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World Airports by Cities A-Z

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IATA 3-digit-code, ISO country code, airport

AAHDE Aachen, GermanyFlughäfen in Aachen, GermanyAALDK Aalborg, DenmarkFlughäfen in Aalborg, Denmark
AESNO Aalesund, NorwayFlughäfen in Aalesund, NorwayAARDK Aarhus, DenmarkFlughäfen in Aarhus, Denmark
ABFKI Abaiang, KiribatiFlughäfen in Abaiang, KiribatiABARU Abakan, RussiaFlughäfen in Abakan, Russia
XABFR Abbeville, FranceFlughäfen in Abbeville, FranceYXXCA Abbotsford, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Abbotsford, BC, Canada
AEHTD Abeche, ChadFlughäfen in Abeche, ChadAEAKI Abemama, KiribatiFlughäfen in Abemama, Kiribati
ABRUSAberdeen, SD, United StatesFlughäfen in Aberdeen, SD, United StatesABZGBAberdeen, Scotland, UKFlughäfen in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
AHBSA Abha, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Abha, Saudi ArabiaABIUSAbilene, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Abilene, TX, United States
VJIUSAbingdon, VA, United StatesFlughäfen in Abingdon, VA, United StatesMYGBS Abrahams Bay, BahamasFlughäfen in Abrahams Bay, Bahamas
AZIAE Abu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesFlughäfen in Abu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesZVJAE Abu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesFlughäfen in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
AUHAE Abu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesFlughäfen in Abu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesABSEG Abu Simbel, EgyptFlughäfen in Abu Simbel, Egypt
ABVNG Abuja, NigeriaFlughäfen in Abuja, NigeriaACAMXAcapulco, Guerrero, MexicoFlughäfen in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico
AGVVE Acarigua, VenezuelaFlughäfen in Acarigua, VenezuelaACCGH Accra, GhanaFlughäfen in Accra, Ghana
ADTUS Ada, OK, United StatesFlughäfen in Ada, OK, United StatesADKUS Adak, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Adak, AK, United States
ADATRAdana, TurkeyFlughäfen in Adana, TurkeyADDET Addis Ababa, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
ADLAUAdelaide, SA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Adelaide, SA, AustraliaADEYE Aden, YemenFlughäfen in Aden, Yemen
ADFTR Adiyaman, TurkeyFlughäfen in Adiyaman, TurkeyAZRDZ Adrar, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Adrar, Algeria
AJYNE Agades, NigerFlughäfen in Agades, NigerAGAMA Agadir, MoroccoFlughäfen in Agadir, Morocco
IXAINAgartala, IndiaFlughäfen in Agartala, IndiaAGXINAgatti Island, IndiaFlughäfen in Agatti Island, India
AGFFR Agen, FranceFlughäfen in Agen, FranceAGZZA Aggeneys, South AfricaFlughäfen in Aggeneys, South Africa
AGRINAgra, IndiaFlughäfen in Agra, IndiaAJITR Agri, TurkeyFlughäfen in Agri, Turkey
BQNPR Aguadilla, Puerto RicoFlughäfen in Aguadilla, Puerto RicoAGUMXAguascalientes, Aguascalientes, MexicoFlughäfen in Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, Mexico
AGJJP Aguni, JapanFlughäfen in Aguni, JapanAHEPF Ahe, French PolynesiaFlughäfen in Ahe, French Polynesia
AMDINAhmedabad, IndiaFlughäfen in Ahmedabad, IndiaAIMMH Ailuk, Marshall IslandsFlughäfen in Ailuk, Marshall Islands
AIEPG Aiome, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Aiome, Papua New GuineaAEOMR Aioun el Atrouss, MauritaniaFlughäfen in Aioun el Atrouss, Mauritania
WSYAUAirlie Beach, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Airlie Beach, QLD, AustraliaAICMH Airok, Marshall IslandsFlughäfen in Airok, Marshall Islands
ATPPG Aitape, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Aitape, Papua New GuineaAITCK Aitutaki, Cook IslandsFlughäfen in Aitutaki, Cook Islands
QXBFR Aix-en-Provence, FranceFlughäfen in Aix-en-Provence, FranceAYUPG Aiyura, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Aiyura, Papua New Guinea
AJLINAizawl, IndiaFlughäfen in Aizawl, IndiaAJAFR Ajaccio, FranceFlughäfen in Ajaccio, France
AKKUS Akhiok, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Akhiok, AK, United StatesKKIUS Akiachak, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Akiachak, AK, United States
AKIUS Akiak, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Akiak, AK, United StatesAKEGA Akieni, GabonFlughäfen in Akieni, Gabon
AXTJP Akita, JapanFlughäfen in Akita, JapanLAKCA Aklavik, NWT, CanadaFlughäfen in Aklavik, NWT, Canada
AKOUS Akron, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Akron, CO, United StatesCAKUSAkron, OH, United StatesFlughäfen in Akron, OH, United States
AKUCN Aksu, ChinaFlughäfen in Aksu, ChinaSCOKZ Aktau, KazakhstanFlughäfen in Aktau, Kazakhstan
AKXKZ Aktobe, KazakhstanFlughäfen in Aktobe, KazakhstanAKVCA Akulivik, PQ, CanadaFlughäfen in Akulivik, PQ, Canada
AKRNG Akure, NigeriaFlughäfen in Akure, NigeriaAEYIS Akureyri, IcelandFlughäfen in Akureyri, Iceland
KQAUS Akutan, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Akutan, AK, United StatesZVHAE Al Ain, United Arab EmiratesFlughäfen in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
AANAE Al Ain, United Arab EmiratesFlughäfen in Al Ain, United Arab EmiratesAACEG Al Arish, EgyptFlughäfen in Al Arish, Egypt
AAYYE Al Ghaydah, YemenFlughäfen in Al Ghaydah, YemenAHUMA Al Hoceima, MoroccoFlughäfen in Al Hoceima, Morocco
ABTSA Al-Aqiq, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Al-Aqiq, Saudi ArabiaFJRAE Al-Fujairah, United Arab EmiratesFlughäfen in Al-Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
AUKUS Alakanuk, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Alakanuk, AK, United StatesALMUSAlamogordo, NM, United StatesFlughäfen in Alamogordo, NM, United States
XALMXAlamos, Sonora, MexicoFlughäfen in Alamos, Sonora, MexicoALSUSAlamosa, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Alamosa, CO, United States
EEMES Albacete, SpainFlughäfen in Albacete, SpainABCES Albacete, SpainFlughäfen in Albacete, Spain
ABYUSAlbany, GA, United StatesFlughäfen in Albany, GA, United StatesALBUSAlbany, NY, United StatesFlughäfen in Albany, NY, United States
ALHAUAlbany, WA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Albany, WA, AustraliaALLIT Albenga, ItalyFlughäfen in Albenga, Italy
LBIFR Albi, FranceFlughäfen in Albi, FranceABQUSAlbuquerque, NM, United StatesFlughäfen in Albuquerque, NM, United States
ABXAUAlbury, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Albury, NSW, AustraliaACIGB Alderney, Channel Islands, UK
WKKUS Aleknagik, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Aleknagik, AK, United StatesALPSY Aleppo, SyriaFlughäfen in Aleppo, Syria
YALCA Alert Bay, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Alert Bay, BC, CanadaALJZA Alexander Bay, South AfricaFlughäfen in Alexander Bay, South Africa
ALRNZ Alexandra, New ZealandFlughäfen in Alexandra, New Zealand89NUS Alexandria Bay, NY, United StatesFlughäfen in Alexandria Bay, NY, United States
HBEEG Alexandria, EgyptFlughäfen in Alexandria, EgyptALYEG Alexandria, EgyptFlughäfen in Alexandria, Egypt
AEXUSAlexandria, LA, United StatesFlughäfen in Alexandria, LA, United StatesESFUS Alexandria, LA, United StatesFlughäfen in Alexandria, LA, United States
AXNUS Alexandria, MN, United StatesFlughäfen in Alexandria, MN, United StatesAXDGR Alexandroupolis, GreeceFlughäfen in Alexandroupolis, Greece
AHOIT Alghero, ItalyFlughäfen in Alghero, ItalyALGDZ Algiers, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Algiers, Algeria
ALCES Alicante, SpainFlughäfen in Alicante, SpainASPAUAlice Springs, NT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Alice Springs, NT, Australia
IXDINAllahabad, IndiaFlughäfen in Allahabad, IndiaAETUS Allakaket, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Allakaket, AK, United States
ADYZA Alldays, South AfricaFlughäfen in Alldays, South AfricaABEUSAllentown, PA, United StatesFlughäfen in Allentown, PA, United States
AIAUSAlliance, NE, United StatesFlughäfen in Alliance, NE, United StatesYTFCA Alma, PQ, CanadaFlughäfen in Alma, PQ, Canada
ALAKZ Almaty, KazakhstanFlughäfen in Almaty, KazakhstanLEIES Almeria, SpainFlughäfen in Almeria, Spain
IXVINAlong, IndiaFlughäfen in Along, IndiaAORMY Alor Setar, MalaysiaFlughäfen in Alor Setar, Malaysia
ARDID Alor, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Alor, IndonesiaGURPG Alotau, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Alotau, Papua New Guinea
APNUSAlpena, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Alpena, MI, United StatesABHAU Alpha, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Alpha, QLD, Australia
ALEUS Alpine, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Alpine, TX, United StatesAFLBR Alta Floresta, BrazilFlughäfen in Alta Floresta, Brazil
ALFNO Alta, NorwayFlughäfen in Alta, NorwayATMBR Altamira, BrazilFlughäfen in Altamira, Brazil
AATCN Altay, ChinaFlughäfen in Altay, ChinaAOCDE Altenburg, GermanyFlughäfen in Altenburg, Germany
ACHCH Altenrhein, SwitzerlandFlughäfen in Altenrhein, SwitzerlandAWNAU Alton Downs, SA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Alton Downs, SA, Australia
AOOUSAltoona, PA, United StatesFlughäfen in Altoona, PA, United StatesAXSUS Altus, OK, United StatesFlughäfen in Altus, OK, United States
ALUSO Alula, SomaliaFlughäfen in Alula, SomaliaAMFPG Ama, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Ama, Papua New Guinea
AHIID Amahai, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Amahai, IndonesiaASJJP Amami, JapanFlughäfen in Amami, Japan
TDWUSAmarillo, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Amarillo, TX, United StatesAMAUSAmarillo, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Amarillo, TX, United States
AZBPG Amazon Bay, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Amazon Bay, Papua New GuineaIVAMG Ambanja, MadagascarFlughäfen in Ambanja, Madagascar
AMYMG Ambatomainty, MadagascarFlughäfen in Ambatomainty, MadagascarWAMMG Ambatondrazaka, MadagascarFlughäfen in Ambatondrazaka, Madagascar
ABLUS Ambler, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Ambler, AK, United StatesAMGPG Amboin, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Amboin, Papua New Guinea
AMQID Ambon, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Ambon, IndonesiaASVKEAmboseli, KenyaFlughäfen in Amboseli, Kenya
AUJPG Ambunti, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Ambunti, Papua New GuineaAMVRU Amderma, RussiaFlughäfen in Amderma, Russia
RCNAUAmerican River, SA, AustraliaFlughäfen in American River, SA, AustraliaAHHUS Amery, WI, United StatesFlughäfen in Amery, WI, United States
QAMFR Amiens, FranceFlughäfen in Amiens, FranceADJJO Amman, JordanFlughäfen in Amman, Jordan
AMMJO Amman, JordanFlughäfen in Amman, JordanYEYCA Amos, PQ, CanadaFlughäfen in Amos, PQ, Canada
AMPMG Ampanihy, MadagascarFlughäfen in Ampanihy, MadagascarATQINAmritsar, IndiaFlughäfen in Amritsar, India
AMSNL Amsterdam, NetherlandsFlughäfen in Amsterdam, NetherlandsAAAPF Anaa, French PolynesiaFlughäfen in Anaa, French Polynesia
OTSUSAnacortes, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Anacortes, WA, United StatesDYRRU Anadyr, RussiaFlughäfen in Anadyr, Russia
YAACA Anahim Lake, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Anahim Lake, BC, CanadaAKPUS Anaktuvuk Pass, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Anaktuvuk Pass, AK, United States
HVAMG Analalava, MadagascarFlughäfen in Analalava, MadagascarAAQRU Anapa, RussiaFlughäfen in Anapa, Russia
MRIUS Anchorage, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Anchorage, AK, United StatesANCUSAnchorage, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Anchorage, AK, United States
EDFUS Anchorage, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Anchorage, AK, United StatesAOIIT Ancona, ItalyFlughäfen in Ancona, Italy
ZWAMG Andapa, MadagascarFlughäfen in Andapa, MadagascarANXNO Andenes, NorwayFlughäfen in Andenes, Norway
AIDUS Anderson, IN, United StatesFlughäfen in Anderson, IN, United StatesANDUS Anderson, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Anderson, SC, United States
AZNUZ Andizhan, UzbekistanFlughäfen in Andizhan, UzbekistanALVAD Andorra la Vella, AndorraFlughäfen in Andorra la Vella, Andorra
ADRUS Andrews, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Andrews, SC, United StatesASDBS Andros Town, BahamasFlughäfen in Andros Town, Bahamas
NGDVG Anegada Island, British Virgin IslandsFlughäfen in Anegada Island, British Virgin IslandsAUYVU Aneityum, VanuatuFlughäfen in Aneityum, Vanuatu
AXXUSAngel Fire, NM, United StatesFlughäfen in Angel Fire, NM, United StatesCRKPH Angeles City, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Angeles City, Philippines
QXGFR Angers, FranceFlughäfen in Angers, FranceANEFR Angers, FranceFlughäfen in Angers, France
VLYGB Anglesey, Wales, UKFlughäfen in Anglesey, Wales, UKYAXCA Angling Lake, ON, CanadaFlughäfen in Angling Lake, ON, Canada
AGGPG Angoram, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Angoram, Papua New GuineaANGFR Angouleme, FranceFlughäfen in Angouleme, France
TERPT Angra do Heroismo, PortugalFlughäfen in Angra do Heroismo, PortugalAKGPG Anguganak, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Anguganak, Papua New Guinea
ANIUS Aniak, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Aniak, AK, United StatesAWDVU Aniwa Island, VanuatuFlughäfen in Aniwa Island, Vanuatu
AJNKM Anjouan, ComorosFlughäfen in Anjouan, ComorosAKACN Ankang, ChinaFlughäfen in Ankang, China
ESBTRAnkara, TurkeyFlughäfen in Ankara, TurkeyANKTRAnkara, TurkeyFlughäfen in Ankara, Turkey
JVAMG Ankavandra, MadagascarFlughäfen in Ankavandra, MadagascarARBUSAnn Arbor, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Ann Arbor, MI, United States
AAEDZ Annaba, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Annaba, AlgeriaANPUSAnnapolis, MD, United StatesFlughäfen in Annapolis, MD, United States
NCYFR Annecy, FranceFlughäfen in Annecy, FranceANBUSAnniston, AL, United StatesFlughäfen in Anniston, AL, United States
AQGCN Anqing, ChinaFlughäfen in Anqing, ChinaAOGCN Anshan, ChinaFlughäfen in Anshan, China
ANMMG Antalaha, MadagascarFlughäfen in Antalaha, MadagascarAYTTRAntalya, TurkeyFlughäfen in Antalya, Turkey
TNRMG Antananarivo, MadagascarFlughäfen in Antananarivo, MadagascarANFCL Antofagasta, ChileFlughäfen in Antofagasta, Chile
WAQMG Antsalova, MadagascarFlughäfen in Antsalova, MadagascarDIEMG Antsiranana, MadagascarFlughäfen in Antsiranana, Madagascar
WAIMG Antsohihy, MadagascarFlughäfen in Antsohihy, MadagascarANRBE Antwerp, BelgiumFlughäfen in Antwerp, Belgium
ZWEBE Antwerp, BelgiumFlughäfen in Antwerp, BelgiumZYZBE Antwerp, BelgiumFlughäfen in Antwerp, Belgium
ANHSB Anuha, Solomon IslandsFlughäfen in Anuha, Solomon IslandsANVUS Anvik, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Anvik, AK, United States
AOJJP Aomori, JapanFlughäfen in Aomori, JapanAOTIT Aosta, ItalyFlughäfen in Aosta, Italy
APKPF Apataki, French PolynesiaFlughäfen in Apataki, French PolynesiaAPWWS Apia, SamoaFlughäfen in Apia, Samoa
FGIWS Apia, SamoaFlughäfen in Apia, SamoaAPVUS Apple Valley, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Apple Valley, CA, United States
ATWUSAppleton, WI, United StatesFlughäfen in Appleton, WI, United StatesAQJJO Aqaba, JordanFlughäfen in Aqaba, Jordan
