eagle River, WI, United States
EGXUS Egegik, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Egegik, AK, United StatesEHMUS Cape Newenham, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Cape Newenham, AK, United States
EIERU Yeniseysk, RussiaFlughäfen in Yeniseysk, RussiaEINNL Eindhoven, NetherlandsFlughäfen in Eindhoven, Netherlands
EISVG Tortola, British Virgin IslandsFlughäfen in Tortola, British Virgin IslandsEIYIL Ein Yahav, IsraelFlughäfen in Ein Yahav, Israel
EJACO Barrancabermeja, ColombiaFlughäfen in Barrancabermeja, ColombiaEJHSA Wedjh, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Wedjh, Saudi Arabia
EKAUS Eureka, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Eureka, CA, United StatesEKIUSElkhart, IN, United StatesFlughäfen in Elkhart, IN, United States
EKNUS Elkins, WV, United StatesFlughäfen in Elkins, WV, United StatesEKOUSElko, NV, United StatesFlughäfen in Elko, NV, United States
EKTSE Eskilstuna, SwedenFlughäfen in Eskilstuna, SwedenEKXUSElizabethtown, KY, United StatesFlughäfen in Elizabethtown, KY, United States
ELCAU Elcho Island, NT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Elcho Island, NT, AustraliaELDUSEl Dorado, AR, United StatesFlughäfen in El Dorado, AR, United States
ELGDZ El Golea, AlgeriaFlughäfen in El Golea, AlgeriaELHBS Spanish Wells, BahamasFlughäfen in Spanish Wells, Bahamas
ELIUS Elim, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Elim, AK, United StatesELLZA Ellisras, South AfricaFlughäfen in Ellisras, South Africa
ELMUSElmira, NY, United StatesFlughäfen in Elmira, NY, United StatesELPUSEl Paso, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in El Paso, TX, United States
ELQSA Gassim, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Gassim, Saudi ArabiaELSZA East London, South AfricaFlughäfen in East London, South Africa
ELTEG El-Tur, EgyptFlughäfen in El-Tur, EgyptELUDZ El Oued, AlgeriaFlughäfen in El Oued, Algeria
ELYUS Ely, NV, United StatesFlughäfen in Ely, NV, United StatesEMAGBEast Midlands, England, UKFlughäfen in East Midlands, England, UK
EMDAUEmerald, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Emerald, QLD, AustraliaEMEDE Emden, GermanyFlughäfen in Emden, Germany
EMIPG Emirau, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Emirau, Papua New GuineaEMKUS Emmonak, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Emmonak, AK, United States
EMMUS Kemmerer, WY, United StatesFlughäfen in Kemmerer, WY, United StatesEMNMR Nema, MauritaniaFlughäfen in Nema, Mauritania
EMPUSEmporia, KS, United StatesFlughäfen in Emporia, KS, United StatesEMSPG Embessa, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Embessa, Papua New Guinea
EMTUS El Monte, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in El Monte, CA, United StatesEMYEG El Minya, EgyptFlughäfen in El Minya, Egypt
ENAUSKenai, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Kenai, AK, United StatesENCFR Nancy, FranceFlughäfen in Nancy, France
ENEID Ende, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Ende, IndonesiaENFFI Enontekio, FinlandFlughäfen in Enontekio, Finland
ENHCN Enshi, ChinaFlughäfen in Enshi, ChinaENIPH El Nido, PhilippinesFlughäfen in El Nido, Philippines
ENKGBEnniskillen, Northern Ireland, UKFlughäfen in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, UKENNUS Nenana, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Nenana, AK, United States
ENSNL Enschede, NetherlandsFlughäfen in Enschede, NetherlandsENTMH Eniwetok, Marshall IslandsFlughäfen in Eniwetok, Marshall Islands
ENUNG Enugu, NigeriaFlughäfen in Enugu, NigeriaENVUS Wendover, UT, United StatesFlughäfen in Wendover, UT, United States
ENWUS Kenosha, WI, United StatesFlughäfen in Kenosha, WI, United StatesENYCN Yan'an, ChinaFlughäfen in Yan
EOHCO Medellin, ColombiaFlughäfen in Medellin, ColombiaEOIGB Eday, Scotland, UKFlughäfen in Eday, Scotland, UK
EOKUSKeokuk, IA, United StatesFlughäfen in Keokuk, IA, United StatesEPLFR Epinal, FranceFlughäfen in Epinal, France
EPRAU Esperance, WA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Esperance, WA, AustraliaEQSAR Esquel, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Esquel, Argentina
ERASO Erigavo, SomaliaFlughäfen in Erigavo, SomaliaERCTRErzincan, TurkeyFlughäfen in Erzincan, Turkey
EREPG Erave, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Erave, Papua New GuineaERFDE Erfurt, GermanyFlughäfen in Erfurt, Germany
ERHMA Errachidia, MoroccoFlughäfen in Errachidia, MoroccoERIUSErie, PA, United StatesFlughäfen in Erie, PA, United States
ERSNA Windhoek, NamibiaFlughäfen in Windhoek, NamibiaERZTRErzurum, TurkeyFlughäfen in Erzurum, Turkey
ESAPG Esa'Ala, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in EsaESBTRAnkara, TurkeyFlughäfen in Ankara, Turkey
ESCUSEscanaba, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Escanaba, MI, United StatesESDUS Eastsound, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Eastsound, WA, United States
ESEMXEnsenada, Baja California Norte, MexicoFlughäfen in Ensenada, Baja California Norte, MexicoESFUS Alexandria, LA, United StatesFlughäfen in Alexandria, LA, United States
ESHGB Shoreham-By-Sea, England, UKFlughäfen in Shoreham-By-Sea, England, UKESLRU Elista, RussiaFlughäfen in Elista, Russia