AJUBR Aracaju, BrazilFlughäfen in Aracaju, BrazilARWRO Arad, RomaniaFlughäfen in Arad, Romania
AUXBR Araguaina, BrazilFlughäfen in Araguaina, BrazilAXCAU Aramac, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Aramac, QLD, Australia
AAKKI Aranuka, KiribatiFlughäfen in Aranuka, KiribatiRAESA Arar, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Arar, Saudi Arabia
AUCCO Arauca, ColombiaFlughäfen in Arauca, ColombiaAMHET Arba Mintch, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Arba Mintch, Ethiopia
YABCA Arctic Bay, NU, CanadaFlughäfen in Arctic Bay, NU, CanadaARCUS Arctic Village, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Arctic Village, AK, United States
AMZNZ Ardmore, New ZealandFlughäfen in Ardmore, New ZealandADMUS Ardmore, OK, United StatesFlughäfen in Ardmore, OK, United States
AHDUS Ardmore, OK, United StatesFlughäfen in Ardmore, OK, United StatesAREPR Arecibo, Puerto RicoFlughäfen in Arecibo, Puerto Rico
AQPPE Arequipa, PeruFlughäfen in Arequipa, PeruEFLGR Argostolion, GreeceFlughäfen in Argostolion, Greece
ARICL Arica, ChileFlughäfen in Arica, ChileAIRBR Aripuana, BrazilFlughäfen in Aripuana, Brazil
ARHRU Arkhangelsk, RussiaFlughäfen in Arkhangelsk, RussiaAXMCO Armenia, ColombiaFlughäfen in Armenia, Colombia
ARMAU Armidale, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Armidale, NSW, AustraliaYNRCA Arnes, MB, CanadaFlughäfen in Arnes, MB, Canada
AMRMH Arno, Marshall IslandsFlughäfen in Arno, Marshall IslandsAISKI Arorae, KiribatiFlughäfen in Arorae, Kiribati
AABAU Arrabury, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Arrabury, QLD, AustraliaQRVFR Arras, FranceFlughäfen in Arras, France
ACEES Arrecife, SpainFlughäfen in Arrecife, SpainATSUSArtesia, NM, United StatesFlughäfen in Artesia, NM, United States
ATCBS Arthur's Town, BahamasFlughäfen in ArthurATIUY Artigas, UruguayFlughäfen in Artigas, Uruguay
RUAUG Arua, UgandaFlughäfen in Arua, UgandaARKTZ Arusha, TanzaniaFlughäfen in Arusha, Tanzania
AXRPF Arutua, French PolynesiaFlughäfen in Arutua, French PolynesiaYEKCA Arviat, NU, CanadaFlughäfen in Arviat, NU, Canada
AJRSE Arvidsjaur, SwedenFlughäfen in Arvidsjaur, SwedenAKJJP Asahikawa, JapanFlughäfen in Asahikawa, Japan
APPPG Asapa, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Asapa, Papua New GuineaAAUWS Asau, SamoaFlughäfen in Asau, Samoa
ASGNZ Ashburton, New ZealandFlughäfen in Ashburton, New ZealandAVLUSAsheville, NC, United StatesFlughäfen in Asheville, NC, United States
ASBTM Ashgabat, TurkmenistanFlughäfen in Ashgabat, TurkmenistanAHMUS Ashland, OR, United StatesFlughäfen in Ashland, OR, United States
ASXUS Ashland, WI, United StatesFlughäfen in Ashland, WI, United StatesASMER Asmara, EritreaFlughäfen in Asmara, Eritrea
ASOET Asosa, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Asosa, EthiopiaASEUSAspen, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Aspen, CO, United States
ASAER Assab, EritreaFlughäfen in Assab, EritreaATZEG Assiut, EgyptFlughäfen in Assiut, Egypt
TSEKZ Astana, KazakhstanFlughäfen in Astana, KazakhstanASTUSAstoria, OR, United StatesFlughäfen in Astoria, OR, United States
ASFRU Astrakhan, RussiaFlughäfen in Astrakhan, RussiaJTYGR Astypalaia, GreeceFlughäfen in Astypalaia, Greece
ASUPY Asuncion, ParaguayFlughäfen in Asuncion, ParaguayASWEG Aswan, EgyptFlughäfen in Aswan, Egypt
AXKYE Ataq, YemenFlughäfen in Ataq, YemenATRMR Atar, MauritaniaFlughäfen in Atar, Mauritania
AHNUSAthens, GA, United StatesFlughäfen in Athens, GA, United StatesATHGR Athens, GreeceFlughäfen in Athens, Greece
ATOUS Athens, OH, United StatesFlughäfen in Athens, OH, United StatesYIBCA Atikokan, ON, CanadaFlughäfen in Atikokan, ON, Canada
AIUCK Atiu, Cook IslandsFlughäfen in Atiu, Cook IslandsAKBUS Atka, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Atka, AK, United States
PDKUS Atlanta, GA, United StatesFlughäfen in Atlanta, GA, United StatesATLUSAtlanta, GA, United StatesFlughäfen in Atlanta, GA, United States
FTYUS Atlanta, GA, United StatesFlughäfen in Atlanta, GA, United StatesAIYUS Atlantic City, NJ, United StatesFlughäfen in Atlantic City, NJ, United States
JSLUS Atlantic City, NJ, United StatesFlughäfen in Atlantic City, NJ, United StatesACYUSAtlantic City, NJ, United StatesFlughäfen in Atlantic City, NJ, United States
ATTUS Atmautluak, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Atmautluak, AK, United StatesATKUS Atqasuk, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Atqasuk, AK, United States
YATCA Attawapiskat, ON, CanadaFlughäfen in Attawapiskat, ON, CanadaGUWKZ Atyrau, KazakhstanFlughäfen in Atyrau, Kazakhstan
AUOUS Auburn, AL, United StatesFlughäfen in Auburn, AL, United StatesLEWUS Auburn, ME, United StatesFlughäfen in Auburn, ME, United States
AKLNZ Auckland, New ZealandFlughäfen in Auckland, New ZealandAGBDE Augsburg, GermanyFlughäfen in Augsburg, Germany
AGSUSAugusta, GA, United StatesFlughäfen in Augusta, GA, United StatesAUGUSAugusta, ME, United StatesFlughäfen in Augusta, ME, United States
AKSSB Auki, Solomon IslandsFlughäfen in Auki, Solomon IslandsYPJCA Aupaluk, PQ, CanadaFlughäfen in Aupaluk, PQ, Canada
AULMH Aur, Marshall IslandsFlughäfen in Aur, Marshall IslandsIXUINAurangabad, IndiaFlughäfen in Aurangabad, India
AURFR Aurillac, FranceFlughäfen in Aurillac, FranceAUZUSAurora, IL, United StatesFlughäfen in Aurora, IL, United States
AUUAU Aurukun, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Aurukun, QLD, AustraliaASQUSAustin, NV, United StatesFlughäfen in Austin, NV, United States
AUSUSAustin, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Austin, TX, United StatesAUFFR Auxerre, FranceFlughäfen in Auxerre, France
CIBUSAvalon, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Avalon, CA, United StatesXZNFR Avignon, FranceFlughäfen in Avignon, France
AVNFR Avignon, FranceFlughäfen in Avignon, FranceAXUET Axum, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Axum, Ethiopia
AYPPE Ayacucho, PeruFlughäfen in Ayacucho, PeruAYQAUAyers Rock, NT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Ayers Rock, NT, Australia
BKMMY Ba'Kelalan, MalaysiaFlughäfen in BaBXBID Babo, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Babo, Indonesia
BCMRO Bacau, RomaniaFlughäfen in Bacau, RomaniaBCDPH Bacolod, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Bacolod, Philippines
BJZES Badajoz, SpainFlughäfen in Badajoz, SpainBDNPK Badin, PakistanFlughäfen in Badin, Pakistan
BDDAU Badu Island, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Badu Island, QLD, AustraliaBFXCM Bafoussam, CameroonFlughäfen in Bafoussam, Cameroon
BGTUS Bagdad, AZ, United StatesFlughäfen in Bagdad, AZ, United StatesIXBINBagdogra, IndiaFlughäfen in Bagdogra, India
YBGCA Bagotville, PQ, CanadaFlughäfen in Bagotville, PQ, CanadaBAGPH Baguio, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Baguio, Philippines
BJRET Bahar Dar, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Bahar Dar, EthiopiaBHVPK Bahawalpur, PakistanFlughäfen in Bahawalpur, Pakistan
BHIAR Bahia Blanca, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Bahia Blanca, ArgentinaBSCCO Bahia Solano, ColombiaFlughäfen in Bahia Solano, Colombia
BAYRO Baia Mare, RomaniaFlughäfen in Baia Mare, RomaniaBAPPG Baibara, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Baibara, Papua New Guinea
BIBSO Baidoa, SomaliaFlughäfen in Baidoa, SomaliaYBCCA Baie-Comeau, PQ, CanadaFlughäfen in Baie-Comeau, PQ, Canada
VMUPG Baimuru, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Baimuru, Papua New GuineaBSJAUBairnsdale, VIC, AustraliaFlughäfen in Bairnsdale, VIC, Australia
BXESN Bakel, SenegalFlughäfen in Bakel, SenegalBKEUS Baker City, OR, United StatesFlughäfen in Baker City, OR, United States
YBKCA Baker Lake, NU, CanadaFlughäfen in Baker Lake, NU, CanadaBFLUSBakersfield, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Bakersfield, CA, United States
BJDIS Bakkafjordur, IcelandFlughäfen in Bakkafjordur, IcelandGYDAZ Baku, AzerbaijanFlughäfen in Baku, Azerbaijan
BWORU Balakovo, RussiaFlughäfen in Balakovo, RussiaSOBHU Balaton, HungaryFlughäfen in Balaton, Hungary
BAJPG Bali, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Bali, Papua New GuineaBPNID Balikpapan, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Balikpapan, Indonesia
OPUPG Balimo, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Balimo, Papua New GuineaBASSB Ballalae Island, Solomon IslandsFlughäfen in Ballalae Island, Solomon Islands
BNKAUBallina, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Ballina, NSW, AustraliaBBACL Balmaceda, ChileFlughäfen in Balmaceda, Chile
BZDAU Balranald, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Balranald, NSW, AustraliaMTNUS Baltimore, MD, United StatesFlughäfen in Baltimore, MD, United States
BWIUSBaltimore, MD, United StatesFlughäfen in Baltimore, MD, United StatesRGHIN Balurghat, IndiaFlughäfen in Balurghat, India
ABMAU Bamaga, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Bamaga, QLD, AustraliaBKOML Bamako, MaliFlughäfen in Bamako, Mali
BPCCM Bamenda, CameroonFlughäfen in Bamenda, CameroonYBFCA Bamfield, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Bamfield, BC, Canada
RBEKH Ban Lung, CambodiaFlughäfen in Ban Lung, CambodiaNAFID Banaina, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Banaina, Indonesia
BTJID Banda Aceh, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Banda Aceh, IndonesiaTKGID Bandar Lampung, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia
BWNBN Bandar Seri Begawan, BruneiFlughäfen in Bandar Seri Begawan, BruneiBDMTR Bandirma, TurkeyFlughäfen in Bandirma, Turkey
BDYUSBandon, OR, United StatesFlughäfen in Bandon, OR, United StatesBDOID Bandung, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Bandung, Indonesia
BPXCN Bangda, ChinaFlughäfen in Bangda, ChinaBKKTH Bangkok, ThailandFlughäfen in Bangkok, Thailand
DMKTH Bangkok, ThailandFlughäfen in Bangkok, ThailandBGRUSBangor, ME, United StatesFlughäfen in Bangor, ME, United States
BGFCF Bangui, Central African RepublicFlughäfen in Bangui, Central African RepublicBYXAU Baniyala, NT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Baniyala, NT, Australia
BNXBA Banja Luka, Bosnia and HerzegovinaFlughäfen in Banja Luka, Bosnia and HerzegovinaBDJID Banjarmasin, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Banjarmasin, Indonesia
BJLGM Banjul, GambiaFlughäfen in Banjul, GambiaBWUAU Bankstown, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Bankstown, NSW, Australia
BNGUS Banning, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Banning, CA, United StatesBNPPK Bannu, PakistanFlughäfen in Bannu, Pakistan
BSDCN Baoshan, ChinaFlughäfen in Baoshan, ChinaBAVCN Baotou, ChinaFlughäfen in Baotou, China
BHBUSBar Harbor, ME, United StatesFlughäfen in Bar Harbor, ME, United StatesXBDFR Bar Le Duc, FranceFlughäfen in Bar Le Duc, France
BRXDO Barahona, Dominican RepublicFlughäfen in Barahona, Dominican RepublicVEVSB Barakoma, Solomon IslandsFlughäfen in Barakoma, Solomon Islands
BCIAU Barcaldine, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Barcaldine, QLD, AustraliaBCNES Barcelona, SpainFlughäfen in Barcelona, Spain
BLAVE Barcelona, VenezuelaFlughäfen in Barcelona, VenezuelaBSYSO Bardera, SomaliaFlughäfen in Bardera, Somalia
BDUNO Bardufoss, NorwayFlughäfen in Bardufoss, NorwayBRIIT Bari, ItalyFlughäfen in Bari, Italy
BNSVE Barinas, VenezuelaFlughäfen in Barinas, VenezuelaBBNMY Bario, MalaysiaFlughäfen in Bario, Malaysia
BZLBD Barisal, BangladeshFlughäfen in Barisal, BangladeshBAXRU Barnaul, RussiaFlughäfen in Barnaul, Russia
BRMVE Barquisimeto, VenezuelaFlughäfen in Barquisimeto, VenezuelaBCLCR Barra del Colorado, Costa RicaFlughäfen in Barra del Colorado, Costa Rica
EJACO Barrancabermeja, ColombiaFlughäfen in Barrancabermeja, ColombiaBAQCO Barranquilla, ColombiaFlughäfen in Barranquilla, Colombia
BWBAU Barrow Island, WA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Barrow Island, WA, AustraliaBRWUS Barrow, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Barrow, AK, United States
BWFGB Barrow-In-Furness, England, UKFlughäfen in Barrow-In-Furness, England, UKDAGUSBarstow, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Barstow, CA, United States
BBHDE Barth, GermanyFlughäfen in Barth, GermanyBVOUS Bartlesville, OK, United StatesFlughäfen in Bartlesville, OK, United States
BSZUS Bartletts, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Bartletts, AK, United StatesBOWUS Bartow, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Bartow, FL, United States
BSOPH Basco, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Basco, PhilippinesBSLFR Basel, SwitzerlandFlughäfen in Basel, Switzerland
BBRGP Basse-Terre, GuadeloupeFlughäfen in Basse-Terre, GuadeloupeSKBKN Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis
BIAFR Bastia, FranceFlughäfen in Bastia, FranceBSGGQ Bata, Equatorial GuineaFlughäfen in Bata, Equatorial Guinea
BTHID Batam Batu Besar, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Batam Batu Besar, IndonesiaQBWAUBatemans Bay, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Batemans Bay, NSW, Australia
BVXUS Batesville, AR, United StatesFlughäfen in Batesville, AR, United StatesBUPINBathinda, IndiaFlughäfen in Bathinda, India
BRTAU Bathurst Island, NT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Bathurst Island, NT, AustraliaZBFCA Bathurst, NB, CanadaFlughäfen in Bathurst, NB, Canada
BHSAUBathurst, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Bathurst, NSW, AustraliaBALTR Batman, TurkeyFlughäfen in Batman, Turkey
BTRUSBaton Rouge, LA, United StatesFlughäfen in Baton Rouge, LA, United StatesOURCM Batouri, CameroonFlughäfen in Batouri, Cameroon
BJFNO Batsfjord, NorwayFlughäfen in Batsfjord, NorwayBBMKH Battambang, CambodiaFlughäfen in Battambang, Cambodia
BTLUSBattle Creek, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Battle Creek, MI, United StatesBAMUS Battle Mountain, NV, United StatesFlughäfen in Battle Mountain, NV, United States
BUSGE Batumi, GeorgiaFlughäfen in Batumi, GeorgiaBUWID Baubau, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Baubau, Indonesia
BAUBR Bauru, BrazilFlughäfen in Bauru, BrazilBYUDE Bayreuth, GermanyFlughäfen in Bayreuth, Germany
XBECA Bearskin Lake, ON, CanadaFlughäfen in Bearskin Lake, ON, CanadaBIEUSBeatrice, NE, United StatesFlughäfen in Beatrice, NE, United States
BFTUSBeaufort, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Beaufort, SC, United StatesBPTUSBeaumont, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Beaumont, TX, United States
BFPUS Beaver Falls, PA, United StatesFlughäfen in Beaver Falls, PA, United StatesWBQUSBeaver, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Beaver, AK, United States
CBHDZ Bechar, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Bechar, AlgeriaBKWUSBeckley, WV, United StatesFlughäfen in Beckley, WV, United States
BEDUSBedford, MA, United StatesFlughäfen in Bedford, MA, United StatesBEUAU Bedourie, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Bedourie, QLD, Australia
YBWCA Bedwell Harbour, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Bedwell Harbour, BC, CanadaBEVIL Beersheba, IsraelFlughäfen in Beersheba, Israel
BEIET Beica, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Beica, EthiopiaLAQLY Beida, LibyaFlughäfen in Beida, Libya
BHYCN Beihai, ChinaFlughäfen in Beihai, ChinaBHNYE Beihan, YemenFlughäfen in Beihan, Yemen
PEKCN Beijing, ChinaFlughäfen in Beijing, ChinaNAYCN Beijing, ChinaFlughäfen in Beijing, China
BJSCN Beijing, ChinaFlughäfen in Beijing, ChinaBEWMZ Beira, MozambiqueFlughäfen in Beira, Mozambique
BEYLB Beirut, LebanonFlughäfen in Beirut, LebanonBJADZ Bejaia, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Bejaia, Algeria
BLGMY Belaga, MalaysiaFlughäfen in Belaga, MalaysiaBELBR Belem, BrazilFlughäfen in Belem, Brazil
BHDGBBelfast, Northern Ireland, UKFlughäfen in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UKBFSGBBelfast, Northern Ireland, UKFlughäfen in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
IXGIN Belgaum, IndiaFlughäfen in Belgaum, IndiaEGORU Belgorod, RussiaFlughäfen in Belgorod, Russia
BEGRS Belgrade, SerbiaFlughäfen in Belgrade, SerbiaTZABZ Belize City, BelizeFlughäfen in Belize City, Belize
BZEBZ Belize City, BelizeFlughäfen in Belize City, BelizeZELCA Bella Bella, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Bella Bella, BC, Canada
QBCCA Bella Coola, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Bella Coola, BC, CanadaBEPINBellary, IndiaFlughäfen in Bellary, India
BLVUS Belleville, IL, United StatesFlughäfen in Belleville, IL, United StatesBLIUSBellingham, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Bellingham, WA, United States
BNYSB Bellona Island, Solomon IslandsFlughäfen in Bellona Island, Solomon IslandsBLMUS Belmar, NJ, United StatesFlughäfen in Belmar, NJ, United States
PLUBR Belo Horizonte, BrazilFlughäfen in Belo Horizonte, BrazilCNFBR Belo Horizonte, BrazilFlughäfen in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
BMDMG Belo, MadagascarFlughäfen in Belo, MadagascarBCXRU Beloreck, RussiaFlughäfen in Beloreck, Russia
BZYMD Beltsy, MoldovaFlughäfen in Beltsy, MoldovaBBPGB Bembridge, England, UKFlughäfen in Bembridge, England, UK
BJIUSBemidji, MN, United StatesFlughäfen in Bemidji, MN, United StatesBEBGB Benbecula, Scotland, UKFlughäfen in Benbecula, Scotland, UK
BLRINBengaluru, IndiaFlughäfen in Bengaluru, IndiaBFUCN Bengbu, ChinaFlughäfen in Bengbu, China
BENLY Benghazi, LibyaFlughäfen in Benghazi, LibyaBKSID Bengkulu, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Bengkulu, Indonesia
BUGAO Benguela, AngolaFlughäfen in Benguela, AngolaBNING Benin City, NigeriaFlughäfen in Benin City, Nigeria
BSPPG Bensbach, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Bensbach, Papua New GuineaBEHUSBenton Harbor, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Benton Harbor, MI, United States
BEJID Berau, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Berau, IndonesiaBBOSO Berbera, SomaliaFlughäfen in Berbera, Somalia
BEAPG Bereina, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Bereina, Papua New GuineaYBVCA Berens River, MB, CanadaFlughäfen in Berens River, MB, Canada
BGYIT Bergamo, ItalyFlughäfen in Bergamo, ItalyBGONO Bergen, NorwayFlughäfen in Bergen, Norway
EGCFR Bergerac, FranceFlughäfen in Bergerac, FranceBVGNO Berlevag, NorwayFlughäfen in Berlevag, Norway
TXLDE Berlin, GermanyFlughäfen in Berlin, GermanySXFDE Berlin, GermanyFlughäfen in Berlin, Germany
BMLUS Berlin, NH, United StatesFlughäfen in Berlin, NH, United StatesUDDUS Bermuda Dunes, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Bermuda Dunes, CA, United States
BRNCH Bern, SwitzerlandFlughäfen in Bern, SwitzerlandBTACM Bertoua, CameroonFlughäfen in Bertoua, Cameroon
BEZKI Beru, KiribatiFlughäfen in Beru, KiribatiBPYMG Besalampy, MadagascarFlughäfen in Besalampy, Madagascar
QBQFR Besancon, FranceFlughäfen in Besancon, FranceBETUS Bethel, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Bethel, AK, United States
BTTUS Bettles, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Bettles, AK, United StatesBVYUS Beverly, MA, United StatesFlughäfen in Beverly, MA, United States
BZRFR Beziers, FranceFlughäfen in Beziers, FranceBDPNP Bhadrapur, NepalFlughäfen in Bhadrapur, Nepal
BHRNP Bharatpur, NepalFlughäfen in Bharatpur, NepalBHUIN Bhavnagar, IndiaFlughäfen in Bhavnagar, India
BHOINBhopal, IndiaFlughäfen in Bhopal, IndiaBBIINBhubaneshwar, IndiaFlughäfen in Bhubaneshwar, India
BHJIN Bhuj, IndiaFlughäfen in Bhuj, IndiaBIKID Biak, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Biak, Indonesia
BAAPG Bialla, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Bialla, Papua New GuineaBIQFR Biarritz, FranceFlughäfen in Biarritz, France
BRPPG Biaru, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Biaru, Papua New GuineaBCZAU Bickerton Island, NT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Bickerton Island, NT, Australia
BFEDE Bielefeld, GermanyFlughäfen in Bielefeld, GermanyYIGCA Big Bay, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Big Bay, BC, Canada
RBFUS Big Bear, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Big Bear, CA, United StatesWBRUSBig Rapids, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Big Rapids, MI, United States
HCAUS Big Spring, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Big Spring, TX, United StatesYTLCA Big Trout Lake, ON, CanadaFlughäfen in Big Trout Lake, ON, Canada
BKBINBikaner, IndiaFlughäfen in Bikaner, IndiaBIIMH Bikini, Marshall IslandsFlughäfen in Bikini, Marshall Islands
PABIN Bilaspur, IndiaFlughäfen in Bilaspur, IndiaBIOES Bilbao, SpainFlughäfen in Bilbao, Spain
BIUIS Bildudalur, IcelandFlughäfen in Bildudalur, IcelandBILUSBillings, MT, United StatesFlughäfen in Billings, MT, United States
BLLDK Billund, DenmarkFlughäfen in Billund, DenmarkBMUID Bima, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Bima, Indonesia
BGMUSBinghamton, NY, United StatesFlughäfen in Binghamton, NY, United StatesXBNPG Biniguni, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Biniguni, Papua New Guinea
BTUMY Bintulu, MalaysiaFlughäfen in Bintulu, MalaysiaBIRNP Biratnagar, NepalFlughäfen in Biratnagar, Nepal
KBCUS Birch Creek, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Birch Creek, AK, United StatesBDISC Bird Island, SeychellesFlughäfen in Bird Island, Seychelles
BVIAU Birdsville, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Birdsville, QLD, AustraliaBHMUSBirmingham, AL, United StatesFlughäfen in Birmingham, AL, United States
BHXGBBirmingham, England, UKFlughäfen in Birmingham, England, UKBSQUSBisbee, AZ, United StatesFlughäfen in Bisbee, AZ, United States
BHHSA Bisha, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Bisha, Saudi ArabiaFRUKG Bishkek, KyrgyzstanFlughäfen in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
BIYZA Bisho, South AfricaFlughäfen in Bisho, South AfricaBIHUS Bishop, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Bishop, CA, United States
BSKDZ Biskra, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Biskra, AlgeriaBPHPH Bislig, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Bislig, Philippines
BISUSBismarck, ND, United StatesFlughäfen in Bismarck, ND, United StatesOXBGW Bissau, Guinea-BissauFlughäfen in Bissau, Guinea-Bissau
BMMGA Bitam, GabonFlughäfen in Bitam, GabonYBICA Black Tickle, NL, CanadaFlughäfen in Black Tickle, NL, Canada
BKQAU Blackall, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Blackall, QLD, AustraliaBLKGBBlackpool, England, UKFlughäfen in Blackpool, England, UK
BCBUSBlacksburg, VA, United StatesFlughäfen in Blacksburg, VA, United StatesBLTAU Blackwater, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Blackwater, QLD, Australia
BQSRU Blagoveschensk, RussiaFlughäfen in Blagoveschensk, RussiaBWSUSBlaine, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Blaine, WA, United States
BYWUS Blakely Island, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Blakely Island, WA, United StatesYBXCA Blanc-Sablon, PQ, CanadaFlughäfen in Blanc-Sablon, PQ, Canada
BDGUSBlanding, UT, United StatesFlughäfen in Blanding, UT, United StatesBLZMW Blantyre, MalawiFlughäfen in Blantyre, Malawi
BHENZ Blenheim, New ZealandFlughäfen in Blenheim, New ZealandBIDUS Block Island, RI, United StatesFlughäfen in Block Island, RI, United States
BFNZA Bloemfontein, South AfricaFlughäfen in Bloemfontein, South AfricaXBQFR Blois, FranceFlughäfen in Blois, France
BLOIS Blonduos, IcelandFlughäfen in Blonduos, IcelandYDVCA Bloodvein, MB, CanadaFlughäfen in Bloodvein, MB, Canada
BFCAU Bloomfield, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Bloomfield, QLD, AustraliaBMIUSBloomington, IL, United StatesFlughäfen in Bloomington, IL, United States
BMGUS Bloomington, IN, United StatesFlughäfen in Bloomington, IN, United StatesBBXUS Blue Bell, PA, United StatesFlughäfen in Blue Bell, PA, United States
BLFUSBluefield, WV, United StatesFlughäfen in Bluefield, WV, United StatesBLHUS Blythe, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Blythe, CA, United States
BVCCV Boa Vista Island, Cape VerdeFlughäfen in Boa Vista Island, Cape VerdeBVBBR Boa Vista, BrazilFlughäfen in Boa Vista, Brazil
BOYBF Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina FasoFlughäfen in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina FasoBCTUSBoca Raton, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Boca Raton, FL, United States
BOONO Bodo, NorwayFlughäfen in Bodo, NorwayBXNTRBodrum, TurkeyFlughäfen in Bodrum, Turkey
BJVTRBodrum, TurkeyFlughäfen in Bodrum, TurkeyBOGCO Bogota, ColombiaFlughäfen in Bogota, Colombia
GICAU Boigu Island, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Boigu Island, QLD, AustraliaBOIUSBoise, ID, United StatesFlughäfen in Boise, ID, United States
BKJGN Boke, GuineaFlughäfen in Boke, GuineaBUIID Bokondini, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Bokondini, Indonesia
BLQIT Bologna, ItalyFlughäfen in Bologna, ItalyBZOIT Bolzano, ItalyFlughäfen in Bolzano, Italy
YVBCA Bonaventure, PQ, CanadaFlughäfen in Bonaventure, PQ, CanadaSGSPH Bongao, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Bongao, Philippines
YBYCA Bonnyville, AB, CanadaFlughäfen in Bonnyville, AB, CanadaBOBPF Bora Bora, French PolynesiaFlughäfen in Bora Bora, French Polynesia
BXXSO Borama, SomaliaFlughäfen in Borama, SomaliaRBBBR Borba, BrazilFlughäfen in Borba, Brazil
BODFR Bordeaux, FranceFlughäfen in Bordeaux, FranceZFQFR Bordeaux, FranceFlughäfen in Bordeaux, France
BMWDZ Bordj Badji Mokhtar, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Bordj Badji Mokhtar, AlgeriaBGJIS Borgarfjordur Eystri, IcelandFlughäfen in Borgarfjordur Eystri, Iceland
BGDUS Borger, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Borger, TX, United StatesBMKDE Borkum, GermanyFlughäfen in Borkum, Germany
BLESE Borlange, SwedenFlughäfen in Borlange, SwedenBXSUS Borrego Springs, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Borrego Springs, CA, United States
BOXAU Borroloola, NT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Borroloola, NT, AustraliaBSASO Bossaso, SomaliaFlughäfen in Bossaso, Somalia
BOSUSBoston, MA, United StatesFlughäfen in Boston, MA, United StatesBUJDZ Bou Saada, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Bou Saada, Algeria
WBUUS Boulder, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Boulder, CO, United StatesBQLAU Boulia, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Boulia, QLD, Australia
BYAUS Boundary, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Boundary, AK, United StatesBOJBG Bourgas, BulgariaFlughäfen in Bourgas, Bulgaria
BOUFR Bourges, FranceFlughäfen in Bourges, FranceBRKAU Bourke, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Bourke, NSW, Australia
BOHGBBournemouth, England, UKFlughäfen in Bournemouth, England, UKBWGUS Bowling Green, KY, United StatesFlughäfen in Bowling Green, KY, United States
BWMUS Bowman, ND, United StatesFlughäfen in Bowman, ND, United StatesBZNUSBozeman, MT, United StatesFlughäfen in Bozeman, MT, United States
BWKHR Brac Island, CroatiaFlughäfen in Brac Island, CroatiaBFDUSBradford, PA, United StatesFlughäfen in Bradford, PA, United States
BGZPT Braga, PortugalFlughäfen in Braga, PortugalBGCPT Braganca, PortugalFlughäfen in Braganca, Portugal
BRDUSBrainerd, MN, United StatesFlughäfen in Brainerd, MN, United StatesBMPAU Brampton Island, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Brampton Island, QLD, Australia
YBRCA Brandon, MB, CanadaFlughäfen in Brandon, MB, CanadaPLKUSBranson, MO, United StatesFlughäfen in Branson, MO, United States
BKGUSBranson, MO, United StatesFlughäfen in Branson, MO, United StatesBSBBR Brasilia, BrazilFlughäfen in Brasilia, Brazil
BTSSK Bratislava, SlovakiaFlughäfen in Bratislava, SlovakiaBTKRU Bratsk, RussiaFlughäfen in Bratsk, Russia
BWEDE Braunschweig, GermanyFlughäfen in Braunschweig, GermanyBZVCG Brazzaville, Republic of the CongoFlughäfen in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo
BXVIS Breiddalsvik, IcelandFlughäfen in Breiddalsvik, IcelandBREDE Bremen, GermanyFlughäfen in Bremen, Germany
BRVDE Bremerhaven, GermanyFlughäfen in Bremerhaven, GermanyPWTUSBremerton, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Bremerton, WA, United States
VBSIT Brescia, ItalyFlughäfen in Brescia, ItalyBQTBY Brest, BelarusFlughäfen in Brest, Belarus
BESFR Brest, FranceFlughäfen in Brest, FranceKTSUS Brevig Mission, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Brevig Mission, AK, United States
BWQAU Brewarrina, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Brewarrina, NSW, AustraliaBZKRU Briansk, RussiaFlughäfen in Briansk, Russia
BDRUS Bridgeport, CT, United StatesFlughäfen in Bridgeport, CT, United StatesBGIBB Bridgetown, BarbadosFlughäfen in Bridgetown, Barbados
BDSIT Brindisi, ItalyFlughäfen in Brindisi, ItalyBNEAUBrisbane, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Brisbane, QLD, Australia
BRSGBBristol, England, UKFlughäfen in Bristol, England, UKBVEFR Brive-la-Gaillarde, FranceFlughäfen in Brive-la-Gaillarde, France
BZZGB Brize Norton, England, UKFlughäfen in Brize Norton, England, UKBRQCZ Brno, Czech RepublicFlughäfen in Brno, Czech Republic
YBTCA Brochet, MB, CanadaFlughäfen in Brochet, MB, CanadaXBRCA Brockville, ON, CanadaFlughäfen in Brockville, ON, Canada
BHQAUBroken Hill, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Broken Hill, NSW, AustraliaZBMCA Bromont, PQ, CanadaFlughäfen in Bromont, PQ, Canada
BNNNO Bronnoysund, NorwayFlughäfen in Bronnoysund, NorwayBOKUS Brookings, OR, United StatesFlughäfen in Brookings, OR, United States
BKXUSBrookings, SD, United StatesFlughäfen in Brookings, SD, United StatesBMEAUBroome, WA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Broome, WA, Australia
BJCUSBroomfield, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Broomfield, CO, United StatesYVMCA Broughton Island, NU, CanadaFlughäfen in Broughton Island, NU, Canada
BROUSBrownsville, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Brownsville, TX, United StatesBWDUSBrownwood, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Brownwood, TX, United States
BQKUSBrunswick, GA, United StatesFlughäfen in Brunswick, GA, United StatesSSIUS Brunswick, GA, United StatesFlughäfen in Brunswick, GA, United States
BRUBE Brussels, BelgiumFlughäfen in Brussels, BelgiumCRLBE Brussels, BelgiumFlughäfen in Brussels, Belgium