ESMEC Esmeraldas, EcuadorFlughäfen in Esmeraldas, EcuadorESNUSEaston, MD, United StatesFlughäfen in Easton, MD, United States
ESRCL El Salvador, ChileFlughäfen in El Salvador, ChileESSDE Essen, GermanyFlughäfen in Essen, Germany
ESUMA Essaouira, MoroccoFlughäfen in Essaouira, MoroccoETHIL Eilat, IsraelFlughäfen in Eilat, Israel
ETNUSEastland, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Eastland, TX, United StatesETSUSEnterprise, AL, United StatesFlughäfen in Enterprise, AL, United States
ETZFR Metz, FranceFlughäfen in Metz, FranceEUATO Eua, TongaFlughäfen in Eua, Tonga
EUEUS Eureka, NV, United StatesFlughäfen in Eureka, NV, United StatesEUGUSEugene, OR, United StatesFlughäfen in Eugene, OR, United States
EUNMA El Aaiun, Western Sahara, MoroccoFlughäfen in El Aaiun, Western Sahara, MoroccoEUXAN Oranjestad, Netherlands AntillesFlughäfen in Oranjestad, Netherlands Antilles
EVENO Evenes, NorwayFlughäfen in Evenes, NorwayEVGSE Sveg, SwedenFlughäfen in Sveg, Sweden
EVMUS Eveleth, MN, United StatesFlughäfen in Eveleth, MN, United StatesEVNAM Yerevan, ArmeniaFlughäfen in Yerevan, Armenia
EVVUSEvansville, IN, United StatesFlughäfen in Evansville, IN, United StatesEVWUS Evanston, WY, United StatesFlughäfen in Evanston, WY, United States
EVXFR Evreux, FranceFlughäfen in Evreux, FranceEWBUSNew Bedford, MA, United StatesFlughäfen in New Bedford, MA, United States
EWIID Enarotali, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Enarotali, IndonesiaEWNUSNew Bern, NC, United StatesFlughäfen in New Bern, NC, United States
EWOCG Ewo, Republic of the CongoFlughäfen in Ewo, Republic of the CongoEWRUSNewark, NJ, United StatesFlughäfen in Newark, NJ, United States
EXIUS Excursion Inlet, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Excursion Inlet, AK, United StatesEXTGBExeter, England, UKFlughäfen in Exeter, England, UK
EYLML Yelimane, MaliFlughäfen in Yelimane, MaliEYRUS Yerington, NV, United StatesFlughäfen in Yerington, NV, United States
EYWUSKey West, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Key West, FL, United StatesEZEAR Buenos Aires, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Buenos Aires, Argentina
EZSTRElazig, TurkeyFlughäfen in Elazig, TurkeyFABGBFarnborough, England, UKFlughäfen in Farnborough, England, UK
FAEFO Sorvagur, DenmarkFlughäfen in Sorvagur, DenmarkFAGIS Fagurholsmyri, IcelandFlughäfen in Fagurholsmyri, Iceland
FAIUSFairbanks, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Fairbanks, AK, United StatesFAJPR Fajardo, Puerto RicoFlughäfen in Fajardo, Puerto Rico
FANNO Farsund, NorwayFlughäfen in Farsund, NorwayFAOPT Faro, PortugalFlughäfen in Faro, Portugal
FARUSFargo, ND, United StatesFlughäfen in Fargo, ND, United StatesFASIS Faskrudsfjordur, IcelandFlughäfen in Faskrudsfjordur, Iceland
FATUSFresno, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Fresno, CA, United StatesFAVPF Fakarava, French PolynesiaFlughäfen in Fakarava, French Polynesia
FAYUSFayetteville, NC, United StatesFlughäfen in Fayetteville, NC, United StatesFBSUSFriday Harbor, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Friday Harbor, WA, United States
FCAUSKalispell, MT, United StatesFlughäfen in Kalispell, MT, United StatesFCOIT Rome, ItalyFlughäfen in Rome, Italy
FDENO Forde, NorwayFlughäfen in Forde, NorwayFDFMQ Fort-de-France, MartiniqueFlughäfen in Fort-de-France, Martinique
FDHDE Friedrichshafen, GermanyFlughäfen in Friedrichshafen, GermanyFDKUSFrederick, MD, United StatesFlughäfen in Frederick, MD, United States
FEAGB Fetlar, Scotland, UKFlughäfen in Fetlar, Scotland, UKFEGUZ Fergana, UzbekistanFlughäfen in Fergana, Uzbekistan
FENBR Fernando de Noronha, BrazilFlughäfen in Fernando de Noronha, BrazilFEZMA Fes, MoroccoFlughäfen in Fes, Morocco
FFMUSFergus Falls, MN, United StatesFlughäfen in Fergus Falls, MN, United StatesFFTUSFrankfort, KY, United StatesFlughäfen in Frankfort, KY, United States
FGIWS Apia, SamoaFlughäfen in Apia, SamoaFGUPF Fangatau, French PolynesiaFlughäfen in Fangatau, French Polynesia
FHUUSSierra Vista, AZ, United StatesFlughäfen in Sierra Vista, AZ, United StatesFHZPF Fakahina, French PolynesiaFlughäfen in Fakahina, French Polynesia
FIDUS Fishers Island, NY, United StatesFlughäfen in Fishers Island, NY, United StatesFIEGB Fair Isle, Scotland, UKFlughäfen in Fair Isle, Scotland, UK
FINPG Finschhafen, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Finschhafen, Papua New GuineaFJRAE Al-Fujairah, United Arab EmiratesFlughäfen in Al-Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
FKBDE Karlsruhe, GermanyFlughäfen in Karlsruhe, GermanyFKLUS Franklin, PA, United StatesFlughäfen in Franklin, PA, United States
FKQID Fak-Fak, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Fak-Fak, IndonesiaFKSJP Fukushima, JapanFlughäfen in Fukushima, Japan
FLCAU Falls Creek, VIC, AustraliaFlughäfen in Falls Creek, VIC, AustraliaFLGUSFlagstaff, AZ, United StatesFlughäfen in Flagstaff, AZ, United States
FLHGB Flotta Isle, Scotland, UKFlughäfen in Flotta Isle, Scotland, UKFLIIS Flateyri, IcelandFlughäfen in Flateyri, Iceland
FLLUSFort Lauderdale, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Lauderdale, FL, United StatesFLNBR Florianopolis, BrazilFlughäfen in Florianopolis, Brazil