ZYRBE Brussels, BelgiumFlughäfen in Brussels, BelgiumBCEUSBryce Canyon, UT, United StatesFlughäfen in Bryce Canyon, UT, United States
BQEGW Bubaque, Guinea-BissauFlughäfen in Bubaque, Guinea-BissauBGACO Bucaramanga, ColombiaFlughäfen in Bucaramanga, Colombia
OTPRO Bucharest, RomaniaFlughäfen in Bucharest, RomaniaBBURO Bucharest, RomaniaFlughäfen in Bucharest, Romania
BKCUS Buckland, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Buckland, AK, United StatesBUDHU Budapest, HungaryFlughäfen in Budapest, Hungary
BQDIS Budardalur, IcelandFlughäfen in Budardalur, IcelandAEPAR Buenos Aires, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Buenos Aires, Argentina
EZEAR Buenos Aires, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaYVTCA Buffalo Narrows, SK, CanadaFlughäfen in Buffalo Narrows, SK, Canada
BFOZW Buffalo Range, ZimbabweFlughäfen in Buffalo Range, ZimbabweBUFUSBuffalo, NY, United StatesFlughäfen in Buffalo, NY, United States
UUARU Bugulma, RussiaFlughäfen in Bugulma, RussiaUBIPG Buin, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Buin, Papua New Guinea
BJMBI Bujumbura, BurundiFlughäfen in Bujumbura, BurundiBUAPG Buka, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Buka, Papua New Guinea
BHKUZ Bukhara, UzbekistanFlughäfen in Bukhara, UzbekistanBKZTZ Bukoba, TanzaniaFlughäfen in Bukoba, Tanzania
BUQZW Bulawayo, ZimbabweFlughäfen in Bulawayo, ZimbabweBULPG Bulolo, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Bulolo, Papua New Guinea
BUYAU Bunbury, WA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Bunbury, WA, AustraliaBDBAUBundaberg, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Bundaberg, QLD, Australia
BNTPG Bundi, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Bundi, Papua New GuineaBMVVN Buon Ma Thuot, VietnamFlughäfen in Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam
BUOSO Burao, SomaliaFlughäfen in Burao, SomaliaBURUSBurbank, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Burbank, CA, United States
RGSES Burgos, SpainFlughäfen in Burgos, SpainBFVTH Buri Ram, ThailandFlughäfen in Buri Ram, Thailand
BUCAU Burketown, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Burketown, QLD, AustraliaBYIUS Burley, ID, United StatesFlughäfen in Burley, ID, United States
BRLUSBurlington, IA, United StatesFlughäfen in Burlington, IA, United StatesBTVUSBurlington, VT, United StatesFlughäfen in Burlington, VT, United States
BWTAUBurnie, TAS, AustraliaFlughäfen in Burnie, TAS, AustraliaBNOUSBurns, OR, United StatesFlughäfen in Burns, OR, United States
BTZTRBursa, TurkeyFlughäfen in Bursa, TurkeyYEITRBursa, TurkeyFlughäfen in Bursa, Turkey
BEQGB Bury St. Edmunds, England, UKFlughäfen in Bury St. Edmunds, England, UKPUSKR Busan, South KoreaFlughäfen in Busan, South Korea
USUPH Busuanga, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Busuanga, PhilippinesBBGKI Butaritari, KiribatiFlughäfen in Butaritari, Kiribati
BTPUSButler, PA, United StatesFlughäfen in Butler, PA, United StatesBTMUSButte, MT, United StatesFlughäfen in Butte, MT, United States
BXUPH Butuan, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Butuan, PhilippinesMISPG Bwagaoia, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Bwagaoia, Papua New Guinea
BZGPL Bydgoszcz, PolandFlughäfen in Bydgoszcz, PolandCABAO Cabinda, AngolaFlughäfen in Cabinda, Angola
CADUS Cadillac, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Cadillac, MI, United StatesCFRFR Caen, FranceFlughäfen in Caen, France
CGYPH Cagayan de Oro, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Cagayan de Oro, PhilippinesCAGIT Cagliari, ItalyFlughäfen in Cagliari, Italy
ZAOFR Cahors, FranceFlughäfen in Cahors, FranceCNSAUCairns, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cairns, QLD, Australia
CAIEG Cairo, EgyptFlughäfen in Cairo, EgyptCJAPE Cajamarca, PeruFlughäfen in Cajamarca, Peru
CBQNG Calabar, NigeriaFlughäfen in Calabar, NigeriaCQFFR Calais, FranceFlughäfen in Calais, France
CJCCL Calama, ChileFlughäfen in Calama, ChileCYPPH Calbayog, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Calbayog, Philippines
CDMUSCaldwell, NJ, United StatesFlughäfen in Caldwell, NJ, United StatesCXLUSCalexico, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Calexico, CA, United States
YYCCA Calgary, AB, CanadaFlughäfen in Calgary, AB, CanadaCLOCO Cali, ColombiaFlughäfen in Cali, Colombia
CUDAUCaloundra, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Caloundra, QLD, AustraliaCLYFR Calvi, FranceFlughäfen in Calvi, France
YCBCA Cambridge Bay, NU, CanadaFlughäfen in Cambridge Bay, NU, CanadaCBGGBCambridge, England, UKFlughäfen in Cambridge, England, UK
CDHUS Camden, AR, United StatesFlughäfen in Camden, AR, United StatesCGMPH Camiguin, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Camiguin, Philippines
CAMBO Camiri, BoliviaFlughäfen in Camiri, BoliviaADWUSCamp Springs, MD, United StatesFlughäfen in Camp Springs, MD, United States
YHHCA Campbell River, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Campbell River, BC, CanadaYBLCA Campbell River, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Campbell River, BC, Canada
CALGBCampbeltown, Scotland, UKFlughäfen in Campbeltown, Scotland, UKCPEMXCampeche, Campeche, MexicoFlughäfen in Campeche, Campeche, Mexico
CPVBR Campina Grande, BrazilFlughäfen in Campina Grande, BrazilCPQBR Campinas, BrazilFlughäfen in Campinas, Brazil
VCPBR Campinas, BrazilFlughäfen in Campinas, BrazilCGRBR Campo Grande, BrazilFlughäfen in Campo Grande, Brazil
CAWBR Campos, BrazilFlughäfen in Campos, BrazilVCAVN Can Tho, VietnamFlughäfen in Can Tho, Vietnam
CKZTRCanakkale, TurkeyFlughäfen in Canakkale, TurkeyCBRAUCanberra, ACT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Canberra, ACT, Australia
CUNMXCancun, Quintana Roo, MexicoFlughäfen in Cancun, Quintana Roo, MexicoCDLUS Candle, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Candle, AK, United States
JCAFR Cannes, FranceFlughäfen in Cannes, FranceCEQFR Cannes, FranceFlughäfen in Cannes, France
CNEUSCanon City, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Canon City, CO, United StatesCIWVC Canouan Island, St. Vincent and the GrenadinesFlughäfen in Canouan Island, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
CSKSN Cap Skirring, SenegalFlughäfen in Cap Skirring, SenegalCAPHT Cap-Haitien, HaitiFlughäfen in Cap-Haitien, Haiti
YGRCA Cap-aux-Meules, PQ, CanadaFlughäfen in Cap-aux-Meules, PQ, CanadaYTECA Cape Dorset, NU, CanadaFlughäfen in Cape Dorset, NU, Canada
YVNCA Cape Dyer, NU, CanadaFlughäfen in Cape Dyer, NU, CanadaCGIUSCape Girardeau, MO, United StatesFlughäfen in Cape Girardeau, MO, United States
CGCPG Cape Gloucester, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Cape Gloucester, Papua New GuineaLURUS Cape Lisburne, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Cape Lisburne, AK, United States
WWDUSCape May, NJ, United StatesFlughäfen in Cape May, NJ, United StatesEHMUS Cape Newenham, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Cape Newenham, AK, United States
CPNPG Cape Rodney, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Cape Rodney, Papua New GuineaCPTZA Cape Town, South AfricaFlughäfen in Cape Town, South Africa
CVLPG Cape Vogel, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Cape Vogel, Papua New GuineaPRJIT Capri, ItalyFlughäfen in Capri, Italy
CCSVE Caracas, VenezuelaFlughäfen in Caracas, VenezuelaCKSBR Carajas, BrazilFlughäfen in Carajas, Brazil
CSBRO Caransebes, RomaniaFlughäfen in Caransebes, RomaniaCAFBR Carauari, BrazilFlughäfen in Carauari, Brazil
MDHUSCarbondale, IL, United StatesFlughäfen in Carbondale, IL, United StatesCCFFR Carcassonne, FranceFlughäfen in Carcassonne, France
CWLGBCardiff, Wales, UKFlughäfen in Cardiff, Wales, UKCAXGBCarlisle, England, UKFlughäfen in Carlisle, England, UK
CLDUSCarlsbad, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Carlsbad, CA, United StatesCNMUSCarlsbad, NM, United StatesFlughäfen in Carlsbad, NM, United States
CVQAU Carnarvon, WA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Carnarvon, WA, AustraliaRIKCR Carrillo, Costa RicaFlughäfen in Carrillo, Costa Rica
CSNUSCarson City, NV, United StatesFlughäfen in Carson City, NV, United StatesCTGCO Cartagena, ColombiaFlughäfen in Cartagena, Colombia
YRFCA Cartwright, NL, CanadaFlughäfen in Cartwright, NL, CanadaCUPVE Carupano, VenezuelaFlughäfen in Carupano, Venezuela
CASMA Casablanca, MoroccoFlughäfen in Casablanca, MoroccoCMNMA Casablanca, MoroccoFlughäfen in Casablanca, Morocco
CACBR Cascavel, BrazilFlughäfen in Cascavel, BrazilCSIAU Casino, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Casino, NSW, Australia
CPRUSCasper, WY, United StatesFlughäfen in Casper, WY, United StatesCSTFJ Castaway Island, FijiFlughäfen in Castaway Island, Fiji
BRRGB Castlebay, Scotland, UKFlughäfen in Castlebay, Scotland, UKYCGCA Castlegar, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Castlegar, BC, Canada
DCMFR Castres, FranceFlughäfen in Castres, FranceSLULC Castries, St. Lucia
CXYBS Cat Cay, BahamasFlughäfen in Cat Cay, BahamasYACCA Cat Lake, ON, CanadaFlughäfen in Cat Lake, ON, Canada
CTCAR Catamarca, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Catamarca, ArgentinaCTAIT Catania, ItalyFlughäfen in Catania, Italy
CRMPH Catarman, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Catarman, PhilippinesMPHPH Caticlan, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Caticlan, Philippines
CYZPH Cauayan, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Cauayan, PhilippinesCAQCO Caucasia, ColombiaFlughäfen in Caucasia, Colombia
CXJBR Caxias do Sul, BrazilFlughäfen in Caxias do Sul, BrazilCYCBZ Caye Chapel, BelizeFlughäfen in Caye Chapel, Belize
CAYGF Cayenne, French GuianaCEBPH Cebu, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Cebu, Philippines
CDCUSCedar City, UT, United StatesFlughäfen in Cedar City, UT, United StatesCIDUSCedar Rapids, IA, United StatesFlughäfen in Cedar Rapids, IA, United States
CEDAU Ceduna, SA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Ceduna, SA, AustraliaCWSUS Center Island, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Center Island, WA, United States
CEMUSCentral, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Central, AK, United StatesCESAUCessnock, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cessnock, NSW, Australia
CDRUS Chadron, NE, United StatesFlughäfen in Chadron, NE, United StatesCIKUS Chalkyitsik, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Chalkyitsik, AK, United States
CHLUS Challis, ID, United StatesFlughäfen in Challis, ID, United StatesXCDFR Chalon-sur-Saone, FranceFlughäfen in Chalon-sur-Saone, France
CMFFR Chambery, FranceFlughäfen in Chambery, FranceCMIUSChampaign, IL, United StatesFlughäfen in Champaign, IL, United States
IXCINChandigarh, IndiaFlughäfen in Chandigarh, IndiaCGQCN Changchun, ChinaFlughäfen in Changchun, China
CGDCN Changde, ChinaFlughäfen in Changde, ChinaCSXCN Changsha, ChinaFlughäfen in Changsha, China
CIHCN Changzhi, ChinaFlughäfen in Changzhi, ChinaCZXCN Changzhou, ChinaFlughäfen in Changzhou, China
CHGCN Chaoyang, ChinaFlughäfen in Chaoyang, ChinaXAPBR Chapeco, BrazilFlughäfen in Chapeco, Brazil
YLDCA Chapleau, ON, CanadaFlughäfen in Chapleau, ON, CanadaCHSUSCharleston, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Charleston, SC, United States
CRWUSCharleston, WV, United StatesFlughäfen in Charleston, WV, United StatesCTLAU Charleville, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Charleville, QLD, Australia
YCLCA Charlo, NB, CanadaFlughäfen in Charlo, NB, CanadaSPBVI Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands
STTVI Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin IslandsCLTUSCharlotte, NC, United StatesFlughäfen in Charlotte, NC, United States
CHOUSCharlottesville, VA, United StatesFlughäfen in Charlottesville, VA, United StatesYYGCA Charlottetown, PEI, CanadaFlughäfen in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada
CXTAU Charters Towers, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Charters Towers, QLD, AustraliaQTJFR Chartres, FranceFlughäfen in Chartres, France
CHRFR Chateauroux, FranceFlughäfen in Chateauroux, FranceXCMCA Chatham, ON, CanadaFlughäfen in Chatham, ON, Canada
CHAUSChattanooga, TN, United StatesFlughäfen in Chattanooga, TN, United StatesHRJNP Chaurjhari, NepalFlughäfen in Chaurjhari, Nepal
CHVPT Chaves, PortugalFlughäfen in Chaves, PortugalCSYRU Cheboksary, RussiaFlughäfen in Cheboksary, Russia
CYFUS Chefornak, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Chefornak, AK, United StatesCEKRU Chelyabinsk, RussiaFlughäfen in Chelyabinsk, Russia
CTUCN Chengdu, ChinaFlughäfen in Chengdu, ChinaMAAINChennai, IndiaFlughäfen in Chennai, India
CJJKR Cheongju, South KoreaFlughäfen in Cheongju, South KoreaHCWUSCheraw, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Cheraw, SC, United States
CERFR Cherbourg, FranceFlughäfen in Cherbourg, FranceCEERU Cherepovets, RussiaFlughäfen in Cherepovets, Russia
CKCUA Cherkassy, UkraineFlughäfen in Cherkassy, UkraineCWCUA Chernovtsy, UkraineFlughäfen in Chernovtsy, Ukraine
CEGGB Chester, England, UKFlughäfen in Chester, England, UKYCSCA Chesterfield Inlet, NU, CanadaFlughäfen in Chesterfield Inlet, NU, Canada
CTMMXChetumal, Quintana Roo, MexicoFlughäfen in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, MexicoYCQCA Chetwynd, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Chetwynd, BC, Canada
VAKUS Chevak, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Chevak, AK, United StatesYHRCA Chevery, PQ, CanadaFlughäfen in Chevery, PQ, Canada
CYSUSCheyenne, WY, United StatesFlughäfen in Cheyenne, WY, United StatesCMJTW Chi Mei, TaiwanFlughäfen in Chi Mei, Taiwan
CNXTH Chiang Mai, ThailandFlughäfen in Chiang Mai, ThailandCEITH Chiang Rai, ThailandFlughäfen in Chiang Rai, Thailand
CYITW Chiayi, TaiwanFlughäfen in Chiayi, TaiwanYMTCA Chibougamau, PQ, CanadaFlughäfen in Chibougamau, PQ, Canada
PWKUS Chicago, IL, United StatesFlughäfen in Chicago, IL, United StatesMDWUSChicago, IL, United StatesFlughäfen in Chicago, IL, United States
ORDUSChicago, IL, United StatesFlughäfen in Chicago, IL, United StatesDPAUS Chicago, IL, United StatesFlughäfen in Chicago, IL, United States
CZAMXChichen Itza, Yucatan, MexicoFlughäfen in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, MexicoCKXUS Chicken, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Chicken, AK, United States
CIXPE Chiclayo, PeruFlughäfen in Chiclayo, PeruCICUS Chico, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Chico, CA, United States
CIFCN Chifeng, ChinaFlughäfen in Chifeng, ChinaKCQUS Chignik Lagoon, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Chignik Lagoon, AK, United States
KCLUS Chignik Lagoon, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Chignik Lagoon, AK, United StatesKCGUS Chignik Lagoon, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Chignik Lagoon, AK, United States
IGOCO Chigorodo, ColombiaFlughäfen in Chigorodo, ColombiaCUUMXChihuahua, Chihuahua, MexicoFlughäfen in Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico
CHBPK Chilas, PakistanFlughäfen in Chilas, PakistanCJHCA Chilko Lake, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Chilko Lake, BC, Canada