FLOUSFlorence, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Florence, SC, United StatesFLRIT Florence, ItalyFlughäfen in Florence, Italy
FLSAUWhitemark, TAS, AustraliaFlughäfen in Whitemark, TAS, AustraliaFLTUS Flat, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Flat, AK, United States
FLWPT Flores Island, PortugalFlughäfen in Flores Island, PortugalFLXUSFallon, NV, United StatesFlughäfen in Fallon, NV, United States
FMAAR Formosa, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Formosa, ArgentinaFMHUS Falmouth, MA, United StatesFlughäfen in Falmouth, MA, United States
FMMDE Memmingen, GermanyFlughäfen in Memmingen, GermanyFMNUSFarmington, NM, United StatesFlughäfen in Farmington, NM, United States
FMODE Muenster, GermanyFlughäfen in Muenster, GermanyFMSUSFort Madison, IA, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Madison, IA, United States
FMYUSFort Myers, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Myers, FL, United StatesFNASL Freetown, Sierra LeoneFlughäfen in Freetown, Sierra Leone
FNCPT Funchal, PortugalFlughäfen in Funchal, PortugalFNHET Fincha, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Fincha, Ethiopia
FNIFR Nimes, FranceFlughäfen in Nimes, FranceFNLUSFort Collins, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Collins, CO, United States
FNTUSFlint, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Flint, MI, United StatesFOCCN Fuzhou, ChinaFlughäfen in Fuzhou, China
FODUSFort Dodge, IA, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Dodge, IA, United StatesFOEUSTopeka, KS, United StatesFlughäfen in Topeka, KS, United States
FOGIT Foggia, ItalyFlughäfen in Foggia, ItalyFOKUS Westhampton, NY, United StatesFlughäfen in Westhampton, NY, United States
FONCR La Fortuna, Costa RicaFlughäfen in La Fortuna, Costa RicaFORBR Fortaleza, BrazilFlughäfen in Fortaleza, Brazil
FOTAUForster, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Forster, NSW, AustraliaFOUGA Fougamou, GabonFlughäfen in Fougamou, Gabon
FPOBS Freeport, BahamasFlughäfen in Freeport, BahamasFPRUSFort Pierce, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Pierce, FL, United States
FRADE Frankfurt am Main, GermanyFlughäfen in Frankfurt am Main, GermanyFRBAU Forbes, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Forbes, NSW, Australia
FRCBR Franca, BrazilFlughäfen in Franca, BrazilFRDUS Friday Harbor, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Friday Harbor, WA, United States
FRGUS Farmingdale, NY, United StatesFlughäfen in Farmingdale, NY, United StatesFRHUSFrench Lick, IN, United StatesFlughäfen in French Lick, IN, United States
FRIUS Fort Riley, KS, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Riley, KS, United StatesFRKSC Fregate Island, SeychellesFlughäfen in Fregate Island, Seychelles
FRLIT Forli, ItalyFlughäfen in Forli, ItalyFRMUS Fairmont, MN, United StatesFlughäfen in Fairmont, MN, United States
FRONO Floro, NorwayFlughäfen in Floro, NorwayFRRUSFront Royal, VA, United StatesFlughäfen in Front Royal, VA, United States
FRSGT Flores, GuatemalaFlughäfen in Flores, GuatemalaFRUKG Bishkek, KyrgyzstanFlughäfen in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
FRWBW Francistown, BotswanaFlughäfen in Francistown, BotswanaFRYUS Fryeburg, ME, United StatesFlughäfen in Fryeburg, ME, United States
FSCFR Figari, FranceFlughäfen in Figari, FranceFSDUSSioux Falls, SD, United StatesFlughäfen in Sioux Falls, SD, United States
FSMUSFort Smith, AR, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Smith, AR, United StatesFSPPM St. Pierre, St. Pierre and Miquelon
FSZJP Shizuoka, JapanFlughäfen in Shizuoka, JapanFTAVU Futuna Island, VanuatuFlughäfen in Futuna Island, Vanuatu
FTEAR El Calafate, ArgentinaFlughäfen in El Calafate, ArgentinaFTUMG Fort Dauphin, MadagascarFlughäfen in Fort Dauphin, Madagascar
FTWUS Fort Worth, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Worth, TX, United StatesFTXCG Owando, Republic of the CongoFlughäfen in Owando, Republic of the Congo
FTYUS Atlanta, GA, United StatesFlughäfen in Atlanta, GA, United StatesFUBPG Fulleborn, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Fulleborn, Papua New Guinea
FUEES Puerto del Rosario, SpainFlughäfen in Puerto del Rosario, SpainFUGCN Fuyang, ChinaFlughäfen in Fuyang, China
FUJJP Fukue, JapanFlughäfen in Fukue, JapanFUKJP Fukuoka, JapanFlughäfen in Fukuoka, Japan
FULUS Fullerton, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Fullerton, CA, United StatesFUNTV Funafuti, TuvaluFlughäfen in Funafuti, Tuvalu
FWAUSFort Wayne, IN, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Wayne, IN, United StatesFXEUS Fort Lauderdale, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States
FYUUS Fort Yukon, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Yukon, AK, United StatesFYVUS Fayetteville, AR, United StatesFlughäfen in Fayetteville, AR, United States
GADUSGadsden, AL, United StatesFlughäfen in Gadsden, AL, United StatesGAETN Gabes, TunisiaFlughäfen in Gabes, Tunisia
GAHAU Gayndah, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Gayndah, QLD, AustraliaGAIUSGaithersburg, MD, United StatesFlughäfen in Gaithersburg, MD, United States
GAJJP Yamagata, JapanFlughäfen in Yamagata, JapanGALUSGalena, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Galena, AK, United States
GAMUS Gambell, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Gambell, AK, United StatesGAQML Gao, MaliFlughäfen in Gao, Mali
GARPG Garaina, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Garaina, Papua New GuineaGASKE Garissa, KenyaFlughäfen in Garissa, Kenya
GATFR Gap, FranceFlughäfen in Gap, FranceGAUINGuwahati, IndiaFlughäfen in Guwahati, India
GAXGA Gamba, GabonFlughäfen in Gamba, GabonGAYINGaya, IndiaFlughäfen in Gaya, India
GAZPG Guasopa, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Guasopa, Papua New GuineaGBDUSGreat Bend, KS, United StatesFlughäfen in Great Bend, KS, United States
GBEBW Gaborone, BotswanaFlughäfen in Gaborone, BotswanaGBGUSGalesburg, IL, United StatesFlughäfen in Galesburg, IL, United States
GBJGP Grand-Bourg, GuadeloupeFlughäfen in Grand-Bourg, GuadeloupeGBLAU Goulburn Island, NT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Goulburn Island, NT, Australia
GBMSO Garbaharey, SomaliaFlughäfen in Garbaharey, SomaliaGBZNZ Great Barrier Island, New ZealandFlughäfen in Great Barrier Island, New Zealand
GCCUSGillette, WY, United StatesFlughäfen in Gillette, WY, United StatesGCIGBGuernsey, Channel Islands, UKFlughäfen in Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK
GCJZA Johannesburg, South AfricaFlughäfen in Johannesburg, South AfricaGCKUSGarden City, KS, United StatesFlughäfen in Garden City, KS, United States
GCMKY George Town, Cayman IslandsFlughäfen in George Town, Cayman IslandsGCNUSGrand Canyon, AZ, United StatesFlughäfen in Grand Canyon, AZ, United States
GDEET Gode, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Gode, EthiopiaGDLMXGuadalajara, Jalisco, MexicoFlughäfen in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
GDNPL Gdansk, PolandFlughäfen in Gdansk, PolandGDQET Gondar, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Gondar, Ethiopia
GDTTC Cockburn Town, Turks and CaicosGDVUSGlendive, MT, United StatesFlughäfen in Glendive, MT, United States
GDXRU Magadan, RussiaFlughäfen in Magadan, RussiaGDZRU Gelendzhik, RussiaFlughäfen in Gelendzhik, Russia
GEANCNoumea, New CaledoniaFlughäfen in Noumea, New CaledoniaGEBID Gebe Island, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Gebe Island, Indonesia
GEDUS Georgetown, DE, United StatesFlughäfen in Georgetown, DE, United StatesGEEAU George Town, TAS, AustraliaFlughäfen in George Town, TAS, Australia
GEGUSSpokane, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Spokane, WA, United StatesGELBR Santo Angelo, BrazilFlughäfen in Santo Angelo, Brazil
GEOGY Georgetown, GuyanaFlughäfen in Georgetown, GuyanaGESPH General Santos, PhilippinesFlughäfen in General Santos, Philippines
GETAU Geraldton, WA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Geraldton, WA, AustraliaGEVSE Gallivare, SwedenFlughäfen in Gallivare, Sweden
GEXAUGeelong, VIC, AustraliaFlughäfen in Geelong, VIC, AustraliaGFBUS Togiak Fish, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Togiak Fish, AK, United States
GFFAU Griffith, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Griffith, NSW, AustraliaGFKUSGrand Forks, ND, United StatesFlughäfen in Grand Forks, ND, United States
GFLUS Glens Falls, NY, United StatesFlughäfen in Glens Falls, NY, United StatesGFNAU Grafton, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Grafton, NSW, Australia
GFRFR Granville, FranceFlughäfen in Granville, FranceGGEUS Georgetown, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Georgetown, SC, United States
GGGUSLongview, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Longview, TX, United StatesGGRSO Garoe, SomaliaFlughäfen in Garoe, Somalia
GGSAR Gobernador Gregores, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Gobernador Gregores, ArgentinaGGTBS George Town, BahamasFlughäfen in George Town, Bahamas
GGWUS Glasgow, MT, United StatesFlughäfen in Glasgow, MT, United StatesGHADZ Ghardaia, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Ghardaia, Algeria
GHBBS Governor's Harbour, BahamasFlughäfen in GovernorGHCBS Great Harbour Cay, BahamasFlughäfen in Great Harbour Cay, Bahamas
GHDET Ghimbi, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Ghimbi, EthiopiaGHTLY Ghat, LibyaFlughäfen in Ghat, Libya
GIBGI Gibraltar, GibraltarFlughäfen in Gibraltar, GibraltarGICAU Boigu Island, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Boigu Island, QLD, Australia
GIFUSWinter Haven, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Winter Haven, FL, United StatesGIGBR Rio de Janeiro, BrazilFlughäfen in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
GILPK Gilgit, PakistanFlughäfen in Gilgit, PakistanGISNZ Gisborne, New ZealandFlughäfen in Gisborne, New Zealand
GIZSA Gizan, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Gizan, Saudi ArabiaGJLDZ Jijel, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Jijel, Algeria
GJTUSGrand Junction, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Grand Junction, CO, United StatesGKAPG Goroka, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Goroka, Papua New Guinea
GKLAU Great Keppel Island, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Great Keppel Island, QLD, AustraliaGKTUSGatlinburg, TN, United StatesFlughäfen in Gatlinburg, TN, United States