CHZUSChiloquin, OR, United StatesFlughäfen in Chiloquin, OR, United StatesVPYMZ Chimoio, MozambiqueFlughäfen in Chimoio, Mozambique
CNOUSChino, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Chino, CA, United StatesJKHGR Chios, GreeceFlughäfen in Chios, Greece
CIPZM Chipata, ZambiaFlughäfen in Chipata, ZambiaCZNUS Chisana, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Chisana, AK, United States
YKUCA Chisasibi, PQ, CanadaFlughäfen in Chisasibi, PQ, CanadaKIVMD Chisinau, MoldovaFlughäfen in Chisinau, Moldova
HTARU Chita, RussiaFlughäfen in Chita, RussiaCJLPK Chitral, PakistanFlughäfen in Chitral, Pakistan
CGPBD Chittagong, BangladeshFlughäfen in Chittagong, BangladeshCFKDZ Chlef, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Chlef, Algeria
CHYSB Choiseul Bay, Solomon IslandsFlughäfen in Choiseul Bay, Solomon IslandsCETFR Cholet, FranceFlughäfen in Cholet, France
CKGCN Chongqing, ChinaFlughäfen in Chongqing, ChinaHOSAR Chos Malal, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Chos Malal, Argentina
CHCNZ Christchurch, New ZealandFlughäfen in Christchurch, New ZealandSSBVI Christiansted, U.S. Virgin Islands
STXVI Christiansted, U.S. Virgin IslandsXCHCX Christmas Island, Christmas IslandFlughäfen in Christmas Island, Christmas Island
VCLVN Chu Lai, VietnamFlughäfen in Chu Lai, VietnamCHUUS Chuathbaluk, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Chuathbaluk, AK, United States
CCZBS Chub Cay, BahamasFlughäfen in Chub Cay, BahamasCJMTH Chumphon, ThailandFlughäfen in Chumphon, Thailand
ZUMCA Churchill Falls, NL, CanadaFlughäfen in Churchill Falls, NL, CanadaYYQCA Churchill, MB, CanadaFlughäfen in Churchill, MB, Canada
ICIFJ Cicia, FijiFlughäfen in Cicia, FijiCXPID Cilacap, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Cilacap, Indonesia
CVGUSCincinnati, OH, United StatesFlughäfen in Cincinnati, OH, United StatesLUKUS Cincinnati, OH, United StatesFlughäfen in Cincinnati, OH, United States
CHPUS Circle Hot Springs, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Circle Hot Springs, AK, United StatesIRCUS Circle, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Circle, AK, United States
CBNID Cirebon, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Cirebon, IndonesiaJIDUSCity of Industry, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in City of Industry, CA, United States
CBLVE Ciudad Bolivar, VenezuelaFlughäfen in Ciudad Bolivar, VenezuelaCMEMXCiudad Del Carmen, Campeche, MexicoFlughäfen in Ciudad Del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico
CJSMXCiudad Juarez, Chihuahua, MexicoFlughäfen in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, MexicoCENMXCiudad Obregon, Sonora, MexicoFlughäfen in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico
CQMES Ciudad Real, SpainFlughäfen in Ciudad Real, SpainCVMMXCiudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, MexicoFlughäfen in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico
AGTPY Ciudad del Este, ParaguayFlughäfen in Ciudad del Este, ParaguayCLPUS Clarks Point, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Clarks Point, AK, United States
CKBUSClarksburg, WV, United StatesFlughäfen in Clarksburg, WV, United StatesCKVUS Clarksville, TN, United StatesFlughäfen in Clarksville, TN, United States
CEUUSClemson, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Clemson, SC, United StatesCMQAU Clermont, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Clermont, QLD, Australia
CFEFR Clermont-Ferrand, FranceFlughäfen in Clermont-Ferrand, FranceCVCAU Cleve, SA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cleve, SA, Australia
CGFUS Cleveland, OH, United StatesFlughäfen in Cleveland, OH, United StatesBKLUS Cleveland, OH, United StatesFlughäfen in Cleveland, OH, United States
CLEUSCleveland, OH, United StatesFlughäfen in Cleveland, OH, United StatesCWIUS Clinton, IA, United StatesFlughäfen in Clinton, IA, United States
CSMUS Clinton, OK, United StatesFlughäfen in Clinton, OK, United StatesCLKUS Clinton, OK, United StatesFlughäfen in Clinton, OK, United States
CNJAU Cloncurry, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cloncurry, QLD, AustraliaCVNUSClovis, NM, United StatesFlughäfen in Clovis, NM, United States
CLJRO Cluj-Napoca, RomaniaFlughäfen in Cluj-Napoca, RomaniaYCYCA Clyde River, NU, CanadaFlughäfen in Clyde River, NU, Canada
CTHUS Coatesville, PA, United StatesFlughäfen in Coatesville, PA, United StatesCAZAU Cobar, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cobar, NSW, Australia
CIJBO Cobija, BoliviaFlughäfen in Cobija, BoliviaOCCEC Coca, EcuadorFlughäfen in Coca, Ecuador
CBBBO Cochabamba, BoliviaFlughäfen in Cochabamba, BoliviaCOKINCochin, IndiaFlughäfen in Cochin, India
YCNCA Cochrane, ON, CanadaFlughäfen in Cochrane, ON, CanadaXSCTC Cockburn Harbour, Turks and Caicos
ZSABS Cockburn Town, BahamasFlughäfen in Cockburn Town, BahamasGDTTC Cockburn Town, Turks and Caicos
CNCAU Coconut Island, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Coconut Island, QLD, AustraliaCCKCC Cocos Islands, Cocos Islands
BBQAG Codrington, BarbudaCODUSCody, WY, United StatesFlughäfen in Cody, WY, United States
CUQAU Coen, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Coen, QLD, AustraliaCOEUSCoeur d'Alene, ID, United States of AmericaFlughäfen in Coeur d
CFSAUCoffs Harbour, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Coffs Harbour, NSW, AustraliaCNGFR Cognac, FranceFlughäfen in Cognac, France
CJBINCoimbatore, IndiaFlughäfen in Coimbatore, IndiaCBPPT Coimbra, PortugalFlughäfen in Coimbra, Portugal
CDBUS Cold Bay, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Cold Bay, AK, United StatesCLQMXColima, Colima, MexicoFlughäfen in Colima, Colima, Mexico
CGSUS College Park, MD, United StatesFlughäfen in College Park, MD, United StatesCLLUSCollege Station, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in College Station, TX, United States
KCEAU Collinsville, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Collinsville, QLD, AustraliaCMRFR Colmar, FranceFlughäfen in Colmar, France
CGNDE Cologne, GermanyFlughäfen in Cologne, GermanyCMBLK Colombo, Sri LankaFlughäfen in Colombo, Sri Lanka
CRIBS Colonel Hill, BahamasFlughäfen in Colonel Hill, BahamasCOSUSColorado Springs, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Colorado Springs, CO, United States
COUUSColumbia, MO, United StatesFlughäfen in Columbia, MO, United StatesCAEUSColumbia, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Columbia, SC, United States
CLUUS Columbus, IN, United StatesFlughäfen in Columbus, IN, United StatesGTRUSColumbus, MS, United StatesFlughäfen in Columbus, MS, United States
OLUUSColumbus, NE, United StatesFlughäfen in Columbus, NE, United StatesOSUUS Columbus, OH, United StatesFlughäfen in Columbus, OH, United States
CMHUSColumbus, OH, United StatesFlughäfen in Columbus, OH, United StatesLCKUS Columbus, OH, United StatesFlughäfen in Columbus, OH, United States
YCKCA Colville Lake, NWT, CanadaFlughäfen in Colville Lake, NWT, CanadaCRDAR Comodoro Rivadavia, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina
YQQCA Comox, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Comox, BC, CanadaCPMUS Compton, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Compton, CA, United States
VCSVN Con Dao, VietnamFlughäfen in Con Dao, VietnamCKYGN Conakry, GuineaFlughäfen in Conakry, Guinea
CDJBR Conceicao do Araguaia, BrazilFlughäfen in Conceicao do Araguaia, BrazilCCPCL Concepcion, ChileFlughäfen in Concepcion, Chile
MDSTC Conch Bar, Turks and CaicosCCRUS Concord, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Concord, CA, United States
CONUS Concord, NH, United StatesFlughäfen in Concord, NH, United StatesCOCAR Concordia, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Concordia, Argentina
CBXAU Condobolin, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Condobolin, NSW, AustraliaCNDRO Constanta, RomaniaFlughäfen in Constanta, Romania
CZLDZ Constantine, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Constantine, AlgeriaCPDAU Coober Pedy, SA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Coober Pedy, SA, Australia
CDAAUCooinda, NT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cooinda, NT, AustraliaCTNAU Cooktown, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cooktown, QLD, Australia
OOMAUCooma, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cooma, NSW, AustraliaCOJAU Coonabarabran, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia
CNBAU Coonamble, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Coonamble, NSW, AustraliaCMDAU Cootamundra, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cootamundra, NSW, Australia
CPHDK Copenhagen, DenmarkFlughäfen in Copenhagen, DenmarkRKEDK Copenhagen, DenmarkFlughäfen in Copenhagen, Denmark
CPOCL Copiapo, ChileFlughäfen in Copiapo, ChileYCOCA Coppermine, NU, CanadaFlughäfen in Coppermine, NU, Canada
YZSCA Coral Harbour, NU, CanadaFlughäfen in Coral Harbour, NU, CanadaODLAU Cordillo Downs, SA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cordillo Downs, SA, Australia
CORAR Cordoba, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Cordoba, ArgentinaXOJES Cordoba, SpainFlughäfen in Cordoba, Spain
ODBES Cordoba, SpainFlughäfen in Cordoba, SpainCDVUSCordova, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Cordova, AK, United States
CFUGR Corfu, GreeceFlughäfen in Corfu, GreeceCRXUS Corinth, MS, United StatesFlughäfen in Corinth, MS, United States
ORKIE Cork, IrelandFlughäfen in Cork, IrelandYCCCA Cornwall, ON, CanadaFlughäfen in Cornwall, ON, Canada
CZEVE Coro, VenezuelaFlughäfen in Coro, VenezuelaCWWAU Corowa, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Corowa, NSW, Australia
CZHBZ Corozal, BelizeFlughäfen in Corozal, BelizeCRPUSCorpus Christi, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Corpus Christi, TX, United States
CNQAR Corrientes, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Corrientes, ArgentinaCYGAU Corryong, VIC, AustraliaFlughäfen in Corryong, VIC, Australia
YCFCA Cortes Bay, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Cortes Bay, BC, CanadaCEZUSCortez, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Cortez, CO, United States
CMGBR Corumba, BrazilFlughäfen in Corumba, BrazilCVOUSCorvallis, OR, United StatesFlughäfen in Corvallis, OR, United States
CVUPT Corvo Island, PortugalFlughäfen in Corvo Island, PortugalCBOPH Cotabato, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Cotabato, Philippines
COOBJ Cotonou, BeninFlughäfen in Cotonou, BeninCTWUSCottonwood, AZ, United StatesFlughäfen in Cottonwood, AZ, United States
CILUS Council, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Council, AK, United StatesCVFFR Courchevel, FranceFlughäfen in Courchevel, France
YCACA Courtenay, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Courtenay, BC, CanadaCVTGB Coventry, England, UKFlughäfen in Coventry, England, UK
COVPT Covilha, PortugalFlughäfen in Covilha, PortugalCWRAU Cowarie, SA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cowarie, SA, Australia
CWTAUCowra, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cowra, NSW, AustraliaCXBBD Cox's Bazar, BangladeshFlughäfen in Cox
GXQCL Coyhaique, ChileFlughäfen in Coyhaique, ChileCZMMXCozumel, Quintana Roo, MexicoFlughäfen in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico
CCVVU Craig Cove, VanuatuFlughäfen in Craig Cove, VanuatuCGAUSCraig, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Craig, AK, United States
CIGUSCraig, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Craig, CO, United StatesCRARO Craiova, RomaniaFlughäfen in Craiova, Romania
YXCCA Cranbrook, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Cranbrook, BC, CanadaCECUSCrescent City, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Crescent City, CA, United States
YCZCA Creston, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Creston, BC, CanadaCKDUS Crooked Creek, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Crooked Creek, AK, United States
YCRCA Cross Lake, MB, CanadaFlughäfen in Cross Lake, MB, CanadaCSVUSCrossville, TN, United StatesFlughäfen in Crossville, TN, United States
CRVIT Crotone, ItalyFlughäfen in Crotone, ItalyCDQAU Croydon, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Croydon, QLD, Australia
CZSBR Cruzeiro do Sul, BrazilFlughäfen in Cruzeiro do Sul, BrazilCUCCO Cucuta, ColombiaFlughäfen in Cucuta, Colombia
CUGAU Cudal, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cudal, NSW, AustraliaCUYAU Cue, WA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cue, WA, Australia
CUEEC Cuenca, EcuadorFlughäfen in Cuenca, EcuadorCVJMXCuernavaca, Morelos, MexicoFlughäfen in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico
CGBBR Cuiaba, BrazilFlughäfen in Cuiaba, BrazilCPXPR Culebra, Puerto RicoFlughäfen in Culebra, Puerto Rico
CULMXCuliacan, Sinaloa, MexicoFlughäfen in Culiacan, Sinaloa, MexicoCUMVE Cumana, VenezuelaFlughäfen in Cumana, Venezuela
CBEUS Cumberland, MD, United StatesFlughäfen in Cumberland, MD, United StatesCUFIT Cuneo, ItalyFlughäfen in Cuneo, Italy
CMAAU Cunnamulla, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Cunnamulla, QLD, AustraliaCWBBR Curitiba, BrazilFlughäfen in Curitiba, Brazil
CUZPE Cusco, PeruFlughäfen in Cusco, PeruCUTAR Cutral, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Cutral, Argentina
CZWPL Czestochowa, PolandFlughäfen in Czestochowa, PolandDLIVN Da Lat, VietnamFlughäfen in Da Lat, Vietnam
DADVN Da Nang, VietnamFlughäfen in Da Nang, VietnamSIQID Dabo, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Dabo, Indonesia
TAEKR Daegu, South KoreaFlughäfen in Daegu, South KoreaDTEPH Daet, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Daet, Philippines
DKRSN Dakar, SenegalFlughäfen in Dakar, SenegalVILMA Dakhla, Western Sahara, MoroccoFlughäfen in Dakhla, Western Sahara, Morocco
DLMTRDalaman, TurkeyFlughäfen in Dalaman, TurkeyDBAPK Dalbandin, PakistanFlughäfen in Dalbandin, Pakistan
DBYAUDalby, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Dalby, QLD, AustraliaDLUCN Dali, ChinaFlughäfen in Dali, China
DLCCN Dalian, ChinaFlughäfen in Dalian, ChinaWHNUS Dallas, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Dallas, TX, United States
WSLUS Dallas, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Dallas, TX, United StatesDFWUSDallas, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Dallas, TX, United States
DALUSDallas, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Dallas, TX, United StatesJDBUS Dallas, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Dallas, TX, United States
NMBINDaman, IndiaFlughäfen in Daman, IndiaDAMSY Damascus, SyriaFlughäfen in Damascus, Syria
DMSSA Dammam, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Dammam, Saudi ArabiaDMMSA Dammam, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Dammam, Saudi Arabia
DXRUS Danbury, CT, United StatesFlughäfen in Danbury, CT, United StatesDDGCN Dandong, ChinaFlughäfen in Dandong, China
DGABZ Dangriga, BelizeFlughäfen in Dangriga, BelizeDNVUS Danville, IL, United StatesFlughäfen in Danville, IL, United States
DANUS Danville, VA, United StatesFlughäfen in Danville, VA, United StatesDQACN Daqing, ChinaFlughäfen in Daqing, China