GLAGBGlasgow, Scotland, UKFlughäfen in Glasgow, Scotland, UKGLCET Geladi, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Geladi, Ethiopia
GLDUSGoodland, KS, United StatesFlughäfen in Goodland, KS, United StatesGLFCR Golfito, Costa RicaFlughäfen in Golfito, Costa Rica
GLGAU Glengyle, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Glengyle, QLD, AustraliaGLHUSGreenville, MS, United StatesFlughäfen in Greenville, MS, United States
GLIAU Glen Innes, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Glen Innes, NSW, AustraliaGLKSO Galcaio, SomaliaFlughäfen in Galcaio, Somalia
GLNMA Goulimime, MoroccoFlughäfen in Goulimime, MoroccoGLOGB Gloucester, England, UKFlughäfen in Gloucester, England, UK
GLRUSGaylord, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Gaylord, MI, United StatesGLSUSGalveston, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Galveston, TX, United States
GLTAUGladstone, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Gladstone, QLD, AustraliaGLVUS Golovin, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Golovin, AK, United States
GLXID Galela, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Galela, IndonesiaGMBET Gambela, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Gambela, Ethiopia
GMEBY Gomel, BelarusFlughäfen in Gomel, BelarusGMIPG Gasmata, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Gasmata, Papua New Guinea
GMNNZ Greymouth, New ZealandFlughäfen in Greymouth, New ZealandGMPKR Seoul, South KoreaFlughäfen in Seoul, South Korea
GMRPF Mangareva, French PolynesiaFlughäfen in Mangareva, French PolynesiaGMUUS Greenville, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Greenville, SC, United States
GMZES La Gomera, SpainFlughäfen in La Gomera, SpainGNABY Grodna, BelarusFlughäfen in Grodna, Belarus
GNBFR Grenoble, FranceFlughäfen in Grenoble, FranceGNDGD St. George's, GrenadaFlughäfen in St. George
GNITW Green Island, TaiwanFlughäfen in Green Island, TaiwanGNRAR General Roca, ArgentinaFlughäfen in General Roca, Argentina
GNUUS Goodnews Bay, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Goodnews Bay, AK, United StatesGNVUSGainesville, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Gainesville, FL, United States
GNYTRSanliurfa, TurkeyFlughäfen in Sanliurfa, TurkeyGNZBW Ghanzi, BotswanaFlughäfen in Ghanzi, Botswana
GOAIT Genoa, ItalyFlughäfen in Genoa, ItalyGOBET Goba, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Goba, Ethiopia
GOHGL Nuuk, GreenlandFlughäfen in Nuuk, GreenlandGOIINGoa, IndiaFlughäfen in Goa, India
GOJRU Nizhniy Novgorod, RussiaFlughäfen in Nizhniy Novgorod, RussiaGOLUS Gold Beach, OR, United StatesFlughäfen in Gold Beach, OR, United States
GONUSNew London, CT, United StatesFlughäfen in New London, CT, United StatesGOOAUGoondiwindi, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Goondiwindi, QLD, Australia
GOPINGorakhpur, IndiaFlughäfen in Gorakhpur, IndiaGOQCN Golmud, ChinaFlughäfen in Golmud, China
GORET Gore, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Gore, EthiopiaGOTSE Gothenburg, SwedenFlughäfen in Gothenburg, Sweden
GOUCM Garoua, CameroonFlughäfen in Garoua, CameroonGOVAU Gove, NT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Gove, NT, Australia
GOZBG Gorna Orechovitsa, BulgariaFlughäfen in Gorna Orechovitsa, BulgariaGPAGR Patras, GreeceFlughäfen in Patras, Greece
GPICO Guapi, ColombiaFlughäfen in Guapi, ColombiaGPSEC Isla Baltra, EcuadorFlughäfen in Isla Baltra, Ecuador
GPTUSGulfport, MS, United StatesFlughäfen in Gulfport, MS, United StatesGPZUS Grand Rapids, MN, United StatesFlughäfen in Grand Rapids, MN, United States
GQQUS Galion, OH, United StatesFlughäfen in Galion, OH, United StatesGRBUSGreen Bay, WI, United StatesFlughäfen in Green Bay, WI, United States
GRDUS Greenwood, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Greenwood, SC, United StatesGRHPG Garuahi, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Garuahi, Papua New Guinea
GRIUSGrand Island, NE, United StatesFlughäfen in Grand Island, NE, United StatesGRJZA George, South AfricaFlughäfen in George, South Africa
GRKUSKilleen, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Killeen, TX, United StatesGRLPG Garasa, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Garasa, Papua New Guinea
GROES Gerona, SpainFlughäfen in Gerona, SpainGRPBR Gurupi, BrazilFlughäfen in Gurupi, Brazil
GRQNL Groningen, NetherlandsFlughäfen in Groningen, NetherlandsGRRUSGrand Rapids, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Grand Rapids, MI, United States
GRSIT Grosseto, ItalyFlughäfen in Grosseto, ItalyGRUBR Sao Paulo, BrazilFlughäfen in Sao Paulo, Brazil
GRVRU Grozny, RussiaFlughäfen in Grozny, RussiaGRWPT Graciosa Island, PortugalFlughäfen in Graciosa Island, Portugal
GRXES Granada, SpainFlughäfen in Granada, SpainGRYIS Grimsey, IcelandFlughäfen in Grimsey, Iceland
GRZAT Graz, AustriaFlughäfen in Graz, AustriaGSAMY Long Pasia, MalaysiaFlughäfen in Long Pasia, Malaysia
GSBUSGoldsboro, NC, United StatesFlughäfen in Goldsboro, NC, United StatesGSESE Gothenburg, SwedenFlughäfen in Gothenburg, Sweden
GSOUSGreensboro, NC, United StatesFlughäfen in Greensboro, NC, United StatesGSPUSGreenville, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Greenville, SC, United States