DARTZ Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaFlughäfen in Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaNLFAU Darnley Island, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Darnley Island, QLD, Australia
DAUPG Daru, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Daru, Papua New GuineaDRWAUDarwin, NT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Darwin, NT, Australia
DATCN Datong, ChinaFlughäfen in Datong, ChinaDAJAU Dauan Island, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Dauan Island, QLD, Australia
YDNCA Dauphin, MB, CanadaFlughäfen in Dauphin, MB, CanadaDVOPH Davao, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Davao, Philippines
DVNUSDavenport, IA, United StatesFlughäfen in Davenport, IA, United StatesDAVPA David, PanamaFlughäfen in David, Panama
DWDSA Dawadmi, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Dawadmi, Saudi ArabiaYDACA Dawson City, YT, CanadaFlughäfen in Dawson City, YT, Canada
YDQCA Dawson Creek, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Dawson Creek, BC, CanadaDDIAUDaydream Island, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Daydream Island, QLD, Australia
MGYUS Dayton, OH, United StatesFlughäfen in Dayton, OH, United StatesDAYUSDayton, OH, United StatesFlughäfen in Dayton, OH, United States
DABUSDaytona Beach, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Daytona Beach, FL, United StatesDAXCN Dazhou, ChinaFlughäfen in Dazhou, China
LGIBS Deadman's Cay, BahamasFlughäfen in DeadmanYRDCA Dean River, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Dean River, BC, Canada
YDLCA Dease Lake, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Dease Lake, BC, CanadaDOLFR Deauville, FranceFlughäfen in Deauville, France
DBMET Debra Marcos, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Debra Marcos, EthiopiaDEBHU Debrecen, HungaryFlughäfen in Debrecen, Hungary
DTRUS Decatur Island, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Decatur Island, WA, United StatesDECUSDecatur, IL, United StatesFlughäfen in Decatur, IL, United States
DHBUSDeer Harbor, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Deer Harbor, WA, United StatesYDFCA Deer Lake, NL, CanadaFlughäfen in Deer Lake, NL, Canada
YVZCA Deer Lake, ON, CanadaFlughäfen in Deer Lake, ON, CanadaDRGUS Deering, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Deering, AK, United States
DEDINDehradun, IndiaFlughäfen in Dehradun, IndiaDEZSY Deirezzor, SyriaFlughäfen in Deirezzor, Syria
DRTUSDel Rio, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Del Rio, TX, United StatesDELINDelhi, IndiaFlughäfen in Delhi, India
YWJCA Deline, NWT, CanadaFlughäfen in Deline, NWT, CanadaDDNAU Delta Downs, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Delta Downs, QLD, Australia
DJNUS Delta Junction, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Delta Junction, AK, United StatesDTAUS Delta, UT, United StatesFlughäfen in Delta, UT, United States
MCLUSDenali National Park, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Denali National Park, AK, United StatesDNQAU Deniliquin, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Deniliquin, NSW, Australia
DEISC Denis Island, SeychellesFlughäfen in Denis Island, SeychellesDNZTRDenizli, TurkeyFlughäfen in Denizli, Turkey
DPSID Denpasar, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Denpasar, IndonesiaDENUSDenver, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Denver, CO, United States
APAUS Denver, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Denver, CO, United StatesDSKPK Dera Ismail Khan, PakistanFlughäfen in Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan
DRBAUDerby, WA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Derby, WA, AustraliaDERPG Derim, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Derim, Papua New Guinea
DNFLY Derna, LibyaFlughäfen in Derna, LibyaDSMUSDes Moines, IA, United StatesFlughäfen in Des Moines, IA, United States
YDSCA Desolation Sound, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Desolation Sound, BC, CanadaDESSC Desroches Island, SeychellesFlughäfen in Desroches Island, Seychelles
DSEET Dessie, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Dessie, EthiopiaDSIUSDestin, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Destin, FL, United States
DTLUSDetroit Lakes, MN, United StatesFlughäfen in Detroit Lakes, MN, United StatesDTWUSDetroit, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Detroit, MI, United States
YIPUS Detroit, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Detroit, MI, United StatesDETUS Detroit, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Detroit, MI, United States
DVLUSDevils Lake, ND, United StatesFlughäfen in Devils Lake, ND, United StatesDPOAUDevonport, TAS, AustraliaFlughäfen in Devonport, TAS, Australia
DHASA Dhahran, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Dhahran, Saudi ArabiaDACBD Dhaka, BangladeshFlughäfen in Dhaka, Bangladesh
DBDIN Dhanbad, IndiaFlughäfen in Dhanbad, IndiaBYBOM Dibaa, OmanFlughäfen in Dibaa, Oman
DIBIN Dibrugarh, IndiaFlughäfen in Dibrugarh, IndiaDIKUSDickinson, ND, United StatesFlughäfen in Dickinson, ND, United States
DINVN Dien Bien Phu, VietnamFlughäfen in Dien Bien Phu, VietnamDPEFR Dieppe, FranceFlughäfen in Dieppe, France
YDGCA Digby, NS, CanadaFlughäfen in Digby, NS, CanadaDIJFR Dijon, FranceFlughäfen in Dijon, France
DILTL Dili, Timor LesteFlughäfen in Dili, Timor LesteDLGUS Dillingham, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Dillingham, AK, United States
DLYVU Dillon's Bay, VanuatuFlughäfen in DillonDLLUS Dillon, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Dillon, SC, United States
DMUIN Dimapur, IndiaFlughäfen in Dimapur, IndiaDNRFR Dinard, FranceFlughäfen in Dinard, France
DPLPH Dipolog, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Dipolog, PhilippinesDIRET Dire Dawa, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia
DIUINDiu, IndiaFlughäfen in Diu, IndiaDIYTRDiyarbakir, TurkeyFlughäfen in Diyarbakir, Turkey
DJGDZ Djanet, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Djanet, AlgeriaJIBDJ Djibouti, DjiboutiFlughäfen in Djibouti, Djibouti
DJUIS Djupivogur, IcelandFlughäfen in Djupivogur, IcelandDNKUA Dnepropetrovsk, UkraineFlughäfen in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
DOAMG Doany, MadagascarFlughäfen in Doany, MadagascarDDCUSDodge City, KS, United StatesFlughäfen in Dodge City, KS, United States
DODTZ Dodoma, TanzaniaFlughäfen in Dodoma, TanzaniaDOHQA Doha, QatarFlughäfen in Doha, Qatar
YDOCA Dolbeau, PQ, CanadaFlughäfen in Dolbeau, PQ, CanadaDLEFR Dole, FranceFlughäfen in Dole, France
DOPNP Dolpa, NepalFlughäfen in Dolpa, NepalDSAGBDoncaster, England, United KingdomFlughäfen in Doncaster, England, United Kingdom
CFNIE Donegal, IrelandFlughäfen in Donegal, IrelandDOKUA Donetsk, UkraineFlughäfen in Donetsk, Ukraine
VDHVN Dong Hoi, VietnamFlughäfen in Dong Hoi, VietnamDOYCN Dongying, ChinaFlughäfen in Dongying, China
DMDAU Doomadgee, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Doomadgee, QLD, AustraliaDTMDE Dortmund, GermanyFlughäfen in Dortmund, Germany
DRDAU Dorunda Station, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Dorunda Station, QLD, AustraliaDHNUSDothan, AL, United StatesFlughäfen in Dothan, AL, United States
DLACM Douala, CameroonFlughäfen in Douala, CameroonDUGUSDouglas, AZ, United StatesFlughäfen in Douglas, AZ, United States
IOMGBDouglas, England, UKFlughäfen in Douglas, England, UK33NUS Dover, DE, United StatesFlughäfen in Dover, DE, United States
DOVUSDover, DE, United StatesFlughäfen in Dover, DE, United StatesDRKCR Drake Bay, Costa RicaFlughäfen in Drake Bay, Costa Rica
YDCCA Drayton Valley, AB, CanadaFlughäfen in Drayton Valley, AB, CanadaDRSDE Dresden, GermanyFlughäfen in Dresden, Germany
DREUS Drummond Island, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Drummond Island, MI, United StatesYHDCA Dryden, ON, CanadaFlughäfen in Dryden, ON, Canada
DSCCM Dschang, CameroonFlughäfen in Dschang, CameroonDUJUSDuBois, PA, United StatesFlughäfen in DuBois, PA, United States
XNBAE Dubai, United Arab EmiratesFlughäfen in Dubai, United Arab EmiratesDXBAE Dubai, United Arab EmiratesFlughäfen in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
DBOAU Dubbo, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Dubbo, NSW, AustraliaDUBIE Dublin, IrelandFlughäfen in Dublin, Ireland
PSKUS Dublin, VA, United StatesFlughäfen in Dublin, VA, United StatesDBVHR Dubrovnik, CroatiaFlughäfen in Dubrovnik, Croatia
DBQUSDubuque, IA, United StatesFlughäfen in Dubuque, IA, United StatesWUJUS Duchesne, UT, United StatesFlughäfen in Duchesne, UT, United States
SUWUSDuluth, MN, United StatesFlughäfen in Duluth, MN, United StatesDLHUSDuluth, MN, United StatesFlughäfen in Duluth, MN, United States
DGTPH Dumaguete, PhilippinesFlughäfen in Dumaguete, PhilippinesDUMID Dumai, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Dumai, Indonesia
DNBAU Dunbar, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Dunbar, QLD, AustraliaDUQCA Duncan, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Duncan, BC, Canada
DNDGBDundee, Scotland, UKFlughäfen in Dundee, Scotland, UKDUEAO Dundo, AngolaFlughäfen in Dundo, Angola
DUDNZ Dunedin, New ZealandFlughäfen in Dunedin, New ZealandDNHCN Dunhuang, ChinaFlughäfen in Dunhuang, China
DKIAU Dunk Island, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Dunk Island, QLD, AustraliaDROUSDurango, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Durango, CO, United States
AMKUSDurango, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Durango, CO, United StatesDGOMXDurango, Durango, MexicoFlughäfen in Durango, Durango, Mexico
DURZA Durban, South AfricaFlughäfen in Durban, South AfricaDHDAU Durham Downs, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Durham Downs, QLD, Australia
MMEGBDurham, England, United KingdomFlughäfen in Durham, England, United KingdomDRRAU Durrie, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Durrie, QLD, Australia
DYUTJ Dushanbe, TajikistanFlughäfen in Dushanbe, TajikistanDUSDE Dusseldorf, GermanyFlughäfen in Dusseldorf, Germany
MGLDE Dusseldorf, GermanyFlughäfen in Dusseldorf, GermanyDYAAU Dysart, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Dysart, QLD, Australia
DZAYT Dzaoudzi, MayotteFlughäfen in Dzaoudzi, MayotteEGPUS Eagle Pass, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Eagle Pass, TX, United States
EGVUS Eagle River, WI, United StatesFlughäfen in Eagle River, WI, United StatesEAAUSEagle, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Eagle, AK, United States
YXRCA Earlton, ON, CanadaFlughäfen in Earlton, ON, CanadaHTOUS East Hampton, NY, United StatesFlughäfen in East Hampton, NY, United States
ELSZA East London, South AfricaFlughäfen in East London, South AfricaEMAGBEast Midlands, England, UKFlughäfen in East Midlands, England, UK
ECAUS East Tawas, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in East Tawas, MI, United StatesETNUSEastland, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Eastland, TX, United States
ZEMCA Eastmain, PQ, CanadaFlughäfen in Eastmain, PQ, CanadaESNUSEaston, MD, United StatesFlughäfen in Easton, MD, United States
ESDUS Eastsound, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Eastsound, WA, United StatesEAUUSEau Claire, WI, United StatesFlughäfen in Eau Claire, WI, United States
EBOMH Ebon, Marshall IslandsFlughäfen in Ebon, Marshall IslandsECHAUEchuca, VIC, AustraliaFlughäfen in Echuca, VIC, Australia
EOIGB Eday, Scotland, UKFlughäfen in Eday, Scotland, UKEDIGBEdinburgh, Scotland, UKFlughäfen in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
YXDCA Edmonton, AB, CanadaFlughäfen in Edmonton, AB, CanadaYEGCA Edmonton, AB, CanadaFlughäfen in Edmonton, AB, Canada
YEDCA Edmonton, AB, CanadaFlughäfen in Edmonton, AB, CanadaEDAUS Edna Bay, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Edna Bay, AK, United States
EDOTR Edremit, TurkeyFlughäfen in Edremit, TurkeyEDWUSEdwards, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Edwards, CA, United States
EEKUS Eek, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Eek, AK, United StatesEFGPG Efogi, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Efogi, Papua New Guinea
JEGGL Egedesminde, GreenlandFlughäfen in Egedesminde, GreenlandEGXUS Egegik, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Egegik, AK, United States
EGSIS Egilsstadir, IcelandFlughäfen in Egilsstadir, IcelandETHIL Eilat, IsraelFlughäfen in Eilat, Israel
EIYIL Ein Yahav, IsraelFlughäfen in Ein Yahav, IsraelEINNL Eindhoven, NetherlandsFlughäfen in Eindhoven, Netherlands
KKUUS Ekuk, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Ekuk, AK, United StatesKEKUS Ekwok, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Ekwok, AK, United States
EUNMA El Aaiun, Western Sahara, MoroccoFlughäfen in El Aaiun, Western Sahara, MoroccoCJNUS El Cajon, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in El Cajon, CA, United States
INGAR El Calafate, ArgentinaFlughäfen in El Calafate, ArgentinaFTEAR El Calafate, ArgentinaFlughäfen in El Calafate, Argentina
IPLUSEl Centro, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in El Centro, CA, United StatesELDUSEl Dorado, AR, United StatesFlughäfen in El Dorado, AR, United States
ELGDZ El Golea, AlgeriaFlughäfen in El Golea, AlgeriaUVLEG El Kharga, EgyptFlughäfen in El Kharga, Egypt
EMYEG El Minya, EgyptFlughäfen in El Minya, EgyptEMTUS El Monte, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in El Monte, CA, United States
ENIPH El Nido, PhilippinesFlughäfen in El Nido, PhilippinesELUDZ El Oued, AlgeriaFlughäfen in El Oued, Algeria
ELPUSEl Paso, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in El Paso, TX, United StatesESRCL El Salvador, ChileFlughäfen in El Salvador, Chile
ELTEG El-Tur, EgyptFlughäfen in El-Tur, EgyptEZSTRElazig, TurkeyFlughäfen in Elazig, Turkey
ELCAU Elcho Island, NT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Elcho Island, NT, AustraliaEDLKE Eldoret, KenyaFlughäfen in Eldoret, Kenya
ELIUS Elim, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Elim, AK, United StatesESLRU Elista, RussiaFlughäfen in Elista, Russia
ECGUSElizabeth City, NC, United StatesFlughäfen in Elizabeth City, NC, United StatesEKXUSElizabethtown, KY, United StatesFlughäfen in Elizabethtown, KY, United States
EKIUSElkhart, IN, United StatesFlughäfen in Elkhart, IN, United StatesEKNUS Elkins, WV, United StatesFlughäfen in Elkins, WV, United States
EKOUSElko, NV, United StatesFlughäfen in Elko, NV, United StatesYELCA Elliot Lake, ON, CanadaFlughäfen in Elliot Lake, ON, Canada
ELLZA Ellisras, South AfricaFlughäfen in Ellisras, South AfricaELMUSElmira, NY, United StatesFlughäfen in Elmira, NY, United States
LYUUS Ely, MN, United StatesFlughäfen in Ely, MN, United StatesELYUS Ely, NV, United StatesFlughäfen in Ely, NV, United States
EMSPG Embessa, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Embessa, Papua New GuineaEMEDE Emden, GermanyFlughäfen in Emden, Germany
EMDAUEmerald, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Emerald, QLD, AustraliaEMIPG Emirau, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Emirau, Papua New Guinea
EMKUS Emmonak, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Emmonak, AK, United StatesEMPUSEmporia, KS, United StatesFlughäfen in Emporia, KS, United States
EWIID Enarotali, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Enarotali, IndonesiaENEID Ende, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Ende, Indonesia
NBETN Enfidha, TunisiaFlughäfen in Enfidha, TunisiaWDGUSEnid, OK, United StatesFlughäfen in Enid, OK, United States
ENTMH Eniwetok, Marshall IslandsFlughäfen in Eniwetok, Marshall IslandsENKGBEnniskillen, Northern Ireland, UKFlughäfen in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, UK
ENFFI Enontekio, FinlandFlughäfen in Enontekio, FinlandENSNL Enschede, NetherlandsFlughäfen in Enschede, Netherlands
ESEMXEnsenada, Baja California Norte, MexicoFlughäfen in Ensenada, Baja California Norte, MexicoENHCN Enshi, ChinaFlughäfen in Enshi, China
EBBUG Entebbe, UgandaFlughäfen in Entebbe, UgandaETSUSEnterprise, AL, United StatesFlughäfen in Enterprise, AL, United States
ENUNG Enugu, NigeriaFlughäfen in Enugu, NigeriaNTJUS Ephraim, UT, United StatesFlughäfen in Ephraim, UT, United States
EPLFR Epinal, FranceFlughäfen in Epinal, FranceEREPG Erave, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Erave, Papua New Guinea
ERFDE Erfurt, GermanyFlughäfen in Erfurt, GermanyERIUSErie, PA, United StatesFlughäfen in Erie, PA, United States
ERASO Erigavo, SomaliaFlughäfen in Erigavo, SomaliaJSYGR Ermoupolis, GreeceFlughäfen in Ermoupolis, Greece
ERHMA Errachidia, MoroccoFlughäfen in Errachidia, MoroccoERCTRErzincan, TurkeyFlughäfen in Erzincan, Turkey
ERZTRErzurum, TurkeyFlughäfen in Erzurum, TurkeyESAPG Esa'Ala, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Esa
EBJDK Esbjerg, DenmarkFlughäfen in Esbjerg, DenmarkESCUSEscanaba, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Escanaba, MI, United States
EKTSE Eskilstuna, SwedenFlughäfen in Eskilstuna, SwedenESMEC Esmeraldas, EcuadorFlughäfen in Esmeraldas, Ecuador
EPRAU Esperance, WA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Esperance, WA, AustraliaEQSAR Esquel, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Esquel, Argentina
ESUMA Essaouira, MoroccoFlughäfen in Essaouira, MoroccoESSDE Essen, GermanyFlughäfen in Essen, Germany
EUATO Eua, TongaFlughäfen in Eua, TongaEUGUSEugene, OR, United StatesFlughäfen in Eugene, OR, United States
EKAUS Eureka, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Eureka, CA, United StatesACVUSEureka, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Eureka, CA, United States
EUEUS Eureka, NV, United StatesFlughäfen in Eureka, NV, United StatesEVWUS Evanston, WY, United StatesFlughäfen in Evanston, WY, United States
EVVUSEvansville, IN, United StatesFlughäfen in Evansville, IN, United StatesEVMUS Eveleth, MN, United StatesFlughäfen in Eveleth, MN, United States
EVENO Evenes, NorwayFlughäfen in Evenes, NorwayPAEUSEverett, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Everett, WA, United States
EVXFR Evreux, FranceFlughäfen in Evreux, FranceEWOCG Ewo, Republic of the CongoFlughäfen in Ewo, Republic of the Congo
EXIUS Excursion Inlet, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Excursion Inlet, AK, United StatesEXTGBExeter, England, UKFlughäfen in Exeter, England, UK
VDBNO Fagernes, NorwayFlughäfen in Fagernes, NorwayFAGIS Fagurholsmyri, IcelandFlughäfen in Fagurholsmyri, Iceland
FIEGB Fair Isle, Scotland, UKFlughäfen in Fair Isle, Scotland, UKMTXUSFairbanks, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Fairbanks, AK, United States
FAIUSFairbanks, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Fairbanks, AK, United StatesFRMUS Fairmont, MN, United StatesFlughäfen in Fairmont, MN, United States
LYPPK Faisalabad, PakistanFlughäfen in Faisalabad, PakistanFAJPR Fajardo, Puerto RicoFlughäfen in Fajardo, Puerto Rico
FKQID Fak-Fak, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Fak-Fak, IndonesiaFHZPF Fakahina, French PolynesiaFlughäfen in Fakahina, French Polynesia
FAVPF Fakarava, French PolynesiaFlughäfen in Fakarava, French PolynesiaFLXUSFallon, NV, United StatesFlughäfen in Fallon, NV, United States
FLCAU Falls Creek, VIC, AustraliaFlughäfen in Falls Creek, VIC, AustraliaFMHUS Falmouth, MA, United StatesFlughäfen in Falmouth, MA, United States
KFPUS False Pass, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in False Pass, AK, United StatesFGUPF Fangatau, French PolynesiaFlughäfen in Fangatau, French Polynesia
RVAMG Farafangana, MadagascarFlughäfen in Farafangana, MadagascarFARUSFargo, ND, United StatesFlughäfen in Fargo, ND, United States
FRGUS Farmingdale, NY, United StatesFlughäfen in Farmingdale, NY, United StatesFMNUSFarmington, NM, United StatesFlughäfen in Farmington, NM, United States
FABGBFarnborough, England, UKFlughäfen in Farnborough, England, UKFAOPT Faro, PortugalFlughäfen in Faro, Portugal
ZFACA Faro, YT, CanadaFlughäfen in Faro, YT, CanadaFANNO Farsund, NorwayFlughäfen in Farsund, Norway
FASIS Faskrudsfjordur, IcelandFlughäfen in Faskrudsfjordur, IcelandFYVUS Fayetteville, AR, United StatesFlughäfen in Fayetteville, AR, United States
XNAUSFayetteville, AR, United StatesFlughäfen in Fayetteville, AR, United StatesFAYUSFayetteville, NC, United StatesFlughäfen in Fayetteville, NC, United States
FEGUZ Fergana, UzbekistanFlughäfen in Fergana, UzbekistanFFMUSFergus Falls, MN, United StatesFlughäfen in Fergus Falls, MN, United States
FENBR Fernando de Noronha, BrazilFlughäfen in Fernando de Noronha, BrazilFEZMA Fes, MoroccoFlughäfen in Fes, Morocco
FEAGB Fetlar, Scotland, UKFlughäfen in Fetlar, Scotland, UKWFIMG Fianarantsoa, MadagascarFlughäfen in Fianarantsoa, Madagascar
FSCFR Figari, FranceFlughäfen in Figari, FranceFNHET Fincha, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Fincha, Ethiopia
FINPG Finschhafen, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Finschhafen, Papua New GuineaFIDUS Fishers Island, NY, United StatesFlughäfen in Fishers Island, NY, United States
FLGUSFlagstaff, AZ, United StatesFlughäfen in Flagstaff, AZ, United StatesFLTUS Flat, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Flat, AK, United States
FLIIS Flateyri, IcelandFlughäfen in Flateyri, IcelandYFOCA Flin Flon, MB, CanadaFlughäfen in Flin Flon, MB, Canada
FNTUSFlint, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Flint, MI, United StatesFLRIT Florence, ItalyFlughäfen in Florence, Italy
FLOUSFlorence, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Florence, SC, United StatesFLWPT Flores Island, PortugalFlughäfen in Flores Island, Portugal
FRSGT Flores, GuatemalaFlughäfen in Flores, GuatemalaFLNBR Florianopolis, BrazilFlughäfen in Florianopolis, Brazil
FRONO Floro, NorwayFlughäfen in Floro, NorwayFLHGB Flotta Isle, Scotland, UKFlughäfen in Flotta Isle, Scotland, UK
FOGIT Foggia, ItalyFlughäfen in Foggia, ItalySFLCV Fogo Island, Cape VerdeFlughäfen in Fogo Island, Cape Verde
ZFDCA Fond Du Lac, SK, CanadaFlughäfen in Fond Du Lac, SK, CanadaFRBAU Forbes, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Forbes, NSW, Australia
FDENO Forde, NorwayFlughäfen in Forde, NorwayYFECA Forestville, PQ, CanadaFlughäfen in Forestville, PQ, Canada
FRLIT Forli, ItalyFlughäfen in Forli, ItalyFMAAR Formosa, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Formosa, Argentina
FOTAUForster, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Forster, NSW, AustraliaYFACA Fort Albany, ON, CanadaFlughäfen in Fort Albany, ON, Canada
YPYCA Fort Chipewyan, AB, CanadaFlughäfen in Fort Chipewyan, AB, CanadaFNLUSFort Collins, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Collins, CO, United States
FTUMG Fort Dauphin, MadagascarFlughäfen in Fort Dauphin, MadagascarFODUSFort Dodge, IA, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Dodge, IA, United States
YAGCA Fort Frances, ON, CanadaFlughäfen in Fort Frances, ON, CanadaYGHCA Fort Good Hope, NWT, CanadaFlughäfen in Fort Good Hope, NWT, Canada
YFHCA Fort Hope, ON, CanadaFlughäfen in Fort Hope, ON, CanadaFXEUS Fort Lauderdale, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States
FLLUSFort Lauderdale, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Lauderdale, FL, United StatesTBNUS Fort Leonard Wood, MO, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Leonard Wood, MO, United States
FMSUSFort Madison, IA, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Madison, IA, United StatesYMMCA Fort McMurray, AB, CanadaFlughäfen in Fort McMurray, AB, Canada
ZFMCA Fort McPherson, NWT, CanadaFlughäfen in Fort McPherson, NWT, CanadaRSWUSFort Myers, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Myers, FL, United States
FMYUSFort Myers, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Myers, FL, United StatesYYECA Fort Nelson, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Fort Nelson, BC, Canada
ZFNCA Fort Norman, NWT, CanadaFlughäfen in Fort Norman, NWT, CanadaFPRUSFort Pierce, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Pierce, FL, United States
YFRCA Fort Resolution, NWT, CanadaFlughäfen in Fort Resolution, NWT, CanadaFRIUS Fort Riley, KS, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Riley, KS, United States
YXJCA Fort Saint John, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Fort Saint John, BC, CanadaYERCA Fort Severn, ON, CanadaFlughäfen in Fort Severn, ON, Canada
YFSCA Fort Simpson, NWT, CanadaFlughäfen in Fort Simpson, NWT, CanadaFSMUSFort Smith, AR, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Smith, AR, United States
YSMCA Fort Smith, NWT, CanadaFlughäfen in Fort Smith, NWT, CanadaVPSUSFort Walton Beach, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Walton Beach, FL, United States
FWAUSFort Wayne, IN, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Wayne, IN, United StatesFTWUS Fort Worth, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Worth, TX, United States
FYUUS Fort Yukon, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Fort Yukon, AK, United StatesFDFMQ Fort-de-France, MartiniqueFlughäfen in Fort-de-France, Martinique
FORBR Fortaleza, BrazilFlughäfen in Fortaleza, BrazilFOUGA Fougamou, GabonFlughäfen in Fougamou, Gabon
YFXCA Fox Harbour, NL, CanadaFlughäfen in Fox Harbour, NL, CanadaFRCBR Franca, BrazilFlughäfen in Franca, Brazil
MVBGA Franceville, GabonFlughäfen in Franceville, GabonFRWBW Francistown, BotswanaFlughäfen in Francistown, Botswana
FFTUSFrankfort, KY, United StatesFlughäfen in Frankfort, KY, United StatesFRADE Frankfurt am Main, GermanyFlughäfen in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
HHNDE Frankfurt am Main, GermanyFlughäfen in Frankfurt am Main, GermanyFKLUS Franklin, PA, United StatesFlughäfen in Franklin, PA, United States
FDKUSFrederick, MD, United StatesFlughäfen in Frederick, MD, United StatesYFCCA Fredericton, NB, CanadaFlughäfen in Fredericton, NB, Canada
FPOBS Freeport, BahamasFlughäfen in Freeport, BahamasFNASL Freetown, Sierra LeoneFlughäfen in Freetown, Sierra Leone
HGSSL Freetown, Sierra LeoneFlughäfen in Freetown, Sierra LeoneFRKSC Fregate Island, SeychellesFlughäfen in Fregate Island, Seychelles
JFMAUFremantle, WA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Fremantle, WA, AustraliaFRHUSFrench Lick, IN, United StatesFlughäfen in French Lick, IN, United States
WFKUS Frenchville, ME, United StatesFlughäfen in Frenchville, ME, United StatesFATUSFresno, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Fresno, CA, United States
FBSUSFriday Harbor, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Friday Harbor, WA, United StatesFRDUS Friday Harbor, WA, United StatesFlughäfen in Friday Harbor, WA, United States
FDHDE Friedrichshafen, GermanyFlughäfen in Friedrichshafen, GermanyFRRUSFront Royal, VA, United StatesFlughäfen in Front Royal, VA, United States
FRYUS Fryeburg, ME, United StatesFlughäfen in Fryeburg, ME, United StatesFUJJP Fukue, JapanFlughäfen in Fukue, Japan
FUKJP Fukuoka, JapanFlughäfen in Fukuoka, JapanFKSJP Fukushima, JapanFlughäfen in Fukushima, Japan
FUBPG Fulleborn, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Fulleborn, Papua New GuineaFULUS Fullerton, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Fullerton, CA, United States
FUNTV Funafuti, TuvaluFlughäfen in Funafuti, TuvaluFNCPT Funchal, PortugalFlughäfen in Funchal, Portugal
FTAVU Futuna Island, VanuatuFlughäfen in Futuna Island, VanuatuFUGCN Fuyang, ChinaFlughäfen in Fuyang, China
FOCCN Fuzhou, ChinaFlughäfen in Fuzhou, ChinaGAETN Gabes, TunisiaFlughäfen in Gabes, Tunisia
GBEBW Gaborone, BotswanaFlughäfen in Gaborone, BotswanaGADUSGadsden, AL, United StatesFlughäfen in Gadsden, AL, United States
GNVUSGainesville, FL, United StatesFlughäfen in Gainesville, FL, United StatesGVLUS Gainesville, GA, United StatesFlughäfen in Gainesville, GA, United States
GAIUSGaithersburg, MD, United StatesFlughäfen in Gaithersburg, MD, United StatesGLKSO Galcaio, SomaliaFlughäfen in Galcaio, Somalia
GLXID Galela, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Galela, IndonesiaGALUSGalena, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Galena, AK, United States
GBGUSGalesburg, IL, United StatesFlughäfen in Galesburg, IL, United StatesTMFCA Galiano Island, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Galiano Island, BC, Canada
GQQUS Galion, OH, United StatesFlughäfen in Galion, OH, United StatesGEVSE Gallivare, SwedenFlughäfen in Gallivare, Sweden
GUPUSGallup, NM, United StatesFlughäfen in Gallup, NM, United StatesGLSUSGalveston, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Galveston, TX, United States
GWYIE Galway, IrelandFlughäfen in Galway, IrelandGAXGA Gamba, GabonFlughäfen in Gamba, Gabon
GMBET Gambela, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Gambela, EthiopiaGAMUS Gambell, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Gambell, AK, United States
YQXCA Gander, NL, CanadaFlughäfen in Gander, NL, CanadaIXYINGandhidham, IndiaFlughäfen in Gandhidham, India
YGGCA Ganges, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Ganges, BC, CanadaKAGKR Gangneung, South KoreaFlughäfen in Gangneung, South Korea
KOWCN Ganzhou, ChinaFlughäfen in Ganzhou, ChinaGAQML Gao, MaliFlughäfen in Gao, Mali
XGABF Gaoua, Burkina FasoFlughäfen in Gaoua, Burkina FasoGATFR Gap, FranceFlughäfen in Gap, France
LELAU Gapuwiyak, NT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Gapuwiyak, NT, AustraliaGARPG Garaina, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Garaina, Papua New Guinea
GRLPG Garasa, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Garasa, Papua New GuineaGBMSO Garbaharey, SomaliaFlughäfen in Garbaharey, Somalia
GCKUSGarden City, KS, United StatesFlughäfen in Garden City, KS, United StatesGSRSO Gardo, SomaliaFlughäfen in Gardo, Somalia
GASKE Garissa, KenyaFlughäfen in Garissa, KenyaGGRSO Garoe, SomaliaFlughäfen in Garoe, Somalia
GOUCM Garoua, CameroonFlughäfen in Garoua, CameroonGRHPG Garuahi, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Garuahi, Papua New Guinea
GYYUSGary, IN, United StatesFlughäfen in Gary, IN, United StatesGMIPG Gasmata, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Gasmata, Papua New Guinea
YGPCA Gaspe, PQ, CanadaFlughäfen in Gaspe, PQ, CanadaELQSA Gassim, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Gassim, Saudi Arabia
YNDCA Gatineau, PQ, CanadaFlughäfen in Gatineau, PQ, CanadaGKTUSGatlinburg, TN, United StatesFlughäfen in Gatlinburg, TN, United States