GSRSO Gardo, SomaliaFlughäfen in Gardo, SomaliaGSTUS Gustavus, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Gustavus, AK, United States
GTBMY Genting, MalaysiaFlughäfen in Genting, MalaysiaGTEAU Groote Eylandt, NT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Groote Eylandt, NT, Australia
GTFUSGreat Falls, MT, United StatesFlughäfen in Great Falls, MT, United StatesGTIDE Rugen, GermanyFlughäfen in Rugen, Germany
GTNNZ Glentanner, New ZealandFlughäfen in Glentanner, New ZealandGTOID Gorontalo, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Gorontalo, Indonesia
GTRUSColumbus, MS, United StatesFlughäfen in Columbus, MS, United StatesGTTAU Georgetown, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Georgetown, QLD, Australia
GTWCZ Zlin, Czech RepublicFlughäfen in Zlin, Czech RepublicGUAGT Guatemala City, GuatemalaFlughäfen in Guatemala City, Guatemala
GUBMXGuerrero Negro, Baja California Sur, MexicoFlughäfen in Guerrero Negro, Baja California Sur, MexicoGUCUSGunnison, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Gunnison, CO, United States
GUDML Goundam, MaliFlughäfen in Goundam, MaliGUFUSGulf Shores, AL, United StatesFlughäfen in Gulf Shores, AL, United States
GUHAU Gunnedah, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Gunnedah, NSW, AustraliaGULAU Goulburn, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Goulburn, NSW, Australia
GUMGU Guam, GuamFlughäfen in Guam, GuamGUPUSGallup, NM, United StatesFlughäfen in Gallup, NM, United States
GURPG Alotau, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Alotau, Papua New GuineaGUUIS Grundarfjordur, IcelandFlughäfen in Grundarfjordur, Iceland
GUWKZ Atyrau, KazakhstanFlughäfen in Atyrau, KazakhstanGUXIN Guna, IndiaFlughäfen in Guna, India
GVACH Geneva, SwitzerlandFlughäfen in Geneva, SwitzerlandGVIPG Green River, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Green River, Papua New Guinea
GVLUS Gainesville, GA, United StatesFlughäfen in Gainesville, GA, United StatesGVTUS Greenville, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Greenville, TX, United States
GVXSE Gavle, SwedenFlughäfen in Gavle, SwedenGWDPK Gwadar, PakistanFlughäfen in Gwadar, Pakistan
GWEZW Gweru, ZimbabweFlughäfen in Gweru, ZimbabweGWLINGwalior, IndiaFlughäfen in Gwalior, India
GWOUS Greenwood, MS, United StatesFlughäfen in Greenwood, MS, United StatesGWTDE Sylt, GermanyFlughäfen in Sylt, Germany
GWYIE Galway, IrelandFlughäfen in Galway, IrelandGXFYE Seiyun, YemenFlughäfen in Seiyun, Yemen
GXGAO Negage, AngolaFlughäfen in Negage, AngolaGXQCL Coyhaique, ChileFlughäfen in Coyhaique, Chile
GXYUSGreeley, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Greeley, CO, United StatesGYABO Guayaramerin, BoliviaFlughäfen in Guayaramerin, Bolivia
GYDAZ Baku, AzerbaijanFlughäfen in Baku, AzerbaijanGYEEC Guayaquil, EcuadorFlughäfen in Guayaquil, Ecuador
GYIRW Gisenyi, RwandaFlughäfen in Gisenyi, RwandaGYMMXGuaymas, Sonora, MexicoFlughäfen in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico
GYNBR Goiania, BrazilFlughäfen in Goiania, BrazilGYPAU Gympie, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Gympie, QLD, Australia
GYSCN Guangyuan, ChinaFlughäfen in Guangyuan, ChinaGYYUSGary, IN, United StatesFlughäfen in Gary, IN, United States
GZMMT Gozo, MaltaFlughäfen in Gozo, MaltaGZOSB Gizo, Solomon IslandsFlughäfen in Gizo, Solomon Islands
GZTTRGaziantep, TurkeyFlughäfen in Gaziantep, TurkeyHAANO Hasvik, NorwayFlughäfen in Hasvik, Norway
HABUS Hamilton, AL, United StatesFlughäfen in Hamilton, AL, United StatesHACJP Hachijojima, JapanFlughäfen in Hachijojima, Japan
HADSE Halmstad, SwedenFlughäfen in Halmstad, SwedenHAHKM Moroni, ComorosFlughäfen in Moroni, Comoros
HAJDE Hannover, GermanyFlughäfen in Hannover, GermanyHAKCN Haikou, ChinaFlughäfen in Haikou, China
HAMDE Hamburg, GermanyFlughäfen in Hamburg, GermanyHANVN Hanoi, VietnamFlughäfen in Hanoi, Vietnam
HAPAULong Island, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Long Island, QLD, AustraliaHARUSHarrisburg, PA, United StatesFlughäfen in Harrisburg, PA, United States
HASSA Hail, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Hail, Saudi ArabiaHAUNO Haugesund, NorwayFlughäfen in Haugesund, Norway
HBAAUHobart, TAS, AustraliaFlughäfen in Hobart, TAS, AustraliaHBEEG Alexandria, EgyptFlughäfen in Alexandria, Egypt
HBTSA King Khalid Military City, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in King Khalid Military City, Saudi ArabiaHBXINHubli, IndiaFlughäfen in Hubli, India
HCAUS Big Spring, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Big Spring, TX, United StatesHCNTW Hengchun, TaiwanFlughäfen in Hengchun, Taiwan
HCRUS Holy Cross, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Holy Cross, AK, United StatesHCWUSCheraw, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Cheraw, SC, United States
HDDPK Hyderabad, PakistanFlughäfen in Hyderabad, PakistanHDFDE Heringsdorf, GermanyFlughäfen in Heringsdorf, Germany
HDGCN Handan, ChinaFlughäfen in Handan, ChinaHDNUSSteamboat Springs, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Steamboat Springs, CO, United States
HDSZA Hoedspruit, South AfricaFlughäfen in Hoedspruit, South AfricaHDYTH Hat Yai, ThailandFlughäfen in Hat Yai, Thailand