ZGUVU Gaua, VanuatuFlughäfen in Gaua, VanuatuGVXSE Gavle, SwedenFlughäfen in Gavle, Sweden
GAYINGaya, IndiaFlughäfen in Gaya, IndiaGLRUSGaylord, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Gaylord, MI, United States
GAHAU Gayndah, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Gayndah, QLD, AustraliaGZTTRGaziantep, TurkeyFlughäfen in Gaziantep, Turkey
GDNPL Gdansk, PolandFlughäfen in Gdansk, PolandGEBID Gebe Island, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Gebe Island, Indonesia
GEXAUGeelong, VIC, AustraliaFlughäfen in Geelong, VIC, AustraliaDLDNO Geilo, NorwayFlughäfen in Geilo, Norway
GLCET Geladi, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Geladi, EthiopiaGDZRU Gelendzhik, RussiaFlughäfen in Gelendzhik, Russia
GNRAR General Roca, ArgentinaFlughäfen in General Roca, ArgentinaGESPH General Santos, PhilippinesFlughäfen in General Santos, Philippines
GVACH Geneva, SwitzerlandFlughäfen in Geneva, SwitzerlandGOAIT Genoa, ItalyFlughäfen in Genoa, Italy
GTBMY Genting, MalaysiaFlughäfen in Genting, MalaysiaGGTBS George Town, BahamasFlughäfen in George Town, Bahamas
GCMKY George Town, Cayman IslandsFlughäfen in George Town, Cayman IslandsGEEAU George Town, TAS, AustraliaFlughäfen in George Town, TAS, Australia
GRJZA George, South AfricaFlughäfen in George, South AfricaGEDUS Georgetown, DE, United StatesFlughäfen in Georgetown, DE, United States
GEOGY Georgetown, GuyanaFlughäfen in Georgetown, GuyanaGTTAU Georgetown, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Georgetown, QLD, Australia
GGEUS Georgetown, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Georgetown, SC, United StatesYGQCA Geraldton, ON, CanadaFlughäfen in Geraldton, ON, Canada
GETAU Geraldton, WA, AustraliaFlughäfen in Geraldton, WA, AustraliaGROES Gerona, SpainFlughäfen in Gerona, Spain
LTDLY Ghadames, LibyaFlughäfen in Ghadames, LibyaGNZBW Ghanzi, BotswanaFlughäfen in Ghanzi, Botswana
GHADZ Ghardaia, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Ghardaia, AlgeriaGHTLY Ghat, LibyaFlughäfen in Ghat, Libya
GHDET Ghimbi, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Ghimbi, EthiopiaGIBGI Gibraltar, GibraltarFlughäfen in Gibraltar, Gibraltar
GILPK Gilgit, PakistanFlughäfen in Gilgit, PakistanYGXCA Gillam, MB, CanadaFlughäfen in Gillam, MB, Canada
GCCUSGillette, WY, United StatesFlughäfen in Gillette, WY, United StatesGISNZ Gisborne, New ZealandFlughäfen in Gisborne, New Zealand
GYIRW Gisenyi, RwandaFlughäfen in Gisenyi, RwandaGIZSA Gizan, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Gizan, Saudi Arabia
GZOSB Gizo, Solomon IslandsFlughäfen in Gizo, Solomon IslandsYHKCA Gjoa Haven, NU, CanadaFlughäfen in Gjoa Haven, NU, Canada
GLTAUGladstone, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Gladstone, QLD, AustraliaGGWUS Glasgow, MT, United StatesFlughäfen in Glasgow, MT, United States
GLAGBGlasgow, Scotland, UKFlughäfen in Glasgow, Scotland, UKPIKGB Glasgow, Scotland, UKFlughäfen in Glasgow, Scotland, UK
GLIAU Glen Innes, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Glen Innes, NSW, AustraliaGDVUSGlendive, MT, United StatesFlughäfen in Glendive, MT, United States
GLGAU Glengyle, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Glengyle, QLD, AustraliaGFLUS Glens Falls, NY, United StatesFlughäfen in Glens Falls, NY, United States
GTNNZ Glentanner, New ZealandFlughäfen in Glentanner, New ZealandGLOGB Gloucester, England, UKFlughäfen in Gloucester, England, UK
GOIINGoa, IndiaFlughäfen in Goa, IndiaGOBET Goba, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Goba, Ethiopia
GGSAR Gobernador Gregores, ArgentinaFlughäfen in Gobernador Gregores, ArgentinaGDEET Gode, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Gode, Ethiopia
YGOCA Gods Lake Narrows, MB, CanadaFlughäfen in Gods Lake Narrows, MB, CanadaZGICA Gods River, MB, CanadaFlughäfen in Gods River, MB, Canada
GYNBR Goiania, BrazilFlughäfen in Goiania, BrazilGOLUS Gold Beach, OR, United StatesFlughäfen in Gold Beach, OR, United States
OOLAUGold Coast, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Gold Coast, QLD, AustraliaGSBUSGoldsboro, NC, United StatesFlughäfen in Goldsboro, NC, United States
GLFCR Golfito, Costa RicaFlughäfen in Golfito, Costa RicaGOQCN Golmud, ChinaFlughäfen in Golmud, China
GLVUS Golovin, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Golovin, AK, United StatesGMEBY Gomel, BelarusFlughäfen in Gomel, Belarus
GDQET Gondar, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Gondar, EthiopiaGLDUSGoodland, KS, United StatesFlughäfen in Goodland, KS, United States
GNUUS Goodnews Bay, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Goodnews Bay, AK, United StatesGOOAUGoondiwindi, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Goondiwindi, QLD, Australia
YYRCA Goose Bay, NL, CanadaFlughäfen in Goose Bay, NL, CanadaGOPINGorakhpur, IndiaFlughäfen in Gorakhpur, India
YZECA Gore Bay, ON, CanadaFlughäfen in Gore Bay, ON, CanadaGORET Gore, EthiopiaFlughäfen in Gore, Ethiopia
GOZBG Gorna Orechovitsa, BulgariaFlughäfen in Gorna Orechovitsa, BulgariaGKAPG Goroka, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Goroka, Papua New Guinea
XGGBF Gorom-Gorom, Burkina FasoFlughäfen in Gorom-Gorom, Burkina FasoGTOID Gorontalo, IndonesiaFlughäfen in Gorontalo, Indonesia
GSESE Gothenburg, SwedenFlughäfen in Gothenburg, SwedenGOTSE Gothenburg, SwedenFlughäfen in Gothenburg, Sweden
GBLAU Goulburn Island, NT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Goulburn Island, NT, AustraliaGULAU Goulburn, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Goulburn, NSW, Australia
GLNMA Goulimime, MoroccoFlughäfen in Goulimime, MoroccoGUDML Goundam, MaliFlughäfen in Goundam, Mali
GOVAU Gove, NT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Gove, NT, AustraliaGHBBS Governor's Harbour, BahamasFlughäfen in Governor
GZMMT Gozo, MaltaFlughäfen in Gozo, MaltaGRWPT Graciosa Island, PortugalFlughäfen in Graciosa Island, Portugal
GFNAU Grafton, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Grafton, NSW, AustraliaGRXES Granada, SpainFlughäfen in Granada, Spain
PRISC Grand Anse, SeychellesFlughäfen in Grand Anse, SeychellesGCNUSGrand Canyon, AZ, United StatesFlughäfen in Grand Canyon, AZ, United States
SFGAN Grand Case, St. MartinZGFCA Grand Forks, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Grand Forks, BC, Canada
GFKUSGrand Forks, ND, United StatesFlughäfen in Grand Forks, ND, United StatesGRIUSGrand Island, NE, United StatesFlughäfen in Grand Island, NE, United States
GJTUSGrand Junction, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Grand Junction, CO, United StatesGRRUSGrand Rapids, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Grand Rapids, MI, United States
GPZUS Grand Rapids, MN, United StatesFlughäfen in Grand Rapids, MN, United StatesGBJGP Grand-Bourg, GuadeloupeFlughäfen in Grand-Bourg, Guadeloupe
DSDGP Grande Anse, GuadeloupeFlughäfen in Grande Anse, GuadeloupeYQUCA Grande Prairie, AB, CanadaFlughäfen in Grande Prairie, AB, Canada
GFRFR Granville, FranceFlughäfen in Granville, FranceKGXUSGrayling, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Grayling, AK, United States
GRZAT Graz, AustriaFlughäfen in Graz, AustriaGBZNZ Great Barrier Island, New ZealandFlughäfen in Great Barrier Island, New Zealand
GBDUSGreat Bend, KS, United StatesFlughäfen in Great Bend, KS, United StatesGTFUSGreat Falls, MT, United StatesFlughäfen in Great Falls, MT, United States
GHCBS Great Harbour Cay, BahamasFlughäfen in Great Harbour Cay, BahamasGKLAU Great Keppel Island, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Great Keppel Island, QLD, Australia
GXYUSGreeley, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Greeley, CO, United StatesGRBUSGreen Bay, WI, United StatesFlughäfen in Green Bay, WI, United States
GNITW Green Island, TaiwanFlughäfen in Green Island, TaiwanGVIPG Green River, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Green River, Papua New Guinea
RVRUS Green River, UT, United StatesFlughäfen in Green River, UT, United StatesLWBUSGreenbrier, WV, United StatesFlughäfen in Greenbrier, WV, United States
GSOUSGreensboro, NC, United StatesFlughäfen in Greensboro, NC, United StatesGLHUSGreenville, MS, United StatesFlughäfen in Greenville, MS, United States
PGVUSGreenville, NC, United StatesFlughäfen in Greenville, NC, United StatesGMUUS Greenville, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Greenville, SC, United States
GSPUSGreenville, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Greenville, SC, United StatesGVTUS Greenville, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Greenville, TX, United States
YGNCA Greenway Sound, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Greenway Sound, BC, CanadaGWOUS Greenwood, MS, United StatesFlughäfen in Greenwood, MS, United States
GRDUS Greenwood, SC, United StatesFlughäfen in Greenwood, SC, United StatesGNBFR Grenoble, FranceFlughäfen in Grenoble, France
GMNNZ Greymouth, New ZealandFlughäfen in Greymouth, New ZealandGFFAU Griffith, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Griffith, NSW, Australia
GRYIS Grimsey, IcelandFlughäfen in Grimsey, IcelandYGZCA Grise Fiord, NU, CanadaFlughäfen in Grise Fiord, NU, Canada
GNABY Grodna, BelarusFlughäfen in Grodna, BelarusGRQNL Groningen, NetherlandsFlughäfen in Groningen, Netherlands
GTEAU Groote Eylandt, NT, AustraliaFlughäfen in Groote Eylandt, NT, AustraliaGRSIT Grosseto, ItalyFlughäfen in Grosseto, Italy
GRVRU Grozny, RussiaFlughäfen in Grozny, RussiaGUUIS Grundarfjordur, IcelandFlughäfen in Grundarfjordur, Iceland
GDLMXGuadalajara, Jalisco, MexicoFlughäfen in Guadalajara, Jalisco, MexicoGUMGU Guam, GuamFlughäfen in Guam, Guam
GYSCN Guangyuan, ChinaFlughäfen in Guangyuan, ChinaCANCN Guangzhou, ChinaFlughäfen in Guangzhou, China
GPICO Guapi, ColombiaFlughäfen in Guapi, ColombiaGAZPG Guasopa, Papua New GuineaFlughäfen in Guasopa, Papua New Guinea
GUAGT Guatemala City, GuatemalaFlughäfen in Guatemala City, GuatemalaGYEEC Guayaquil, EcuadorFlughäfen in Guayaquil, Ecuador
GYABO Guayaramerin, BoliviaFlughäfen in Guayaramerin, BoliviaGYMMXGuaymas, Sonora, MexicoFlughäfen in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico
GCIGBGuernsey, Channel Islands, UKFlughäfen in Guernsey, Channel Islands, UKGUBMXGuerrero Negro, Baja California Sur, MexicoFlughäfen in Guerrero Negro, Baja California Sur, Mexico
KWLCN Guilin, ChinaFlughäfen in Guilin, ChinaKWECN Guiyang, ChinaFlughäfen in Guiyang, China
GUFUSGulf Shores, AL, United StatesFlughäfen in Gulf Shores, AL, United StatesGPTUSGulfport, MS, United StatesFlughäfen in Gulfport, MS, United States
ULUUG Gulu, UgandaFlughäfen in Gulu, UgandaGUXIN Guna, IndiaFlughäfen in Guna, India
GUHAU Gunnedah, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Gunnedah, NSW, AustraliaGUCUSGunnison, CO, United StatesFlughäfen in Gunnison, CO, United States
KUVKR Gunsan, South KoreaFlughäfen in Gunsan, South KoreaURYSA Gurayat, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Gurayat, Saudi Arabia
GRPBR Gurupi, BrazilFlughäfen in Gurupi, BrazilSBHBL Gustavia, St. Barthelemy
GSTUS Gustavus, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Gustavus, AK, United StatesGAUINGuwahati, IndiaFlughäfen in Guwahati, India
GWDPK Gwadar, PakistanFlughäfen in Gwadar, PakistanGWLINGwalior, IndiaFlughäfen in Gwalior, India
KWJKR Gwangju, South KoreaFlughäfen in Gwangju, South KoreaGWEZW Gweru, ZimbabweFlughäfen in Gweru, Zimbabwe
DIGCN Gyalthang, ChinaFlughäfen in Gyalthang, ChinaKVDAZ Gyandzha, AzerbaijanFlughäfen in Gyandzha, Azerbaijan
GYPAU Gympie, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Gympie, QLD, AustraliaLWNAM Gyumri, ArmeniaFlughäfen in Gyumri, Armenia
HPATO Ha'apai, TongaFlughäfen in HaHACJP Hachijojima, JapanFlughäfen in Hachijojima, Japan
HGRUSHagerstown, MD, United StatesFlughäfen in Hagerstown, MD, United StatesHFSSE Hagfors, SwedenFlughäfen in Hagfors, Sweden
HFAIL Haifa, IsraelFlughäfen in Haifa, IsraelHAKCN Haikou, ChinaFlughäfen in Haikou, China
HASSA Hail, Saudi ArabiaFlughäfen in Hail, Saudi ArabiaHLDCN Hailar, ChinaFlughäfen in Hailar, China
HNSUS Haines, AK, United StatesFlughäfen in Haines, AK, United StatesHPHVN Haiphong, VietnamFlughäfen in Haiphong, Vietnam
HKDJP Hakodate, JapanFlughäfen in Hakodate, JapanYWFCA Halifax, NS, CanadaFlughäfen in Halifax, NS, Canada
YHZCA Halifax, NS, CanadaFlughäfen in Halifax, NS, CanadaYUXCA Hall Beach, NU, CanadaFlughäfen in Hall Beach, NU, Canada
HADSE Halmstad, SwedenFlughäfen in Halmstad, SwedenHMRNO Hamar, NorwayFlughäfen in Hamar, Norway
HAMDE Hamburg, GermanyFlughäfen in Hamburg, GermanyHTIAUHamilton Island, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Hamilton Island, QLD, Australia
HABUS Hamilton, AL, United StatesFlughäfen in Hamilton, AL, United StatesBDABMHamilton, BermudaFlughäfen in Hamilton, Bermuda
HLZNZ Hamilton, New ZealandFlughäfen in Hamilton, New ZealandYHMCA Hamilton, ON, CanadaFlughäfen in Hamilton, ON, Canada
HLTAU Hamilton, VIC, AustraliaFlughäfen in Hamilton, VIC, AustraliaHFTNO Hammerfest, NorwayFlughäfen in Hammerfest, Norway
HNMUSHana, HI, United StatesFlughäfen in Hana, HI, United StatesHNAJP Hanamaki, JapanFlughäfen in Hanamaki, Japan
CMXUSHancock, MI, United StatesFlughäfen in Hancock, MI, United StatesHDGCN Handan, ChinaFlughäfen in Handan, China
IPCCL Hanga Roa, ChileFlughäfen in Hanga Roa, ChileHGHCN Hangzhou, ChinaFlughäfen in Hangzhou, China
HAJDE Hannover, GermanyFlughäfen in Hannover, GermanyHANVN Hanoi, VietnamFlughäfen in Hanoi, Vietnam
HZGCN Hanzhong, ChinaFlughäfen in Hanzhong, ChinaHREZW Harare, ZimbabweFlughäfen in Harare, Zimbabwe
HRBCN Harbin, ChinaFlughäfen in Harbin, ChinaHGASO Hargeisa, SomaliaFlughäfen in Hargeisa, Somalia
HRLUSHarlingen, TX, United StatesFlughäfen in Harlingen, TX, United StatesHARUSHarrisburg, PA, United StatesFlughäfen in Harrisburg, PA, United States
MDTUSHarrisburg, PA, United StatesFlughäfen in Harrisburg, PA, United StatesHROUSHarrison, AR, United StatesFlughäfen in Harrison, AR, United States
BDLUSHartford, CT, United StatesFlughäfen in Hartford, CT, United StatesHFDUSHartford, CT, United StatesFlughäfen in Hartford, CT, United States
YTBCA Hartley Bay, BC, CanadaFlughäfen in Hartley Bay, BC, CanadaHMEDZ Hassi Messaoud, AlgeriaFlughäfen in Hassi Messaoud, Algeria
HSIUS Hastings, NE, United StatesFlughäfen in Hastings, NE, United StatesHAANO Hasvik, NorwayFlughäfen in Hasvik, Norway
HDYTH Hat Yai, ThailandFlughäfen in Hat Yai, ThailandHTRJP Hateruma, JapanFlughäfen in Hateruma, Japan
HNCUS Hatteras, NC, United StatesFlughäfen in Hatteras, NC, United StatesHAUNO Haugesund, NorwayFlughäfen in Haugesund, Norway
HVRUS Havre, MT, United StatesFlughäfen in Havre, MT, United StatesYGVCA Havre-St. Pierre, PQ, CanadaFlughäfen in Havre-St. Pierre, PQ, Canada
HHRUS Hawthorne, CA, United StatesFlughäfen in Hawthorne, CA, United StatesHTHUS Hawthorne, NV, United StatesFlughäfen in Hawthorne, NV, United States
YHYCA Hay River, NWT, CanadaFlughäfen in Hay River, NWT, CanadaHXXAU Hay, NSW, AustraliaFlughäfen in Hay, NSW, Australia
HISAUHayman Island, QLD, AustraliaFlughäfen in Hayman Island, QLD, AustraliaHYSUSHays, KS, United States