HEIDE Heide, GermanyFlughäfen in Heide, GermanyHEKCN Heihe, ChinaFlughäfen in Heihe, China
HELFI Helsinki, FinlandFlughäfen in Helsinki, FinlandHERGR Heraklion, GreeceFlughäfen in Heraklion, Greece
HESUSHermiston, OR, United StatesFlughäfen in Hermiston, OR, United StatesHETCN Hohhot, ChinaFlughäfen in Hohhot, China
HEXDO Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicFlughäfen in Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicHEZUS Natchez, MS, United StatesFlughäfen in Natchez, MS, United States
HFAIL Haifa, IsraelFlughäfen in Haifa, IsraelHFDUSHartford, CT, United StatesFlughäfen in Hartford, CT, United States
HFECN Hefei, ChinaFlughäfen in Hefei, ChinaHFNIS Hornafjordur, IcelandFlughäfen in Hornafjordur, Iceland
HFSSE Hagfors, SwedenFlughäfen in Hagfors, SwedenHFTNO Hammerfest, NorwayFlughäfen in Hammerfest, Norway
HGASO Hargeisa, SomaliaFlughäfen in Hargeisa, SomaliaHGDAU Hughenden, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Hughenden, QLD, Australia
HGHCN Hangzhou, ChinaFlughäfen in Hangzhou, ChinaHGLDE Helgoland, GermanyFlughäfen in Helgoland, Germany
HGNTH Mae Hong Son, ThailandFlughäfen in Mae Hong Son, ThailandHGRUSHagerstown, MD, United StatesFlughäfen in Hagerstown, MD, United States
HGSSL Freetown, Sierra LeoneFlughäfen in Freetown, Sierra LeoneHGUPG Mount Hagen, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea
HHHUSHilton Head Island, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Hilton Head Island, SC, United StatesHHNDE Frankfurt am Main, GermanyFlughäfen in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
HHQTH Hua Hin, ThailandFlughäfen in Hua Hin, ThailandHHRUS Hawthorne, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Hawthorne, CA, United States
HIBUSHibbing, MN, United StatesFlughäfen in Hibbing, MN, United StatesHIDAU Horn Island, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Horn Island, QLD, Australia
HIIUSLake Havasu City, AZ, United StatesFlughäfen in Lake Havasu City, AZ, United StatesHIJJP Hiroshima, JapanFlughäfen in Hiroshima, Japan
HILET Shillavo, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Shillavo, EthiopiaHINKR Jinju, South KoreaFlughäfen in Jinju, South Korea
HIRSB Honiara, Solomon IslandsFlughäfen in Honiara, Solomon IslandsHISAUHayman Island, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Hayman Island, QLD, Australia
HIWJP Hiroshima, JapanFlughäfen in Hiroshima, JapanHJRINKhajuraho, IndiaFlughäfen in Khajuraho, India
HKBUS Healy Lake, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Healy Lake, AK, United StatesHKDJP Hakodate, JapanFlughäfen in Hakodate, Japan
HKGHK Hong Kong, Hong KongFlughäfen in Hong Kong, Hong KongHKKNZ Hokitika, New ZealandFlughäfen in Hokitika, New Zealand
HKNPG Hoskins, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Hoskins, Papua New GuineaHKTTH Phuket, ThailandFlughäfen in Phuket, Thailand
HKYUSHickory, NC, United StatesFlughäfen in Hickory, NC, United StatesHLAZA Johannesburg, South AfricaFlughäfen in Johannesburg, South Africa
HLDCN Hailar, ChinaFlughäfen in Hailar, ChinaHLFSE Hultsfred, SwedenFlughäfen in Hultsfred, Sweden
HLGUSWheeling, WV, United StatesFlughäfen in Wheeling, WV, United StatesHLHCN Ulanhot, ChinaFlughäfen in Ulanhot, China
HLMUS Holland, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Holland, MI, United StatesHLNUSHelena, MT, United StatesFlughäfen in Helena, MT, United States
HLPID Jakarta, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Jakarta, IndonesiaHLTAU Hamilton, VIC, AustraliaFlughäfen in Hamilton, VIC, Australia
HLUNCHouailou, New CaledoniaFlughäfen in Houailou, New CaledoniaHLWZA Hluhluwe, South AfricaFlughäfen in Hluhluwe, South Africa
HLZNZ Hamilton, New ZealandFlughäfen in Hamilton, New ZealandHMARU Khanty-Mansiysk, RussiaFlughäfen in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia
HMEDZ Hassi Messaoud, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Hassi Messaoud, AlgeriaHMJUA Khmelnitskiy, UkraineFlughäfen in Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine
HMOMXHermosillo, Sonora, MexicoFlughäfen in Hermosillo, Sonora, MexicoHMRNO Hamar, NorwayFlughäfen in Hamar, Norway
HMTUSHemet, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Hemet, CA, United StatesHMVSE Hemavan, SwedenFlughäfen in Hemavan, Sweden
HNAJP Hanamaki, JapanFlughäfen in Hanamaki, JapanHNCUS Hatteras, NC, United StatesFlughäfen in Hatteras, NC, United States
HNDJP Tokyo, JapanFlughäfen in Tokyo, JapanHNHUS Hoonah, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Hoonah, AK, United States
HNLUSHonolulu, HI, United StatesFlughäfen in Honolulu, HI, United StatesHNMUSHana, HI, United StatesFlughäfen in Hana, HI, United States
HNSUS Haines, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Haines, AK, United StatesHNYCN Hengyang, ChinaFlughäfen in Hengyang, China
HOBUSHobbs, NM, United StatesFlughäfen in Hobbs, NM, United StatesHOCPG Komako, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Komako, Papua New Guinea
HODYE Hodeidah, YemenFlughäfen in Hodeidah, YemenHOELA Houayxay, LaosFlughäfen in Houayxay, Laos
HOFSA Hofuf, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Hofuf, Saudi ArabiaHOHAT Hohenems, AustriaFlughäfen in Hohenems, Austria
HOKAU Hooker Creek, NT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Hooker Creek, NT, AustraliaHOMUSHomer, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Homer, AK, United States
HONUSHuron, SD, United StatesFlughäfen in Huron, SD, United StatesHOQDE Hof, GermanyFlughäfen in Hof, Germany
HORPT Horta, PortugalFlughäfen in Horta, PortugalHOSAR Chos Malal, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Chos Malal, Argentina
HOTUSHot Springs, AR, United StatesFlughäfen in Hot Springs, AR, United StatesHOUUSHouston, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Houston, TX, United States
HOVNO Orsta, NorwayFlughäfen in Orsta, NorwayHPATO Ha'apai, TongaFlughäfen in Ha
HPBUS Hooper Bay, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Hooper Bay, AK, United StatesHPEAU Hope Vale, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Hope Vale, QLD, Australia
HPHVN Haiphong, VietnamFlughäfen in Haiphong, VietnamHPNUSWhite Plains, NY, United StatesFlughäfen in White Plains, NY, United States
HPVUS Princeville, HI, United StatesFlughäfen in Princeville, HI, United StatesHQMUS Hoquiam, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Hoquiam, WA, United States
HRBCN Harbin, ChinaFlughäfen in Harbin, ChinaHREZW Harare, ZimbabweFlughäfen in Harare, Zimbabwe
HRGEG Hurghada, EgyptFlughäfen in Hurghada, EgyptHRJNP Chaurjhari, NepalFlughäfen in Chaurjhari, Nepal
HRKUA Kharkiv, UkraineFlughäfen in Kharkiv, UkraineHRLUSHarlingen, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Harlingen, TX, United States
HROUSHarrison, AR, United StatesFlughäfen in Harrison, AR, United StatesHSCCN Shaoguan, ChinaFlughäfen in Shaoguan, China
HSGJP Saga, JapanFlughäfen in Saga, JapanHSHUS Henderson, NV, United StatesFlughäfen in Henderson, NV, United States
HSIUS Hastings, NE, United StatesFlughäfen in Hastings, NE, United StatesHSKES Huesca, SpainFlughäfen in Huesca, Spain
HSLUS Huslia, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Huslia, AK, United StatesHSMAUHorsham, VIC, AustraliaFlughäfen in Horsham, VIC, Australia
HSNCN Zhoushan, ChinaFlughäfen in Zhoushan, ChinaHSPUS Hot Springs, VA, United StatesFlughäfen in Hot Springs, VA, United States
HSTUSHomestead, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Homestead, FL, United StatesHSVUSHuntsville, AL, United StatesFlughäfen in Huntsville, AL, United States
HTARU Chita, RussiaFlughäfen in Chita, RussiaHTGRU Khatanga, RussiaFlughäfen in Khatanga, Russia
HTHUS Hawthorne, NV, United StatesFlughäfen in Hawthorne, NV, United StatesHTIAUHamilton Island, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Hamilton Island, QLD, Australia
HTNCN Hotan, ChinaFlughäfen in Hotan, ChinaHTOUS East Hampton, NY, United StatesFlughäfen in East Hampton, NY, United States
HTRJP Hateruma, JapanFlughäfen in Hateruma, JapanHTSUSHuntington, WV, United StatesFlughäfen in Huntington, WV, United States
HTUAU Hopetoun, VIC, AustraliaFlughäfen in Hopetoun, VIC, AustraliaHUCPR Humacao, Puerto RicoFlughäfen in Humacao, Puerto Rico
HUFUSTerre Haute, IN, United StatesFlughäfen in Terre Haute, IN, United StatesHUHPF Huahine, French PolynesiaFlughäfen in Huahine, French Polynesia
HUIVN Hue, VietnamFlughäfen in Hue, VietnamHULUS Houlton, ME, United StatesFlughäfen in Houlton, ME, United States
HUMUSHouma, LA, United StatesFlughäfen in Houma, LA, United StatesHUNTW Hualien, TaiwanFlughäfen in Hualien, Taiwan
HUQLY Houn, LibyaFlughäfen in Houn, LibyaHUSUS Hughes, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Hughes, AK, United States
HUTUS Hutchinson, KS, United StatesFlughäfen in Hutchinson, KS, United StatesHUVSE Hudiksvall, SwedenFlughäfen in Hudiksvall, Sweden
HUXMXHuatulco, Oaxaca, MexicoFlughäfen in Huatulco, Oaxaca, MexicoHUYGBHull, England, UKFlughäfen in Hull, England, UK
HUZCN Huizhou, ChinaFlughäfen in Huizhou, ChinaHVAMG Analalava, MadagascarFlughäfen in Analalava, Madagascar
HVBAUHervey Bay, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Hervey Bay, QLD, AustraliaHVGNO Honningsvag, NorwayFlughäfen in Honningsvag, Norway
HVMIS Hvammstangi, IcelandFlughäfen in Hvammstangi, IcelandHVNUSNew Haven, CT, United StatesFlughäfen in New Haven, CT, United States
HVRUS Havre, MT, United StatesFlughäfen in Havre, MT, United StatesHWNZW Hwange, ZimbabweFlughäfen in Hwange, Zimbabwe
HXXAU Hay, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Hay, NSW, AustraliaHYAUSHyannis, MA, United StatesFlughäfen in Hyannis, MA, United States
HYDINHyderabad, IndiaFlughäfen in Hyderabad, IndiaHYNCN Huangyan, ChinaFlughäfen in Huangyan, China
HYRUS Hayward, WI, United StatesFlughäfen in Hayward, WI, United StatesHYSUSHays, KS, United StatesFlughäfen in Hays, KS, United States
HZGCN Hanzhong, ChinaFlughäfen in Hanzhong, ChinaHZKIS Husavik, IcelandFlughäfen in Husavik, Iceland
HZLUSHazleton, PA, United StatesFlughäfen in Hazleton, PA, United StatesIAARU Igarka, RussiaFlughäfen in Igarka, Russia
IADUSWashington, DC, United StatesFlughäfen in Washington, DC, United StatesIAGUSNiagara Falls, NY, United StatesFlughäfen in Niagara Falls, NY, United States
IAHUSHouston, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Houston, TX, United StatesIAMDZ In Amenas, AlgeriaFlughäfen in In Amenas, Algeria